RC User Guide Outline

  Please note that I began this as a document specific to our current setup.

  Notes about our configuration:
  - We have utilized the "Setup Identity upon first login" patch found on the dev-list so that all users setup a default identity in the beginning.
  - We have created a "startpage.html" file that is displayed instead of the "watermark.html" file in the preview pane shown on login.
  - (To-Do) I plan to create another directory within RC and provide the documentation directly. The thought is that users can click on a "Help" link in RC and display the documentation in the preview pane, etc.

  I believe that is it at the moment. I will attempt to mark those areas where our user guide deviates from the core RC setup. I am guessing we will be looking at different versions of this doc at some point. - scubes13

Introduction of Webmail

  • General Intro
  • About the System
    • History of Program
    • License
    • Developers / Credits
  • Software
    • Browser Requirements
    • Securing Your Browsers
      • Saved Passwords
      • Cache
      • Authenticated Sessions

Initial Login


  • URL for accessing ( webmail.domain.ext )
  • User (user@… = “user”)
  • Password
  • Click Login

Setup Default Identity

  • NOTE: Why at least one must exist.
  • Display Name (Full Name)
  • From Address
  • Organization Name
  • Reply To (what and why?)
  • BCC (what and why?)
  • Signature
    • HTML (why?)
  • Default (must have one identity set to default)
  • SAVE

Folder Subscription

  • (Make certain basic folders exist and are subscribed.) - Inbox, Trash, Sent, Drafts

Email List

  • Click Email link (top-right)
  • Displays Inbox
  • (Read Email section for more info / Link Here)

Main Screen

Describe Sections

  • Folder List
  • Main Nav (Top-Right)
  • Sub Nav (Top-Left)
  • Bottom Nav (Bottom Area)
  • Content Area (changes based on area being accessed – Read/Compose?, etc.)
    • Preview Pane (optional / only on email lists)
    • Welcome Page (Unique to Bez)

Address Book

Describe Layout

Add Contact

  • Click on “Add Contact” button
  • Contact pane is shown on right
  • Display Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Click “Save”

View Contact

  • Click on name in left list
  • Displays contact info in right pane

Edit Contact

  • Click on name in left list
  • Click on “Edit Contact” button
  • Update Information
  • Click “Save” button

Delete Contact

  • Click on name in left list to select
  • Click on the “Delete Contact” button
  • “Do you really want to delete the selected contact(s)?”
    • Yes/OK
  • NOTE: “Select Multiple Contacts” applies to the Delete function

Select Multiple Contacts

  • Hold Shift and click on a beginning contact and ending contact to select a range at once
  • Hold CTRL and click on individual contacts at once

Compose Message to Contact

  • Click on name in left list to select contact
  • Click on the “Compose Mail To” button
  • Notice “Compose” window is opened and contact(s) display in the “To” field
  • Proceed to create and send an email message
  • NOTE: “Select Multiple Contacts” applies to the “Compose Mail To” function

Print/ Export/ LDAP

  • Functionality is currently in development and disabled in client.

Personal Settings

Describe Layout

  • 3 tabs, etc.


  • Language
  • Time Zone
    • Set to -05:00 – EST for those in South Carolina/East? Coast (Unique to Bez)
  • Daylight Savings (check how this works? auto adjusts? or offsets hours by one if enabled?)
  • Rows per page
    • number of messages listed per page
  • Pretty Dates
    • Feb. 04, 2007 vs 2007-02-04 (verify)
  • Display HTML
    • why good and why bad
    • how Bez Webmail tries to protect messages displayed in webmail (here or other place?)
  • Compose HTML Messages
    • why good and why bad
    • verify if it sends plain text along with html, etc
  • Show Preview Pane
  • Auto Save Draft


  • Discuss what it means to “subscribe” to a folder
  • Discuss how IMAP handles folders
  • Discuss why to name folders “INBOX._name_”, etc.

Subscribe To Folder

  • Check box in the “Subscribed” column

Rename Folder

  • Click “Rename Folder” button beside desired folder
  • Change Name
  • Press “Enter” to make change

Create Folder

  • Type new folder name in bottom text box
  • Click “Create” button to save
  • “INBOX.” / “.” separates folder and subfolder, etc.

Delete Folder

  • Select “Trash” / “Delete Folder” icon beside the desired folder
  • Will be prompted with “Do you really want to delete this folder?”
    • Press “OK” for yes


  • Covered majority of functionality in “Initial Login” section
  • Should see at least the initial identity in the list

To Edit

  • Click desired Identity
  • *Repeat initial setup info here for changing*
  • Click “Save”

To Add

  • Click “New Identity” button
  • *Repeat initial setup info here for changing*
  • Click “Save”

To Delete

  • *No confirmation will be asked when deleting Identities*
  • Click desired Identity in the list
  • Click the “Delete” button beneath information

Multiple Identities

  • Why would you want multiple identities?
  • How do you use them in the “Compose” screen?
    • *See information in “Compose” section*


Reading Messages

Folder Listing

  • Describe
    • Displays a list of Folders to which the user is currently subscribed. (Link to subscription info here)
    • May move from one folder to the other by clicking on the name of the folder.
    • There are special folders (Inbox, Trash, Junk, Drafts, Sent) – they have special icons
  • Folder Functions:
    • Compact
      • (Search for description)
    • Empty
      • Applies only to Trash and Junk folder
      • Purges all emails from the selected folder.
      • (Empties the trash/junk)

Top Nav (While in message listing view)

  • “Check Email” button
  • Compose/ Create a new message
  • Reply to the message
    • replies to currently highlighted msg
  • “Reply to send and all recipients” button
    • replies to everyone on the previous email
  • Forward the message
    • Forwards a copy of the highlighted msg as an attachment
  • Move message to trash
    • Deletes highlighted message(s)
  • Print this message
    • Opens up the highlighted message in a new window and formats for printing on a selected printer. Also launches “Print” dialog window.
  • Search
    • searches content/sender/subject of all messages in the selected folderl
    • lists all messages that apply in the current list

Content Pane

Message List
  • Read Status ( * vs * )
  • Subject
  • Sender (“Recipient” when in the “Sent” folder)
  • Date
    • (Pretty Date: Tuesday, 12:10PM / Non-Pretty Date: 2007-02-04 12:10PM)
  • Size
  • Attachment
    • if paper clip image is displayed, there is an attachment on that msg
  • NOTE: May sort on any column in ASC or DESC order
  • NOTE: If message is bold it is Unread
  • NOTE: Single Click to select and display in Preview Pane
  • NOTE: If Preview Pane is disabled, double click to open in full-size individual message screen.
Preview Pane
  • Displays content of currently selected/highlighted message
  • Can be resized vertically to take up more or less of the screen. Message list is adjusted to accommodate.
  • User can turn the Preview Pane on or off.
    • If off, message list fills remainder of screen. (show image here)
  • See explanation of Displaying Messages in Full Window for more details.

Bottom Nav

  • Selections
    • Used to select messages in the currently displayed list
    • All (selects all msgs in the current list)
    • Unread (selects all msgs in the current list that have not been read)
    • None (unselects any msgs that are currently highlighted)
    • NOTE: May use SHIFT/CTRL + Click for multiple selection (See info in Multiple Selection Section)
  • Disk Usage
    • “X” / “Y” MB ( “Z” %)
    • Reports your current usage of your account's quota
    • (Describe quotas)
    • “X” is the current amount stored in your complete account (in MB's)
    • “Y” is the current file-size limit of storage in your complete account (in MB's)
    • “Z” is the percent of usage of your accounts quota
  • Message List Navigation
    • |< < “X” to “Y” of “Z” > >|
    • Shows you your current position within your list of messages in the selected folder.
    • Also provides navigation through the list of messages
    • |< takes you to the first page of messages in the folder (first 40 msgs)
    • < takes you to the previous page of msgs
    • > takes you to the next page of msgs
    • >| takes you to the last page of msgs in the folder
  • Full Screen Display of Single Message:
    • How to open in Full Screen/Frame? Display
    • Top Navigation
      • Back to message list
      • Compose/ Create a new message (See above)
      • Reply to the message (See above)
      • “Reply to send and all recipients” button (See above)
      • Forward the message (See above)
      • Move message to trash (See above)
      • Print this message (See above)
      • Show source
      • "move to.." Drop Box
  • Content Pane
    • Subject
    • Sender
      • How to add to Addressbook
    • Recipient
      • How to add to Addressbook
    • Date
    • Attachments
      • How to Open
      • Info about the "Attachment Frame"
    • Message Body
  • Any alerts that might be displayed.
    • To protect your privacy, remote images are blocked in this message. (Display Images)
    • Any others? HTML maybe?
  • Bottom Nav
    • Message count for current folder
      • (See: Message List Navigation)

Composing Messages

Multiple Ways of Starting Composition

  • Compose a new message
    • From Message List or Full Screen Display
  • Reply to
    • Reply to message from Message List or Full Screen Display
  • Reply to all
    • "Reply to sender and all recipients" from Message List or Full Screen Display
  • Forward
    • "Forward the message" from Message List or Full Screen Display
  • From Address Book
    • Single
    • Multiple (CTRL or SHIFT and click)

Composition Screen

  • Top Nav
    • "Send the message now"
    • Check spelling
    • Attach a file
    • Save this draft
    • Priority
    • Return Receipt
  • Attachment Listing
    • "+" button for adding an attachment
      • Browse
      • Upload
      • Close
    • Item Listed
      • Delete
    • NOTE: Discuss upload size limits by PHP
  • Main Content Pane
    • Sender
      • NOTE: Discuss usage of Identities
    • Recipeint
      • "Complete as you type"
    • CC / BCC Links
      • "Complete as you type"
    • Subject
      • If none put in, what happens
    • Message Body
      • How it may display an HTML/Text Signature
    • Spell Check
      • "Check Spelling"
      • "Resume Editing"
      • Highlighted Words
      • Drop Down Replacement
      • Manually Insert Word
    • NOTE: Point out how "Signature" works/shows up.
  • Bottom Nav
    • "Send the message now" Button
    • "Cancel" Button
    • Charset (Default: UTF-8)
    • Editor: HTML / TEXT
      • Explain difference
      • Explain why HTML may not be the best bet...?
      • Possibly pull documentation from elsewhere about the HTML editor
      • Explain option of setting either as default in Preferences.


  • Drag And Drop
    • Move messages from one folder to another
    • Use of SHIFT/CTRL + Click to select multiples
  • Folders
    • Add/ Delete/ Rename
    • How to "move" folders (By renaming, etc.)


  • How to report issues
    • Support Link in Webmail (Unique to Bez?)
  • Webmail Addressbook vs. Email Client Addressbook
  • Webmail vs. POP3 Email Client
    • Differences in Storage (Storage on server versus in the email client.)
    • Sent Mail in Webmail (Why it may not show up in your email client.)
  • Other?
Possible Links to information (aka, why reinvent the whole wheel?) 



Thanks to Charles Dostale for sending in a portion of RC documentation that he has 
worked on in the past. The idea of an "Introduction" and "Troubleshooting" section was taken from his 
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