Oct 22, 2006:

12:44 PM Ticket #1484086 (function that copies mails to folders) created by masi
In the actual version of rc-mail it is not possible to copy mails from one …
12:35 PM Ticket #1484085 (show spamstatus when viewing an email) created by masi
I would like to have a feature that shows the spamstatus of a mail to me …
8:26 AM Ticket #1484084 (DB tablenames should be more roundcube specific) created by JonnyJD
Many users have restrictions on the number of databases or just want to …
2:45 AM Changeset in subversion [361] by webmechanics
Updated Russian localization
2:45 AM Changeset in github [5c52d06]HEADcourier-fixdev-browser-capabilitiespdorelease-0.6release-0.7release-0.8 by svncommit <devs@…>
Updated Russian localization

Oct 21, 2006:

7:35 PM FAQ edited by toxygen
7:34 PM FAQ edited by toxygen
added blank page issue (diff)

Oct 20, 2006:

2:33 PM Ticket #1484083 (rouncube stops working in Firefox 2.0rc3) created by billybecker
I have roundcube (svn 360) running on my gentoo linux box. linux kernel …
7:48 AM Ticket #1484044 ("Move mail to trash" button does not work anymore after SVN r354) reopened by Voyageur
Should not be closed as closed until fixed in SVN (or marked worksforme …

Oct 19, 2006:

4:41 PM Ticket #1484082 (Delete button has misused icon) created by aredridel
The prohibition (slashed circle) symbol isn't appropriate for deletion, an …
10:33 AM Ticket #1484081 (Including smtp final response on roundcube smtp log) created by Morpheu
Hi, Just to help on tracking for messages coming from local webmail, …

Oct 17, 2006:

7:35 AM Ticket #1484080 (TinyMCE Spellcheck doesn't work in FireFox) created by lhadata
When i try to use the spellcheck that is included in the TinyMCE editor …
5:28 AM Ticket #1484079 (Cannot move multiple messages in Firefox) created by spil
Selecting multiple messages in the message-list and then drag-and-dropping …

Oct 16, 2006:

5:09 PM Ticket #1484049 (Emails deleted when replying) closed by soeren
fixed: I have done a fresh install of the latest [5ec61946] version and the …

Oct 15, 2006:

2:48 PM Ticket #1484078 (White page when there are to big IMAP-Folders) created by foxx
I have here an IMAP-Account for a webserver-user and all files and folders …
2:34 PM Ticket #1484077 (Information by to big Attachement / Allow bigger one) created by foxx
When the attachement is too big (I don't know why but it's already with …
2:30 PM Ticket #1484076 (Mails can't be send since SVN#344) created by foxx
Since revision 344 (First "try" of TinyMCE) i'm unable to send mails. In …
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