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Who is the Roundcube Dev Team?

The software is only as good as the people behind the scenes are.

Project management and administration

Thomas Bruederli (thomasb)
Project leader and head developer
Till Klampäckel (till)
Brett Patterson
Forum administrator
Adam Grelck
Trac administrator
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)
Mailing list administrator


Aleksander Machniak (alec)
All disciplines
Robin Elfrink (robin, wobin)
Preview pane, Client scripts, Patches
Victor Benincasa
Patches + translations
Andreas Dick (andudi)
LDAP address book maintenance
Cor Bosman (corbosman)
Sponsor + Plugin developer
Roland Liebl (rosali)
Plugin developer

Retired developers/contributors

Jason Fesler
Mailing list administrator
Jim Pingle (jpingle, jim-p)
Bug/Feature? testing and research, problem duplication, ticket management
Bård (Bob) Johannessen
Mailing list administrator
Charles McNulty (cmcnulty)
Client scripts
Chris Richardson (crichardson)
Bug/Feature? testing and research, problem duplication
Justin Randell (justinrandell)
LDAP address book integration
Brennan Stehling
Mentor, Coordinator
Eric Stadtherr (estadtherr)
HTML messaging, Client scripts, MIME, interface, database
Rich Sandberg (richs)
GUI enhancements, Backend
Tomasz Pajor (tomekp)
All disciplines
Fourat Zouari (fourat.zouari)


Üllar Pajus (yllar)
Estonian (et_EE)
Stephan Diehl (stiwi)
German (de_DE)
Mark Moses (mmoses)
Dutch (nl_NL)
Maxim Zenin (webmechanics)
Russian (ru_RU)

More information about translators can be found at