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Available plugins

This is a temporary list of available plugins until our plugin repository is ready.

Everyone who developed a plugin is welcome to add a link here.


In order to preserve the code and avoid broken links, we suggest that the developer of a plugin opens a project on SourceForge, Google Code, Github, Gitorious, Bitbucket or BerliOS, or another bigger and secure open source code hosting of the developer's choice.

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Improved Security

  • Captcha - Force a Captcha challenge
  • HMailServer Autoban - Use hMailServer AutoBan? feature for webmail
  • DNS Blacklists - Lock out user if Client IP is blacklisted
  • antiBruteForce - Plugin to prevent brute force user and pass attempts on Rouncube Webmail - Autoban feature
  • rcguard - A reCAPTCHA challenge for users who have too many failed logins
  • Fail2ban - Add support for IP address blocking of failed login attempts by logging the failed attempts IP address, not your web-servers address.

Mail composing

Mail view

Address book

Message sending


  • Change password - Change password using various methods (DB, SASL, poppassd, LDAP, etc.)
  • Managesieve filters
  • Another managesieve filters
  • Subscription options
  • ACL - IMAP Access Control List management
  • Spamassassin User Prefs - Change Spamassassin settings, stored in a DB
  • Settings - Advanced Settings Navigation
  • Message List Cols - Let the user choose the sort order
  • Checked Identities - Activate a new identity by a confirmation link sent to the identity account
  • Postfixadmin integration - 2 plugins to integrate with postfixadmin
  • Vacation Plugin - Vacation / Autoreply plugin with FTP, SSHFTP,Setuid backends with .forward and SQL-support. Allows per host config.
  • VeximAccountAdmin - Covers the non-admin part of Vexim (password, spam/virus, forward, autoresponder, header blocks)
  • Vacation - Vacation plugin with custom storage backends (SQL, LDAP, custom driver).
  • Special Folders - Define new special folders and change its folder, name and icon. Let users override some or all this fields.
  • Roles and Permissions - Adds the ability to easily give different permissions to users by creating a roles table and assigning users to it. This and other plugins may use its public function to register permissions and admin them with this plugin.
  • Forgot Password - Sends a link to the user's alternative email, than he can generate a new password. After login, if the user does not have an alternative email, it shows a warning.
  • Qmailadmin - Adds settings tabs allowing the user to change their password or vacation message using a qmailadmin backend.


  • Load Optimizer requester_saver - Optimize Roundcube by joining external js/css files, compressing features and html caching. Notice: This plugin is not compatible yet with some popular plugins (f.e. message_highlight). On my demo site I have running adjusted third party plugins. If you see a plugin running on which is not working for you along request_saver plugin, please ask for the adjusted code (myroundcube at mail4us dot net).
  • Roundube iJab Integration - This plugin helps in integration of iJab (web based XMPP messaging client) with Roundcube. Configuration of iJab with some xmpp server (such as ejabberd) is beyond the scope of this plugin. You can see the references section if you want some useful links in configuring iJab.