10/01/14: Today

14:15 Ticket #1490085 (Password plugin error) closed by alec
invalid: The syntax error is in xmlapi.php file. Not Roundcube issue.
13:20 Ticket #1490085 (Password plugin error) created by gkg1
Hi, I've got Roundcube version 1.0.3 installed on a shared hosted domain …

09/30/14: Yesterday

18:14 Plugin_Repository edited by stephanblanke
My version of the plugin Postfix Aliases works with current versions of … (diff)


12:27 Milestone 1.0.3 completed
Bugfix and service release for 1.0 LTS branch
12:23 Changelog edited by thomasb
05:24 Changeset in github [34d179a] by Aleksander Machniak <alec@…>
Fix handling of smart list inputs
04:53 Ticket #1490084 (HTML signature) closed by alec
worksforme: You must generate HTML messages, editor type must be HTML not Text-only. …


13:03 Ticket #1490076 (password plugin doesn't work in php 5.3 or later if password driver is set ...) closed by alec
fixed: Still I have mhash extension in my PHP 5.5. Anyway, I fixed it in …
13:00 Changeset in github [5c3bbb9] by Aleksander Machniak <alec@…>
Support hashing algorithms without mhash() and even hash() extension …
04:03 Ticket #1490084 (HTML signature) created by Werbesalon_Vienna
Hi, i use roundcube.net and works really well for me. But, there is one …


07:28 Ticket #1490083 (Patch TinyMCE editor to allow inline replies by pressing <enter>) created by thomasb
When replying to HTML emails, the original message is wrapped into a …
07:13 Ticket #1486333 (Allow user to configure default reply font size and color (HTML composer).) closed by thomasb
fixed: Replying to alec: > It is already possible to set font size in …
07:11 Ticket #1490056 (default compose font for html messages is ignored) closed by thomasb
worksforme: Replying to xlhost: > OK, thanks for pointing that out and …


18:16 Changeset in github [3febefe0] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Updated Changelog + bump version
18:14 Ticket #1490074 (Can't insert signature in external compose window if opened from inline ...) closed by thomasb
fixed: Backported to release-1.0 in [fef904c6b1].
18:13 Changeset in github [fef904c] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Enable/disable siganture commands before exiting the function in new …
17:42 Ticket #1490016 (Recovery lost draft message (local storage)) closed by thomasb
fixed: Restoring fixed in git master version with commit [7d3be1f3c8].
13:20 Changeset in github [1070bdb] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Update Changelog
13:16 Changeset in github [6c96b1b] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Initialize TinyMCE editor in rcmail.init() instead of a separate call …
12:53 Changeset in github [1f4b06a8] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Set comm_path env variable after reset
12:00 Ticket #1490082 (Support UTF-8 in localpart of an email address for mail submission ...) created by mmartinec
Now that mailers at gmail.com, as well as the postfix mailer (version …
09:20 Ticket #1490071 ($config['sig_max_lines'] missing in default config - remove signature when ...) closed by thomasb
fixed: Fixed in commit a4dc96e73e.
09:19 Changeset in github [a4dc96e] by Thomas Bruederli <thomas@…>
Add 'sig_max_lines' config option to defaults (#1490071)


02:13 Ticket #1490080 (Adressbook is case sensitiv) closed by alec
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