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LDAP Addressbook Fieldmapping

This howto describes the mapping of the contact fields of Roundcubes LDAP addressbook. If you are looking for a description how to setup a simple LDAP server as functional backend of RC, see Howto_Ldap.

Since RCv0.6 the contact fields of the internal (SQL) addressbook are based on the vcard standard. On the other hand it is possible to use a LDAP server as source of an addressbook. In this case, the question is how to map the contact fields of this two verry different worlds.

If using a LDAP server the following situations can occur:

  1. the LDAP server is given and can not be influenced by the users
  2. the LDAP server is under full control of the RC administrator

In situation 1, the contact fields of the LDAP are limited to the set of attributes defined in the schemas of the LDAP server. The topic is just to find a corresponding set of fields on the RC side.

In situation 2, the question is how to find a set of fields that are supported from both, server and all the clients planed to use. If the server will only be used as RC backend, the possbility is to create LDAP schematas such that all the wanted fields are supported. On the other hand, if other clients must be supported as well, the possibilities of them must be considered.