The Official Roundcube Plugins Repository

For Roundcube 1.0 and later we provide a plugins repository at with an installer based on Composer which facilitates the installation and the updating of plugins for Roundcube Webmail. Please read the instructions how to install or publish plugins there.

Available plugins

This is a temporary list of available plugins until our plugin repository is ready.

Everyone who developed a plugin is welcome to add a link here.

In order to preserve the code and avoid broken links, we suggest that the developer of a plugin opens a project on SourceForge, Google Code, Github, Gitorious, Bitbucket or BerliOS, or another bigger and secure open source code hosting of the developer's choice.

Installing Plugins and Activating Plugins

After downloading a plugin, extract (unzip) it in RoundCube's plugins directory. Doing this correctly should result in a subdirectory plugins/<name of plugin> which contains all of the plugin's files.

A plugin is not used until you enable it by adding its directory name to the config option plugins, as an array element. This is done by editing your local config/ file. Only plugins listed in the array will be enabled.

For example, to enable plugins named additional_message_headers and archive, config/ should contain this line:

$rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('additional_message_headers', 'archive');

To disable a plugin, just remove it from the list.


The RoundCube packages from Debian's wheezy-backports put the plugins under /usr/share/roundcube/plugins, but require a symlink to every plugin directory under /var/lib/roundcube/plugins. If you forget to create the symlink, newly installed plugins will not be loaded, but in this case there will be a log entry like PHP Error: Failed to load plugin file ... in RoundCube's log indicating where the problem is.




Improved Security


Mail composing

Mail view

Address book

Message sending



  • Roundube iJab Integration - This plugin helps in integration of iJab (web based XMPP messaging client) with Roundcube. Configuration of iJab with some xmpp server (such as ejabberd) is beyond the scope of this plugin. You can see the references section if you want some useful links in configuring iJab.
  • Jappix4Roundcube - This plug-in provides a Mini jappix integration (web based XMPP messaging client). Can work with classic gmail/gtalk account,, account,....
  • Converse.js XMPP Plugin - Provides XMPP chat function in Roundcube, using the Converse.js Javascript library.
  • Roundcube Planner - Planner is a task-management plugin for Roundcube. (development suspended, see Tasklist below)
  • Kolab Groupware - Plugins for use with Kolab Groupware.
  • Calendar - Calendar plugin with SQL and Kolab drivers.
  • Tasklist - Task management application with SQL and Kolab drivers.
  • Owncloud - Integration with OwnCloud.
  • Pop3Fetcher - Adds capability to download emails from POP3 accounts.
  • Getmail - Adds a user frontend and a cronjob to configure and run Getmail to fetch emails from POP3/IMAP accounts.
  • AgenDAV - Integrates AgenDAV into RoundCube. AgenDAV is a calendar which supports CalDAV.
  • elFinder plugin - Integrates elFinder File Manager into RoundCube. (Save/load attachments from server filesystem from an online file browser).


  • RC_Monitor - RC_Monitor uses Roundcube Core to accomplish monitoring of communication from php application with dependencies.



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