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Added Recipient To Contact plugin to repository

Available plugins

This is a temporary list of available plugins until our plugin repository is ready.

Everyone who developed a plugin is welcome to add a link here.


In order to preserve the code and avoid broken links, we suggest that the developer of a plugin opens a project on SourceForge, Google Code, Github, Gitorious, Bitbucket or BerliOS, or another bigger and secure open source code hosting of the developer's choice.

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Improved Security

  • Captcha - Force a Captcha challenge
  • HMailServer Autoban - Use hMailServer AutoBan? feature for webmail
  • DNS Blacklists - Lock out user if Client IP is blacklisted
  • antiBruteForce - Plugin to prevent brute force user and pass attempts on Rouncube Webmail - Autoban feature
  • rcguard - A reCAPTCHA challenge for users who have too many failed logins
  • Fail2ban - Add support for IP address blocking of failed login attempts by logging the failed attempts IP address, not your web-servers address.

Mail composing

Mail view

Address book

Message sending