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Source control with github

The Roundcube project recently moved it's source code hosting to github. Visit our gihub project page for instructions how to clone and fork our repositories.


In order to download a copy of the latest source code version, one has to "clone" the git repository. To do so, make sure you have git installed on your machine and then execute the following command

git clone git://

For detailed instructions about how to work with github repositories and git in general, please read the perfectly written github help

Branches and Tags

The ongoing development is mainly done on the master branch. We create branches for each official release where important bugs and security issues can be fixed thereafter. Tags are used to create snapshots of a certain point in time. Files are mostly tagged right after releasing. In case we need to make a patch to a previous release, we would modify the according branch and then create a new tag.

Occasionally a developer creates a development-branch to work on new features or partial code rewrites which will take more time. Creating a "devel-branch" branch is useful in case that your changes will break the trunk or to not disturb the other developers. Once the changes are done, the devel-branch will be merged back into trunk and then deleted.

Who has access?

Everyone has anonymous read access to the github. In order to get write access you must be an active developer of the project.