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#1488295 mail_pagesize and addressbook_pagesize overwritten when saving general prefs Bug Patches 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

the settings for mail_pagesize and addressbook_pagesize are overwritten when a user saves the general prefs section and always set to 10. patch to fix attached

#1488296 PHP Fatal error: Call to private method rcube_imap::id2uid() from context 'rcube_imap_cache' alec Bugs 5 0.8-beta PHP backend

the rcube_imap_cache calls rcube_imap::id2uid on line 844 which was made private in r5716

#1488297 Multi-site login issue Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

While checking the host against configuration file, it fails. I may have missed something, but from what I read in program/include/rcmail.php login() function doesn't check the same part that is returned by autoselect_host() function: login() function switch between $host and $key is $key is not numeric.

What is strange (didn't look into it much though) is that code seems pretty much the same in 0.3 (my previous installation) and latest version (0.7 stable)

Anyway I did this patch in order to fix it, just in case, as it works for me.

#1488298 Folder sharing: erroneous user identifiers cannot be deleted Bugs 5 0.8-beta IMAP connection

Trying to share a folder with multiple users, I entered "test1@…, test2@…" in the user identifier field.

After this did not work (hints for better methods welcome!), I tried to delete the erroneous entry. After an "Are you sure ..." query, the system displays a "Deleting access rights ..." message, but never comes to an end. The entry remains.

#1488299 fail to update db from 0.7 Bugs 1 - Highest 0.8-beta Installer

-- Updates from version 0.7 ALTER TABLE contacts DROP FOREIGN KEY user_id_fk_contacts ;

MySQL a répondu:Documentation #1025 - Error on rename of './rc_test/contacts' to './rc_test/#sql2-8cc-699bdc' (errno: 152)

#1488300 Failure to update MySQL database from 0.7 - text column can't have default value Bugs 5 0.7.2 Database

MySQL (version 5.5.19) on Windows is throwing an error if I'm trying to upgrade from RC 0.7 to RC 0.7.1 using appropriate part in file mysql.update.sql.

Command that throws an error:

ALTER TABLE `contacts` MODIFY `email` text NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

Error shown:

ERROR 1101 (42000): BLOB/TEXT column 'email' can't have a default value

MySQL 5.5 manual (see says "BLOB and TEXT columns cannot have DEFAULT values."

Next command works though:

ALTER TABLE `contacts` MODIFY `email` text NOT NULL;

but I'm not sure if this meets the RC requirements for the database.

#1488301 MySQL error in upgrade 0.6 -> 0.7.1 Bugs 5 0.8-beta Addressbook

I just tried to upgrade my RoundCube install from 0.6 to 0.7.1 using the independent tarfile, running on MySQL backend.

Attempting to run results in the following:

root@localhost:/usr/local/share/roundcube# ./bin/ 
What version are you upgrading from? Type '?' if you don't know.
WARNING: Database schema needs to be updated!
Missing table 'cache_index'
Missing table 'cache_thread'
Missing table 'cache_messages'
Missing table 'dictionary'
Missing table 'searches'

Do you want to run the update queries to get the schmea fixed? (y/N)
MDB2 Error: not found (-4): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]
[Last executed query: ALTER TABLE `contacts` DROP INDEX `user_contacts_index`;
[Native code: 1091]
[Native message: Can't DROP 'user_contacts_index'; check that column/key exists]

This instance of Roundcube is up-to-date.
Have fun!

Attempting to run the mysql.update.sql directly in phpMyAdmin results in this output:

SQL query:

-- Updates from version 0.7
ALTER TABLE `contacts` DROP FOREIGN KEY `user_id_fk_contacts` ;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1025 - Error on rename of './roundcubedb/contacts' to './roundcubedb/#sql2-6f9-3b74d' (errno: 152)

On a side topic, is it expected that in version 0.7.1, clicking on a contact in the contact list or on a preference on the preferences page will bring up a full page dialogue for the contact/preference? I liked the old behaviour better, where the contact/preference appears in a pane on the right of the page. Maybe this is just a glitch caused by the failed upgrade though (I have since restored version 0.6 from backup).


#1488302 rcube_ldap.php wrong variable name Bugs 5 0.7.2 LDAP connection

program/include/rcube_ldap.php Line 1240

variable: $entries_count NOT $count_entries

            // only fetch dn for count (should keep the payload low)
            $attrs = $count ? array('dn') : array_values($this->fieldmap);
            if ($this->ldap_result = @$function($this->conn, $this->base_dn, $filter,
                $attrs, 0, (int)$this->prop['sizelimit'], (int)$this->prop['timelimit'])
            ) {
                $entries_count = ldap_count_entries($this->conn, $this->ldap_result);
                //$this->_debug("S: $count_entries record(s)"); <= BUG
                $this->_debug("S: $entries_count record(s)");

                //return $count ? $count_entries : true; <= BUG
                return $count ? $entries_count : true;
            else {
                $this->_debug("S: ".ldap_error($this->conn));

#1488303 roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/SQL/mssql.upgrade.sql has inconsistent lineendings Bugs 3 0.8-beta Database

We maintain debian packages of RoundCube for internal use, and thus we often commit new versions of roundcube to SVN.

However, we are seing this error:

A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/skins/default/functions.js
A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/skins/default/common.css
A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/temp
A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/temp/.htaccess
A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/SQL
A         roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/SQL/sqlite.initial.sql
svn: File 'roundcubemail-0.7.1/src/SQL/mssql.upgrade.sql' has inconsistent newlines
svn: Inconsistent line ending style

I guess whether it's a "bug" or not depends on your viewpoint. I can say, though, that it's extremely ugly, and very easy to fix.

#1488304 More debug output (LDAP Addressbook Name) Feature Requests 5 0.8-beta LDAP connection

morge debug output (addressbook name)

            $this->_debug("C: Connect [$hostname]");
            $this->_debug("C: Addressbook-Name: ".$this->prop['name']);


Jan 13 15:53:16 mail-04 roundcube: C: Connect []
Jan 13 15:53:16 mail-04 roundcube: C: Addressbook-Name: teacher-addressbook
Jan 13 15:53:16 mail-04 roundcube: S: OK
#1488305 Incorrect function calls Bugs 3 0.8-beta Core functionality

Seen in "logs/error"

[15-Jan-2012 20:03:55 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function unset_flag() on a non-object in /data/21online/mail/plugins/markasjunk/markasjunk.php on line 51


[16-Jan-2012 05:46:24 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function list_mailboxes() on a non-object in /data/21online/mail/program/include/ on line 1255

#1488306 resume draft Bugs 5 0.8-rc User Interface

There is no option to resume a draft message when opening the draft folder.

One can only user "use for new message".

If that option is selected, the new draft is not well saved.

#1488307 Sender encoding in latin1 Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

Hi Alec,

Do you see anything wrong with this From header? I'm not sure if it's encoded the write way, but since it's in quoted-printable, it seems to be OK

-- From: Gim =?iso-8859-1?q?T=F3nico?= <gimtonico@…> --

The non-ascii char is displayed with a "?" in the UI, image here: (tested on svn trunk today)

I did a small test, with:

<? echo quoted_printable_encode("Gin Tónico") . "\n"; ?>

and the non-ascii char is returned with the same info, the "=F3"

Tet me know if you need anything. Jorge,

#1488308 "Create new contact card" remains greyed after clicking on writable addressbook Bugs 4 0.8-beta Addressbook

"Create new contact card" button is disabled (greyed out) after visiting read-only addressbook, but not restored after clicking on writable addressbook.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on read-only addressbook
  2. Click on writable addressbook
  3. "Create new contact card" stays grey
#1488309 "Create new contact card" remains greyed after clicking on writable addressbook Bugs 4 0.8-beta Addressbook

"Create new contact card" button is disabled (greyed out) after visiting read-only addressbook, but not restored after clicking on writable addressbook.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on read-only addressbook
  2. Click on writable addressbook
  3. "Create new contact card" stays grey
#1488310 Incorrect function calls Bugs 3 0.8-beta Core functionality

Seen in logs/error

[17-Jan-2012 10:58:49 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method rcube_result_index::getElement() in /data/web/secure/mail/program/steps/mail/ on line 714

This stops the mail sending process

#1488311 Display of the attachment's filename encoding on the webpage is incorrect Bugs 5 0.8-beta MIME parsing

Dear Developers,

I'd like to ask help regarding the following issue.

System: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0.3 (64-bit) Roundcube: 0.5.4 (backports) PHP: 5.3.3-7 Locale is en_US.UTF-8

When I compose a mail and attach a file with extra characters in it, then the encoding of the attachment on the sent mail is displayed incorrectly - as if with a wrong encoding. This problem exists only on the user interface AFAIK. On both server side and at the recipient side the attachment file name appears good. What more, sending mail from a mail client (Thunderbird or Oulook) doesn't bring up any issues either. It is only according to mails that are sent from within Roundcube.

For example, if the attachment with hungarian letters looks like this:


..(this is a made-up word to test encoding), the result will be:

árvà ztűrőtükörfúrógép.txt

The error log of Roundcube does not contain any relevant - neither during the sending, nor after.

Screenshot of the page:

My test mail:

I'm using the backported version of Roundcube, because we need those features. Important difference is that with the stable 0.3.x version I don't have any issues on the same system with the same settings and it works just fine. This problem exists with 0.5.4 (and also tested 0.7 too).

I have also played with the setting in main.php (default_charset, mime_param_folding) but without any success.

I've been struggling with this for a week now and I would appreciate any help.

Thanks, and my best.


#1488312 Draft and Sent folders misplaced Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

In SVN, the "Draft" and "Sent" folders are placed in alphabetic order (which is wrong) instead of being placed just below "INBOX" as it used to be (and this was correct)

#1488313 Message text line wrap Bugs 5 later Core functionality

There are line_length in my set to 72. But when I compose reply with original message quoted, the lines shown in text editor are much shorter.

It seems like line length is being counted as if it was already converted to transfer encoding.

In my case incoming message was multipart/alternative with 2 identical parts - text/plain, base64, KOI8-R each.

Composed and sent reply was formatted: multipart/mixed (there was attachment), text/plain, quoted-printable, utf-8.

#1488314 Drafts update issues when edited from preview pane alec Bugs 5 0.7.2 Core functionality

When I resume a draft, edit it and save it again, a new draft message is created instead of overwriting the old one. The draft is also not deleted when sending it.

#1488315 de_DE/ thomasb Bugs 5 0.7.2 Localization

Roundcube Version 0.7

--- de_DE/ 2012-01-19 09:19:26.000000000 +0100 +++ de_DE/ 2012-01-19 09:09:08.000000000 +0100 @@ -375,6 +375,7 @@

$labelsreqdsn? = 'Übermittlungsbestätigung (DSN) immer anfordern'; $labelsreplysamefolder? = 'Antworten im selben Ordner wie Original speichern'; $labelsdefaultaddressbook? = 'Neue Kontakte zum ausgewählten Adressbuch hinzufügen';

+$labelsautocompletesingle? = 'Ignorieren der alternativen E-Mail-Adressen für die Autovervollständigung';

$labelsspellcheckbeforesend? = 'Rechtschreibprüfung vor dem Absenden der Nachricht'; $labelsspellcheckoptions? = 'Rechtschreibprüfungsoptionen'; $labelsspellcheckignoresyms? = 'Wörter mit Symbolen überspringen';

#1488316 de_CH/ spellcheck... and autocompletesingle thomasb Bugs 5 later Localization

Roundcube Version 0.7

--- de_CH/ 2012-01-19 09:19:10.000000000 +0100 +++ de_CH/ 2012-01-19 09:08:57.000000000 +0100 @@ -370,7 +370,12 @@

$labelsreqdsn? = 'Übermittlungsbestätigung (DSN) immer anfordern'; $labelsreplysamefolder? = 'Antworten im selben Ordner wie Original speichern'; $labelsdefaultaddressbook? = 'Neue Kontakte speichern in';

+$labelsautocompletesingle? = 'Ignorieren der alternativen E-Mail-Adressen für die Autovervollständigung';

$labelsspellcheckbeforesend? = 'Rechtscheibung vor dem Senden prüfen';

+$labelsspellcheckoptions? = 'Rechtschreibprüfungsoptionen'; +$labelsspellcheckignoresyms? = 'Wörter mit Symbolen überspringen'; +$labelsspellcheckignorenums? = 'Wörter mit Ziffern überspringen'; +$labelsspellcheckignorecaps? = 'Wörter überspringen, die nur aus Großbuchstaben bestehen';

$labelsfolder? = 'Ordner'; $labelsfolders? = 'Ordner'; $labelsfoldername? = 'Ordnername';

#1488317 Incorrect function calls Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

[19-Jan-2012 10:33:07 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method rcube_result_index::getElement() in /data/web/secure/mail/program/steps/mail/ on line 717

(SVN 5802)

#1488318 Connection no longer secured when viewing emails Bugs 5 later Core functionality

This could be with my config, and maybe a poorly installed certificate, but when in the mail view, with no emails in my Inbox, it shows that I have a secure connection. As soon as a new email arrives, or if I switch to a folder with emails in it, I 'lose' the encryption. I get the, this page is only partially encrypted message.

#1488319 de_CH/ $labels['moreactions'] thomasb Bugs 5 0.7.2 Localization

Roundcube 0.7

--- de_CH/       2012-01-19 09:19:10.000000000 +0100
+++ de_CH/            2012-01-20 09:41:56.000000000 +0100
@@ -117,6 +117,7 @@
+$labels['moreactions'] = 'Mehr ...';
#1488320 Reply to all should show CC addresses by default thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

In larry, when I click reply to all, it just shows the senders email in the to line... meanwhile the other emails that are CC'd are hidden. You can expand it to show the addresses but I think by default when you reply to all the CC'd users should be showing.

I think CC should only show on reply to all when there is multiple addresses... I don't think the cc needs to show if you accidentally click reply to all (which I do a ton), and there's only one user

#1488321 HTML messages are not displayed Bugs 1 - Highest 0.8-beta User Interface

In 0.7 and 0.7.1 I have not been able to get HTML messages to display. It just comes up blank.

#1488322 Editing a draft inserts the signature a second time Bugs 5 0.8-rc Core functionality

Prerequisites: RC is configured to always insert the signature automatically. RC is configured to insert the signature above the original message (when answering). RC is configured to remove the signature of the original message (when answering).

History: Create a new email (RC automatically adds the signature), write something and save it as draft. Go to the drafts folder and edit the email.

Observed behavior: The signature is added a second time. This happened with IE 8 and SRWare Iron 10.0 (based on Google Chrome).

Expected behavior: The signature should not be added a second time, since it is already there.

#1488323 Remember last position of "more headers" switch in Larry Feature Requests 5 1.0.0 User Interface

As a follow up to 1488320... In larry when I recieve a message with multiple recipients, it should show all the recipients... well up to a certain number of them with an option to expand.

#1488324 allow to open mail directly in new window by pressing browser specific keys Feature Requests 5 0.9.1 User Interface

In most browsers, when pressing specific keys liks "ctrl", or "ctrl-shift" the clicked link gets opened in a new window (depending on the key combination, it will be opened in the background) would be nice if it would be possible, that when clicking on a mail in the mail-list and having pressed the corresponding shortcuts, that the mail would be opened in a new window. If it's too difficult to implement that, it would also be possible, to open the mail in a new windows when double clicking it (there should be an option to toggle that, also if it should be opened in the background or not). An other options would be to add a column, which acts as link when clicked on it.

The way how it's done now, is not very efficient (clicking on an email, and then clicking on the link in the preview windows to open it in a new window).

#1488325 Contact photo resizing doesn't work Bugs 5 0.8-rc PHP backend

When uploading contact photos in the address book this results in the following message in the developer console:


[16:56:38.929] POST [HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error 2751ms]


Roundcube keeps displaying 'loading..' until the request eventually times out. No error message can be found in the roundcube logs or in the apache logfiles.

Only clue is an empty file in the roundcube temp directory:

-rw------- 1 webmail webmail 0 Jan 24 16:56 rcmImgConvertwXPEtF

  • uploading images smaller than 160 pixels works fine.
  • paths to convert and identify binaries are correct.
  • Imagemagick is properly installed and works when tested with a simple script.
#1488326 show all folders upon logging in Roundcube 0.6 for the first time Bugs 5 later User Interface

Roundcube doesn't show all folders by default when first logging in, perhaps as a feature? I prefer the previous way of handling default folders, present in previous versions, where "drafts" "sent" and "trash" were visible, along with "inbox", even when logging in for the first time after creating a new email address (via cpanel).

May I make this request to return that functionality? Show all folders, don't make the user subscribe or send or visit squirrelmail first to see the folders

#1488327 IMAP SORT = DISPLAY (RFC5957) is not working Bugs 5 0.7.2 PHP backend

In 0.5 beta SORT=DISPLAY feature was added:

However, in revision 4160: these lines were removed. I guess it was not intentional.

#1488328 undefined method rcube_result_index::isError() Bugs 5 0.8-beta IMAP connection

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method rcube_result_index::isError() in program/include/rcube_imap_generic.php on line 1456

exists in revision 5836

Keep getting a Server error (Internal error) message

#1488329 undefined method rcube_result_index::isError() Bugs 5 0.8-beta IMAP connection

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method rcube_result_index::isError() in program/include/rcube_imap_generic.php on line 1456

exists in revision 5836

Keep getting a Server error (Internal error) message

#1488330 Wrong time in logs when manually set timezone or daylight saving time Bugs 5 0.8-beta Other

2 situations:

when i set a timezone -2, the log files (errors, sendmail and userlogins) record wrong time. log write system time current.

$rcmail_configtimezone? = '-2';

Occor the same error when I set the automatic timezone and my country is in daylight saving time. $rcmail_configtimezone? = 'auto';

in this case beyond the log files to get wrong time, all the webmail gets the wrong time.

#1488332 Update sqlite support to version 3 instead of unmaintained version 2 Bugs 5 0.9-beta Database

Roundcube currently depends on version 2 of sqlite if users choose to use that database. Version 2 is no longer supported by upstream. Debian has just removed support for version 2 from their testing line and it will not appear in their next stable release. It is likely that other distributions have all ready removed support for version 2 or will do so shortly. For existing installations of Roundcube, this does not leave an upgrade path until Roundcube supports sqlite version 3.

Information on the Debian bug report can be found at

#1488333 larry logout message Feature Patches 5 later User Interface

I noticed that when I logout using the larry the skin the "you have successfully logged out” message is a bit right of center. I think this is because the text is different lengths in different languages but the size of the message box is fixed. Attached patch changes this so that the message is always centered.

#1488334 Outlook Express 6 HTML message, forward problem Bugs 5 0.9-beta MIME parsing

The system: RC 0.7.1 Compose HTML messages: on reply to HTML message only _or_ never

There is a X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.5931 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.6157 HTML message. I'd like forward it, but I can't because the forwarded message contains only 6 line:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: [379] Szent BAlázs túra
Date: 2012-01-26 09:32
From: N*** T***** <****@******.hu>
To: <*******@*****.hu>
Reply-To: *****@*****.hu

When I change the Compose HTML messages to always the forwardig is OK.

#1488335 Spell Check isn't working Bugs 2 0.8-rc User Interface

Hi there, I am currently using RoundCube Webmail with a couple of different account. When I am writing an email, the spell check cannot be clicked on. You can see the button but it isn't lit up. This is the same for my other accounts. I have tried highlighting the text but that doesn't work. Any help would be great.



#1488336 Check spelling button not working - SVN 5838 Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

After updating beyond SVN 5838 the 'Check Spelling' button isn't working any more...

#1488337 Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.1 Feature Requests 5 0.8-beta User Interface

jQuery should be updated to 1.7.1, which brings lots of (speed) improvements.

#1488338 Save as draft... Feature Requests 5 later User Interface

Maybe this is just something I'm used to... but when I click Save As Draft when typing a message I expect it to save, then pop me back to the inbox (or whatever folder I was in). Now it just save's it to drafts and keeps the email open. Obviously it's doing what it says, but the flow just doesn't seem right.

Maybe we need two buttons, one Save and one Save as Draft? Or maybe have this be a user customizable option?

#1488339 Personal Adress book (SQL) disappear from group when using also public_ldap Bugs 5 0.7.2 Addressbook

Version 0.7.1 on SL6.2 (rhel6-like) without any plugin backend mysql or postgres same problem could be tested with just

$rcmail_configldap_public? = array('Verisign');

when adding public_ldap entry in configuration , user personnal addressbook disappear but contact can still be used

trying to edit a contact give SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE! Error No. [700]

Feb 3 15:08:19 dhcp-243-158 roundcube: PHP Error: Addressbook source (null) not found! in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/include/rcmail.php on line 450 (GET /?_task=addressbook&_action=show&_source=null&_cid=1&_framed=1)

#1488340 reply text is missing (probably MIME issue) Bugs 5 0.8-beta MIME parsing

When I reply to a certain email, the reply window contains the "wrong part" of the original email indented.

The original mail has several MIME parts:

  • original text
  • footnote

The reply button takes only the text from footnote to the reply text, however "original text" should be there too.

You can check the behaviour with the attached email in mbox format. The bug is reproducible on 0.7.1 version.

#1488341 newmail_notifier Bugs 5 0.7.2 Plugins

I have enabled to be notified if a new message is in any folder. I think the plugin should not check the "Sent" Folder. Otherwise user will be notified on a successfully sent message, which is _new_ after sending in "Sent" Folder.

#1488342 LDAP addressbook. Request feature. Group name from custom field. Feature Requests 5 0.7.2 Addressbook

We use strong syntax to cn of groups - only english symbols. But we want to have possibility of using russian symbols (non-english) in group names. We wrote small patch (it working, but doesn't correct with write-mode ldap). We use description field. I think that it's useful feature.

#1488343 Quote mark not broken (cut) for answer in HTML mode Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality


On Ticket #1485476, you said it was fixed, but on 0.7.1 it's always impossible to break the HTML quote line when answering to an HTML message.


#1488344 folders unclickable without "show preview pane" Bugs 5 0.7.2 User Interface

Hello roundcube,

after updating roundcube from version 0.5.1 to 0.7.1 we noticed a strange behaviour browsing/clicking/navigating through mailbox folders.

problem/bug: after successful login to roundcube, navigation is no longer possible after two or three clicks (e.g. selecting inbox, drafts, trash).

no action (http request) will ever be made until you select one of the menu icons on top right corner (adressbook, calender, settings).

after that you can navigate trough you mailbox for another two or three clicks

expected behaviour: clicking through various folders should always work

workaround: comparing profile settings to another roundcube account we found out that you have to enable

"Settings -> Mailbox View -> Show preview pane"

to successfully navigate.

#1488345 RoundCube perfomance bug with contacts above 1000 in MySQL Bugs 5 0.8-rc Database

Huge delays at user's login to RoundCube. If user has about of 2000 messages in the mailbox, the delay is 2-3 minutes. Generally 435 records in table “users”, 1400 in table “contacts”, 333 in “contactgroupmembers”, 56 in “contactgroups”.

Switching RoundCube sql queries logging on shows delay at «UPDATE session SET» query:

[08-Feb-2012 16:05:10 +0000]: query(1): SELECT cache_id, data, cache_key FROM cache WHERE user_id = 84 AND cache_key = 'IMAP.messagecount' ORDER BY created DESC LIMIT 0, 1;

[08-Feb-2012 16:05:10 +0000]: query(1): UPDATE cache SET created = now(), data = 'a:5:{s:5:\"INBOX\";a:2:{s:3:\"ALL\";i:4041;s:6:\" UNSEEN\";i:1924;}s:6:\"Drafts\";a:1:{s:6:\"UNSEEN\ ";i:0;}s:4:\"Sent\";a:1:{s:6:\"UNSEEN\";i:0;}s:4:\ "Junk\";a:1:{s:6:\"UNSEEN\";i:0;}s:5:\"Trash\";a:1 :{s:6:\ "UNSEEN\";i:0;}}' WHERE user_id = 84 AND cache_key = 'IMAP.messagecount';

[08-Feb-2012 16:05:10 +0000]: query(1): UPDATE session SET vars='bGFuZ3VhZ2V8czo1OiJydV9SVSI7aW1 <-- TRUNCATED --> 5MjQ7czo2OiJEcmFmdHMiO2k6MDtzOjQ6IlNlbnQiO2k6MDtzO jQ6Ikp1bmsiO2k6MDtzOjU6IlRyYXNoIjtpOjA7fQ==',chang ed='2012-02-08 16:05:10' WHERE sess_id='61eh0naumln6odsn9pvg8mdki4';

[08-Feb-2012 16:06:29 +0000]: query(1): UPDATE cache SET created = now(), data = 'a:1:{s:5:\"INBOX\";a:2:{s:3:\"ALL\";i:4141;s:6:\" UNSEEN\";i:1924;}}' WHERE user_id = 84 AND cache_key = 'IMAP.messagecount'; [08-Feb-2012 16:06:29 +0000]: query(1): SELECT vars, ip, changed FROM session WHERE sess_id = '6 1eh0naumln6odsn9pvg8mdki4';

Also there are no delays after completely cleaning table «contacts».

All RoundCube settings are defaults. IMAP server on the same host. RoundCube version 0.7.1 (latest). MySQL — 5.1.61 PHP (php-fpm) — 5.3.8 Nginx -1.1.13

Is it possible to fix this RoundCube perfomance bug with contacts above 1000 ?

#1488346 Error message display if virtual mailbox selected Bugs 5 0.7.2 User Interface

If a virtual mailbox is selected in folder tree, roundcube display an STATUS error message (mailbox does not exist).

Reproduce this:

  • got rights on a share folder or mailbox
  • select this share folder or mailbox in folder tree
  • collapse virtual folder or mailbox tree
#1488347 plugin newmail_notifier zh_TW language file thomasb Feature Patches 5 later Localization
#1488348 default_imap_folders > default_folders Bug Patches 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

in r5781 default_imap_folders was made a legacy config option, replaced with default_folders. this patch updates config/ to match

#1488349 Issue with folder creation under INBOX. namespace Bugs 5 0.8-beta IMAP connection

When namespace with INBOX prefix exists, new folders can be created under it. However, folders tree presents them at the same level as INBOX folder.

In my opinion, form should not list INBOX as parent for a new folder.

#1488350 Address book order of input Feature Requests 5 0.8-rc Addressbook

This is totally minor, but the order you input (and view) the Address of a contact does not match the normal order here in the States. Can we have a setting as to the order of these inputs?

For instance, our normal ordering is:

Street City, State Zip

#1488351 Any email sent with Roundcube to a Google Group displays artifacts of pure pain in GMail Bugs 5 0.7.2 Core functionality

On the Google Groups I'm in, one of the posters uses Roundcube and all of his emails are prefaced with the following artifacts:

<20120214175049.E8A782008B1@…> <CADr0Rqq3DT_=k-gm38F3HQAtGF1xHk++OBJNh3kb4AQ71-hPfg@…> <CADr0RqqUqN+qLkakAeUcsWjYpQRiP1uJ8G=DigfV_5+w23+CPA@…> Message-ID: <0fe483212e652ebe43ec598ed765bd7c@localhost> X-Sender: einstein@… User-Agent: RoundCube Webmail/0.3.1 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Content-Type: text/plain;


I don't know if all clients receiving mail from Google Groups see those artifacts. My client is GMail and I see them.

It seems some of the headers are not recognized or clipped properly by either Google Groups or GMail.

Also, it seems that the individual that sends those emails uses Roundcube 0.3.1, so perhaps this problem has been fixed since. My apologies if that's the case.

I didn't know what component to file this as, so please change it if "Core functionality" is not relevant!

Thanks :)

#1488352 Improve login UX by splitting user and server info Feature Patches 5 0.8-beta User Interface

Currently, login requires typing the full email address of a user even if, in most cases, the server to log to is the domain of the url.

On my server, I have several virtual hosts and roundcube is available for each of them so I patched it to autofill a server field in the form.

You can see it there :

For some reasons, a textfield is better than a select one : It doesn't show the list of the vhosts on the server and preserves the ability to change the host for the admin.

I have really good feadback on this UX improvement so I hope my case will convince you.

#1488353 Session expired and no printed images after printing emails with in-body images Tasks 10 - Lowest 0.8-beta Other

I've found this problem on RoundCube 0.7.1, I don't know if previous version are affected.

  1. Open an email with in-body pictures. No external pictures (linked to external site) or attached images.
    1. Go to print message function, the one offered by Roundcube (not print function of the internet browser)
    2. Print the message 4a. Printed email will not have any images (are printed on or more "X" and empty boxes) 4b. When you try to open another message with Roundcube (or to do any other operation), you will be logged out with "Session invalid or expired" error.

On roundcube log appears errors like this: [07-Feb-2012 10:41:22] MDB2 Error: constraint violation (-3): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]

[Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_4276f1817343f5150143a5c74bbb5 03298eda6579 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY']

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22 +0100]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: constraint violation Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_4276f1817343f5150143a5c74bbb5 03298eda6579 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY'] in D:\web\\program\include\rcub e_mdb2.php on line 717 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=get&_uid=1552516&_mbox=Sent&_p art=2&_embed=1)

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22] MDB2 Error: constraint violation (-3): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_426f72c5b510a3c645d3cedf31e4d 6c78b4be3c28 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY']

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22 +0100]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: constraint violation Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_426f72c5b510a3c645d3cedf31e4d 6c78b4be3c28 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY'] in D:\web\\program\include\rcub e_mdb2.php on line 717 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=get&_uid=1552516&_mbox=Sent&_p art=3&_embed=1)

My environment is:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition Apache 2.2.21 + PHP 5.3.8 MySQL 5.5.19 Community

#1488354 Larry issues thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-stable User Interface
  1. jquery-ui popup's title bar could be thiner.
  2. No title in contact photo upload popup.
  3. Wrong position of "Check spelling" link in plain text mode. Maybe we could integrate language selector with Spell button in toolbar, then the link could be removed.
  4. Sometimes folders list footer is broken (misplaced icons and quota text).
  5. Folder selection highlights folder name, messages count of the folder, but also subfolders' counters.
  6. Lack of "#mailboxlist li.recent" style.
  7. No left border in flag and listoptions column on messages list.
  8. "All headers" in message view could look better.
  9. Menu popups doesn't disapear when clicking on an iframe.
  10. 2px artefact at the bottom of Mark button.
  11. Wrong text with checkboxes alignment, e.g. in search menu.
#1488355 Reset skin to system default on logout Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

There's a small issue in multi-skin installations. When user is allowed to change a skin and changes it to non-default, after logout he will see login page which uses the skin configured by him. After entering invalid login data, skin changes to system default.
A solution would be to reset skin setting on logout and present login screen always in system-default skin. Another possibility is to store selected skin in login form and post it together with login credentials on form submit.

#1488356 Typo in german language files (de_DE and de_CH) thomasb Bug Patches 5 later Localization


there's a typo in the german translations ("erlogreich" => "erfolgreich"). patch attached.


#1488357 Missing quote in Rewrite (.htaccess) Bug Patches 5 0.8-beta Other


the dot should be quoted in the .htaccess RewriteRule?. I know that it matches anyway, but it's a regular expression after all. patch attached.


#1488358 Empty startup greeting in 0.7.1 Bugs 2 0.7.2 IMAP connection

Hello, Many times per day i got a lot of errors: Empty startup greeting. Users cannot log in via roundcube. After while it works fine. I know that there was already bug with that error message, but im getting it in 0.7.1 so its probably broken again?

[17-Feb-2012 13:52:12 +0100]: IMAP Error: Login failed for foo@… from 217.173.x.x. Empty startup greeting ( in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/roundcube/program/include/rcube_imap.php on line 205 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=check-recent&_mbox=INBOX&_list=1&_quota=1&_remote=1&_unlock=0&_=1329483119579) [17-Feb-2012 13:52:12 +0100]: IMAP Error: Login failed for foo2@… from 217.173.x.x. Empty startup greeting ( in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/roundcube/program/include/rcube_imap.php on line 205 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=check-recent&_mbox=INBOX&_remote=1&_unlock=0&_=1329483369795)

#1488359 List addressbook contents for ldap-groups Feature Requests 5 0.8-beta Addressbook

I have a roundcube setup with connection to a ldap server for the address book. Now everything works just fine, but would it be possible to implement a feature that lists the contents of a group when clicking on it? At this point it is only possible to explicitly search for addresses.

#1488360 Messages sent empty Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality


It does not happen very often, but every once in a while a user complains that a message was sent empty, loosing the entire body of the message.

Recently another user complained about this and event told us that she kept saving the message on drafts. After sending the message there was no trace of it on Drafts and the message sent was without body.

We are using Roundcube 0.3.1-6 from Debian Squeeze. We also have the following plugins:

vacation - version 1.9 forwardattachment - version 1.1 - 12.03.2010 sauserprefs - version 1.3 calendar - version 0.2 BETA 2 keyboard_shortcuts - version 1.0 automatic_addressbook - version 1.1 - 19.02.2010 zipdownload - version 1.3


#1488361 Results of searches lost Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

To reproduce:

1.- Make a search putting a text into the "search box".
2.- Open a mail of the resultset.
3.- Turn back clicking on the back button: "green left arrow".

Main mails listing. Returned to first page.

As a olders version, I expected to back to the search results.


#1488362 larry doesn't remember preview Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

When I'm in larry, if I'm in a folder with the preview pane off. I then click to turn the pane on. If I then reply to an email and send it, when it brings me back to the folder view the preview pane will be off.

#1488363 Expect-based password plugin driver Feature Patches 5 0.8-rc Plugins

This driver uses an expect script to change user passwords.

Functionally, this is very similar to the existing pam driver. The main difference is the pecl PAM module requires modifying permissions on /etc/shadow to give the webserver access where as this approach does not.

The implementation is based on Horde. GPLv2.

I realize one file doesn't have an extension. I don't know if there is a standard extension for an expect command file.

#1488364 Samba password driver Feature Patches 5 0.8-rc Plugins

Driver for password plugin to change samba password using smbpasswd.

Based on Horde. GPLv2.

#1488365 Problem with contact selection at create mail step Bugs 5 0.7.2 Addressbook


I was using roundcube-0.6 until some minutes ago, when I updated to 0.7.1. After update from 0.5.4 the feature of selecting contacts from the icon 'Show Address Book' at the compose message screen is failing. The miniwindow that shows up with the addresses is not assembling correctly. By stopping the cursor on top of an entry, it appears as

Name <>

i.e. with no e-mail address. The error log registers this:

PHP Warning: trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /var/www/localhost/htdocs/roundcube/program/include/ on line 1121

OBS: now, at 0.7.1, the line number changed to 1155

That defines format_email_recipient function around line 1121(1155). This function receives $email variable and searching for this function name on other files I've found out that in this 0.6 version we have:

.../roundcube/program/steps/addressbook/ $mailto[] = format_email_recipient($emails[0], $recname?);

while in 0.5.4 version we have:

.../roundcube/program/steps/addressbook/ $mailto[] = format_email_recipient($recemail?, $recname?);

I tried to simply edit the new correspondent line to conform with the old, but it didn't work, of course :)

I appreciate any help or tip to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

#1488366 Larry - xlsx and docx Feature Requests 5 0.8-rc User Interface

Larry is not recognizing the Word and Excel 2007/2010 formats with a icon.

The styles.css needs to be extend with the following lines:

Line nr. 1740: .attachmentslist li.docx,

Line nr. 1750: .attachmentslist li.xlsx,

#1488367 Larry and error messages thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

With password plugin: when password change doesn't succeed, two (same) error messages are displayed. One in the footer and one in the popup. Only with larry skin.

#1488368 Larry & IE8: javascript error on contact creation page thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-beta User Interface

Unexpected call to method or property access in jquery.min.js

#1488369 ldap autocompletion Bugs 5 0.7.2 Addressbook


First I want to thanks and congratulate: I'm à roundcube User for few years and I do really enjoy using it.

So the facts.

Today I decide to upgrade my roundcube version (from 0.5 to 0.7.1). Everything is fine except the autocompletion : when I fill the « TO » field composing a new message I get a nice "ERROR : SERVICE CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE"

I focus I use Ldap server to store all my contacts. Accessing contacts to AddressBook? icon is working fine but the autocompletion doesn't work anymore (before with the old roundcube version (v0.5), autocompletion worked perfectly)

I switch to debug level in : $rcmail_configdebug_level? = 4 The errors file (in the logs directory) gives me :

[26-Feb-2012 17:39:34 +0100]: PHP Error: Addressbook source (ldap) not found! in /var/wws/roundcubemail-0.7.1/program/include/rcmail.php on line 450 (POST /mail/?_task=mail&_action=autocomplete?_task=&_action=)

Do I detect a new bug or I miss something in the new config.

I want to tell after I detect this problem I decide to prepare a new "" file from scratch using the dist file to ensure I did not miss something new.

Hope my ticket brings something really new. Regards. JC

#1488370 Plugin Event "afterlogout" does not seem to work in roundcubemail 0.7.1 Bugs 5 0.8-beta Plugins

Hi, Here is a piece of javascript code that I was using happily in a custom plugin of roundcubemail 0.5.

rcmail.addEventListener('afterlogout', function(props) {

Do something


The function used to get called properly whenever the user logged out. However, I have observed that in 0.7.1, the function no longer gets called. Is this a bug in roundcubemail?

#1488371 forwarding html messages Bugs 5 0.7.2 User Interface


when i receive html message and want to forward it, its ok until i switch editor to plain text in that moment, to: and from: mail content from original messages disappears and there is no full information about origin receiver and sender
maybe deleting format between < and > is so strict, that email is considered as tag i know, i can forward it as attachment, but it would be nice if reformating from html to plain preserves to: and from: headers from origin, thanks

#1488372 Incorrect HTML displayed when viewing email from Disqus commenting system Bugs 5 0.7.2 User Interface

Emails received from Disqus (, notifying me I have a new comment on my blog do not appear correctly, here is the examples;

Example 1; This is a screenshot of the correctly displayed HTML, I have display HTML off and have clicked the HTML link present in the text only email;

Example 2; This is a screenshot of the same settings, with the text only version; you can see the HTML link;

Example 3; This is with the show HTML setting enabled; You can see there is different formatting, the users comment is missing. What is interesting, if I save the page as html, and reopen it, I can see the comment.

I have tested the following same email is other clients including Horde, SquirrelMail? and Gmail and it worked as expected. In both a self hosted and hosting-company hosted RoundCube the above was experienced.

I also noticed a Invalid ticked was created experiencing similar things, and there was no resolution;

Let me know if I can provide any further information, I am including screenshots and HTML pages saves.

#1488374 somtimes interface gives you an error 'the session expired' during imap logon Bugs 5 0.8-beta Core functionality

In russian it writes differ, but it is a $messagessessionerror? message.

this trouble is a generic RC trouble, that causes from time to time from early versions. here are the people complaining:

I found out that the trouble is in the attempt to set cookie 'sessauth' in authenticate_session function in rcmail.php.

It sets with "rcmail::setcookie('sessauth', $this->get_auth_hash(session_id(), $now), 0);" statement.

And in setcookie() function it sets with a huge number of parameters: "setcookie($name, $value, $exp, $cookiepath?, $cookiedomain?,rcube_https_check(), true);" for some reason it fails with "rcube_https_check()" when setting 'sessauth' cookie, so if it fails it should go an easy way. thus a made a final check for result, and if it fails, set it again with a less number of params. here the code of function i use:

public static function setcookie($name, $value, $exp = 0) {

if (headers_sent()){


$cookie = session_get_cookie_params(); setcookie($name, $value, $exp, $cookiepath?, $cookiedomain?,rcube_https_check(), true);

+ if(!$_COOKIE[$name]) + setcookie($name, $value, $exp, $cookiepath?, $cookiedomain?);


Now it works fine for me. I log in, log out, and sessions works fine. I forgot how to view the version, but the rcmail version is: RCMAIL_VERSION', '0.5.4'

#1488375 addressbook search filters duplicate names Bug Patches 7 0.7.2 Addressbook

In r5865 of trunk a search of an LDAP address book containing 2 people with the same name will only display one of the entries. When composing a message and using the "live search" feature, both entries are displayed.

This seems to come from program/steps/addressbook/, specifically line 185 where $key is initialized:

        while ($row = $result->next()) {
            $row['sourceid'] = $s['id'];
            $key = $row['name'] . ':' . $row['sourceid'];
            $records[$key] = $row;

The name and the source addressbook are the only things used to create indexes. Multiple names from the same source will thus be filtered.

I will attach a patch that also includes


in $key. As long as list_records always includes email along with name in its results then this should be a safe change, and I believe list_records does behave this way. This patch will allow multiple entries with the same name to be displayed when searching an address book from the actual address book page.

#1488376 installto script only copy default skin Bugs 5 0.8-rc Installer

bin/ only copy skins/default when it should copy the everything because of the new skin Larry.

#1488377 Larry: priority column thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-stable User Interface

There are no icons in priority column on messages list (thead and tbody).

#1488378 Larry skin for plugins thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-rc User Interface

Here's the list of core plugins which require changes for larry: acl, archive, managesieve, markasjunk, vcard_attachments

#1488379 Address book search: "All fields" doesn't search all fields Bugs 5 0.8-rc Addressbook

It seems that the "All fields" option of the quick search box in the address book doesn't actually search all fields; specifically, the "Display name" field isn't included.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new local contact in "Personal Addresses"
  2. Fill in the required fields, plus a display name that's unrelated to the other fields
  3. Make sure "All fields" in the quick search drop-down is checked (which visually seems to implicitly check the "Display name" field)
  4. Type the display name of your new contact in the quick search field and press return – the newly created contact does not appear
  5. Now uncheck "All fields", so that "Display name" is checked explicitly – when you press return now, the contact appears
#1488380 Missing Children in Inbox Bugs 5 0.8-rc IMAP connection


I would like to use the newest nightly build, but something has changed in the way the inbox is listed. Build r5675 works fine, but in all later versions I can't see my children inbox folders.

After login, all folders are listed in the left menu and I can click and see the whole content. Now when I go to "Settings" > "Folders" only the inbox root is shown. After switching back to "Mail" all folders disappear, except inbox.

These are the differences in the imap log: r5675: [D91C] C: A0005 LIST "" "*"

r5957: [B285] C: A0007 LIST "" INBOX

Do I have to change something in the main config?

best regards Maik

#1488381 Search in contacts on compose page Bugs 5 0.9-rc Addressbook

The list of contacts in compose screen isn't really useful if there's no search feature.

#1488382 rcube_imap_generic.php fails to escape % character as required by RFC3501. Bugs 3 0.7.2 IMAP connection

Hi, world.

The % character is a wildcard character (the list-wildcards production in the RFC3501 ABNF grammar), and must be escaped in strings sent over the IMAP protocol.

The attached patch against 0.8 beta adds this character to the charset in the primary regexp in the escape() function in rcube_imap_generic.php.

Without this patch, users of ours who have % characters in their passwords are not able to login through roundcube to our UW/Panda IMAP server.

#1488383 Image resize with GD extension Feature Requests 5 0.8-rc PHP backend

When ImageMagick? package isn't installed we could try GD extension. Sample code:

#1488384 Roundcube Webmail setup for memcache session storage Bugs 5 0.8-stable Core functionality

Tried to setup in different ways memcache but nothing works

Roundcube Webmail 0.8-svn [SVN r5959]

$rcmail_config['session_storage'] = 'memcache';

// Use these hosts for accessing memcached
// Define any number of hosts in the form hostname:port
//$rcmail_config['memcache_hosts'] = 'localhost:11211'; // e.g. array( 'localhost:11211', '' );
$rcmail_config['memcache_hosts'] = array('localhost:11211');

memcached -d -l localhost -p 11211 -u memcached -m 64 -c 1024 -P /var/run/memcached/

telnet localhost 11211
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

[06-Mar-2012 16:55:51 -0500]: DB Error: Failed to connect to memcached. Please check configuration in /var/www/rcube/program/include/rcube_ses
sion.php on line 82 (GET /rcube/?_task=mail&_action=check-recent&_mbox=INBOX&_list=1&_remote=1&_unlock=0&_=1331070951740)

code :

66     // use memcache backend
 67     if ($config->get('session_storage', 'db') == 'memcache') {
 68       $this->memcache = rcmail::get_instance()->get_memcache();
 70       // set custom functions for PHP session management if memcache is available
 71       if ($this->memcache) {
 72         session_set_save_handler(
 73           array($this, 'open'),
 74           array($this, 'close'),
 75           array($this, 'mc_read'),
 76           array($this, 'mc_write'),
 77           array($this, 'mc_destroy'),
 78           array($this, 'gc'));
 79       }
 80       else {
 81         raise_error(array('code' => 604, 'type' => 'db',
 82           'line' => __LINE__, 'file' => __FILE__,
 83           'message' => "Failed to connect to memcached. Please check configuration"),
 84           true, true);
 85       }

thanks --sasha

#1488385 Website wide logo image covers tab buttons in `settings` section thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-rc User Interface

Wide logo image covers tab buttons in settings section due to element #header css property z-index: 100; in common.css. So clicking on tab buttons turn user back on main page.

I resolved this by setting z-index:-1;

#1488386 login success & faile logs to database(postgresql) Feature Patches 5 later Security

The following path will log failed and success logins to the postgresql table

diff -ruN  roundcubemail-0.7.1/index.php webmail/index.php 
--- roundcubemail-0.7.1/index.php	2012-01-06 18:01:53.000000000 +0200
+++ webmail/index.php	2012-03-07 19:18:24.660692806 +0200
@@ -134,6 +134,8 @@
     $OUTPUT->show_message($error_code < -1 ? 'imaperror' : (!$auth['valid'] ? 'invalidrequest' : 'loginfailed'), 'warning');
     $RCMAIL->plugins->exec_hook('login_failed', array(
       'code' => $error_code, 'host' => $auth['host'], 'user' => $auth['user']));
+    /*  SurGATE Labs patch */
+    rcmail_log_failed($auth['user']);
diff -ruN  roundcubemail-0.7.1/program/include/ webmail/program/include/ 
--- roundcubemail-0.7.1/program/include/	2012-01-05 12:28:24.000000000 +0200
+++ webmail/program/include/	2012-03-07 19:17:47.041929234 +0200
@@ -2227,8 +2227,27 @@
   write_log('userlogins', sprintf('Successful login for %s (ID: %d) from %s in session %s',
     $RCMAIL->user->get_username(), $RCMAIL->user->ID, rcmail_remote_ip(), session_id()));
+/* SurGATE Labs  patch */
+$rcmail = rcmail::get_instance();
+$db = $rcmail->get_dbh();
+$db->query("INSERT INTO client_login_logs(username,remoteip,logintype,status,logintime) values('$username','$remoteip','Webmail',0, now())");
+function rcmail_log_failed($username)
+$rcmail = rcmail::get_instance();
+$db = $rcmail->get_dbh();
+$db->query("INSERT INTO client_login_logs(username,remoteip,logintype,status,logintime) values('$username','$remoteip','Webmail',1, now())");
+/* SurGATE Labs  patch ends here */
 diff -ruN roundcubemail-0.7.1/SQL/postgres.initial.sql webmail/SQL/postgres.initial.sql 
--- roundcubemail-0.7.1/SQL/postgres.initial.sql	2012-01-05 10:50:07.000000000 +0200
+++ webmail/SQL/postgres.initial.sql	2012-03-07 19:29:14.781926519 +0200
@@ -276,3 +276,12 @@
     data text NOT NULL,
     CONSTRAINT searches_user_id_key UNIQUE (user_id, "type", name)
+CREATE TABLE client_login_logs (
+    id serial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
+    username VARCHAR(256) NOT NULL,
+    remoteip VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
+    logintype VARCHAR(16) NULL,
+    status smallint DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
+    logintime timestamp NOT NULL
#1488387 rcmail_log_login uses $RCMAIL globally Bugs 5 0.9-beta PHP backend

If I am not mistaken, the new rule is to use rcmail::get_instance().

I looked and I couldn't find an existing issue for this.

This is my first post here, so sorry if I did something wrong.

I will attach a SVN patch.

#1488388 Remote ip Bugs 5 later Security

Hi to all,

i need to know if it's possible to make a change to roundcube. I'm running RC on a BlueOnyx? 5108 Appliance ad it works fine. There's only one little bug. When a user try to access to his/her webmail account and maybe the password is wrong, the system denies the access to that user ( and that's great!). But the problem is that the appliance is built up with pam_abl module that manage automatically the ban of users or hosts that try to access to the machine unsuccessfully. When a user when a user makes a mistake ( ora a bot is trying out to access to the webmail ) accessing the webmail, the remote host of the user seen by the pam_abl module is not the remote ip of the user, but the ip of the local machine (localhost). This means that after a number of attemps gone bad the system bans itself.

I think this is relatedo to RC cause early on Blueonyx 5106 Appliance i was using OpenWebMail? and there was no errors like theese.



#1488389 Bug with send/receive attachment whose filename contains comma Bugs 5 0.7.2 Core functionality

I sent a message with attached file whose filename contains comma (","), for example "qqqq,werty.jpg" from web-client Roundcube (test on ver 0.4 and 0.7), and when i received this message with Roundcube, attachment's name is rejected to "qqqq"

#1488390 trunk-5994, Don't message filter works Bugs 5 0.8-rc User Interface

I updated roundcube to trunk-5994 from ver 0.4 (first server) and from ver 0.7-svn (second server), and message filter stopped working correctly on both servers.

when i select message filter to UNREAD, FLAGGED, then unread/flagged messages do not display (selected is empty)

#1488391 SQL import utility Feature Patches 5 0.9-stable Database

It is necessary for many plugins to create SQL tables. I create a simple php script like exists roundcube/bin for connect to DBMS with config's params and import SQL commands from file.

#1488392 Auto-update Feature Requests 4 later Installer

I don't know if this has been asked before (or I didn't find it at least) but it would be nice if the system would have an auto-update function a bit simular to wordpress.

I hate it when I have to download the update-file and upload it to several servers and adjust everything again.

Also for the plugins would it be nice. One place to get your plugins and update your plugins.

#1488393 change folder name for Persian language from fa to fa_IR thomasb Feature Requests 8 0.8-rc Localization

In table of ISO-693 languages, Persian is fa. But there is some other branch of Persian such as Pashto, Dari, and so on. In roundcube language folder, you used fa for persian, I suggest that to adding iran country code IR to it because this language speak in Iran, hence,

Please, rename "fa" to "fa_IR" in "program/localization" parent folder.

And change "'fa' => 'Persian (دری)', " in line 81 of to "'fa_IR' => 'Persian (پارسی)',".

Last, add new entry to "$rcube_language_aliases" array that is "'fa' => 'fa_IR',".

Also I translated roundcube to Persian 100%.


#1488394 list_records does not request all needed fields from addressbook plugins Bugs 5 0.8-rc Addressbook


since 0.7.2, roundcube supports configurable list names ("List contacts as" setting). Except for the "Displayname" setting, the firstname and surname are needed to compose the list name in the

rcube_addressbook::compose_list_name(). However, these are not always requested from the addressbook plugin (by the list_records function), though required. Consequently, the fallback to the displayname triggers.

This bug is not triggered by the default roundcube contacts plugin, because its list_records always provides all fields it has stored in separate table columns, even if the caller requests only a subset of them.

An example is in program/steps/addressbook/, where only the 'name' column is requested, but firstname and surname should additionally be requested. There may be other calls to list_records that would also have to request these additional fields.


#1488395 0.7.2 and 08b(5994) dont create folders in fist logon Bugs 5 0.8-rc Core functionality

0.7.2 and 08b(5994) dont create folders in fist logon.

folders created only when send message - create folder Sent del message - create folder Trash ..

#1488396 watermark/tabs/selections Feature Requests 10 - Lowest 0.8-rc User Interface

The position of the watermark is strange, it changes with the tab that you're on in firefox 9/10 and IE9. starting from the preferences select folders and it moves to the right, probably due to the selection pane resizing on the left, then moves up on the identities tab.

I like that larry fixed that issue, but the width of the panes (preferences v. identities/folders) could just be a few pixels wider to match the others.

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