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#1489452 .net domain Bugs 1 - Highest 1.0.0 Mail composing

I'm having a problem with a .net domain, my domain is but when i try to send an email to an email address under that domain it says the the domain is not valid

#1489515 Reply to emails Feature Requests 4 later Mail composing


When i reply to an email the reply message doesn't get saved in the sent messages folder, is there any setting to allow you to save these messages

Regards Mark

#1489516 Webmail Roundcube Signature character length Bugs 5 later Mail composing


Is it possible to change Webmail Roundcube Signature character length?

#1489536 Canned responses losing newlines in HTML editor Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail composing

When I insert a canned response into an email, newlines are inserted as spaces. This affects both new email and replies. It only happens in HTML mode, plain text work fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set the "Compose HTML messages" option to "Always"
  2. Create a canned response containing newlines, e.g.:
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3
    Line 4
  3. Create a new email or reply to an existing one
  4. Insert the template created in step 2
  5. The inserted text should look like:
    Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4


  • This happens everytime I start email composition in HTML mode. If I start in plain text, then switch to HTML and insert the response afterwards, it is inserted correctly.
  • I'm using IE 11, haven't tested other browsers.
#1489539 Wrong encoding of attacment's filenames, if they contains non-latin letters Bug Patches 5 1.0.0 Mail composing

When attaching file with non-latin letters in filename to e-mail message, it's name may incorrect displaying in recepient's e-mail client, or attachment may be broken.

It was problem in program/steps/mail/

Patch to solve this problem

--- program/steps/mail/	2013-10-21 23:39:20.000000000 +0400
+++ temp/	2014-01-27 15:27:18.000000000 +0400
@@ -642,7 +642,8 @@
         ($attachment['data'] ? false : true),
         ($ctype == 'message/rfc822' ? '8bit' : 'base64'),
-        '', '', '',
+        $message_charset,
+	'', '',
         $CONFIG['mime_param_folding'] ? 'quoted-printable' : NULL,
         $CONFIG['mime_param_folding'] == 2 ? 'quoted-printable' : NULL,
         '', RCMAIL_CHARSET

This cheapest bug present from 0.7.1 to 0.9.5 version.

#1489563 Invalid compose ID Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail composing
 PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /path/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=...&_action=compose)

I got the error regularly in the PHP logs. Unfortunately I can not really find the reason. If further information is required, I can submit them.

#1489587 X-Draft-Info broken for forwarded message drafts alec Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail composing

The code does not takes into consideration that forward_uid field in compose session contains an array, so the uid field in X-Draft-Info is set to "Array".

#1489806 Xss in check spelling Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail composing


When you use the check-spelling with non-html editor, you have an input where you can write something

If you add in the input something like that : <img src="x"onerror="alert(/xss/)"/>

A popup will appear :

#1489807 Quit from mail composing Bugs 1 - Highest 1.0.1 Mail composing

The mail composer suddenly quits while automatically saving the message to drafts. The message is correctly saved in drafts. I do not know whether it related to ticket #1489802...

php version: PHP 5.4.4 php-fpm

#1489829 Followup-To always blank when sending mail Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail composing

If when composing mail you choose to add a Followup-To address, the resulting message will have an empty Followup-To header.

#1489831 spellchecker generate errormessage if no text exists thomasb Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail composing

if you compose a message, and without entering any text press the spellchecking button. roundcube will generate the message "An error was encountered on the server. Please try again later."

#1489833 Draft AutoSave goes Back Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail composing

This bug manifests when composing a new email and the AutoSave? feature is enabled. To recreate:

  1. Set $rcmail_configdraft_autosave? to 60 seconds.
  2. Compose a new email, enter some text.
  3. Wait 60 seconds.
  4. When the draft is autosaved, the browser spontaneously goes back to the inbox, closing the compose page.
#1489843 Kicking back to inbox while composing new message when saving draft Bugs 3 1.0.1 Mail composing

When I am composing a new message, the message auto saves every 3 minutes. When the automatically draft saving starts, in the bottom right I see the message "Message saved to Drafts". After that, it kicks me back to my Inbox. When I click manually on "Save", it doesn't kick me back.

This issue is very annoying while you are composing a message. Every 3 minutes I have to go back to Drafts and continue composing the message.

#1489861 Error sendind mails with attachments after upgrade to 1.0.0 Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail composing

After Upgrade to 1.0.0 im not able to send messages with attachments using "Attach File" button in "Chrome 34.0.1847.131 m" and in "Firefox 29.0" (the message is sent but without the attachment). It also occur if i save the message and then i try to open it (the message is ok but without attachment). It Works great on "IE 11"!

I've been testing and if i use drag & drop option in Chrome and Firefox, it Works great (the attachment is sended). If I use the composer like Pop-pup window (not like a frame) in Chrome and FireFox?, it works great too.

#1489938 Would like global config option to disable auto-save to local storage Feature Requests 5 1.0.2 Mail composing

For whatever reason, we have an exceptional percentage of users being prompted about locally saved message restoration. In almost every case, the messages have already been sent successfully, yet the users are prompted as if they were unsent. I've re-worded the message so that they are not panicked about unsent messages, but this new feature has caused us far more trouble than we ever had from messages lost during composing. I'd like to request a global config option to disable this function.

#1490009 Error when using back button after sending an email alec Bugs 5 1.1.3 Mail composing

When you click on the browser's back button after sending an email, you get back to a URL that contains the _id of the message you have just sent. But since there is no $_SESSION['compose_data_'] entry for this message any more, you get an error page in the browser and a log entry that says PHP Error: Invalid compose ID.

Apparently, there are some users who do this (probably because they want to get back to the compose form to write another mail).

The obvious solution to allow this without an error would be to create a new compose ID in these cases. But there is this a comment in program/steps/ that claims it is better to abort and show the error page, because otherwise we might create infinite redirect loops. The comment references bug #1487028.

However, after reading both the code and the bug report I don't understand how these infinite redirects could happen. Even loosing the session data between the ID generation and the page reload does not cause an infinite loop, it just causes a second iteration. I think the only real possibility that could actually lead to infinite redirects would be a situation where roundcube cannot write session variables at all (but that would break a lot of things and would probably make normal usage impossible anyway).

So am I missing something? Or is it safe to disable the error message? Maybe bug #1487028 is just not relevant any more?

#1490056 default compose font for html messages is ignored Bugs 5 later Mail composing

if a "Default font of HTML message" is set in "Settings > Composing Messages" it will be ignored when cpomposing a new html message.

Please see attached screenshots.

This was also verified with current git master HEAD.

#1490074 Can't insert signature in external compose window if opened from inline compose window Bugs 5 1.0.3 Mail composing

If I open the external compose window from the "inline" compose window by clicking on the icon top-right, I can't manually insert my signature because the button is disabled.

Only after reloading the page the button is activated.

This problem doesn't exist if using an external window for composing is set in my preferences.

The activation of the button happens in change_identity() (app.js:3862ff), which is apprently not being called (properly) when opening the window manually.

Simply specifying the second parameter as true in app.js:3166 doesn't work. A fix is to insert the following into init_messageform() (app.js:3117ff):

// enable manual signature insert
if (this.env.signatures) {
  this.enable_command('insert-sig', true);

As far as I can see that might call the same functions twice during the same request, which is not desirable. But I didn't find a better solution.

#1490084 HTML signature Bugs 5 1.1-beta Mail composing

Hi, i use and works really well for me. But, there is one thing with HTML signature. Text is okay, but neither .jpg nor border is shown. Attached two images for better understanding. Any suggestions? Is this a bug!? Best regards Caro

#1490109 When forwarding an attachment original charset should be re-used alec Feature Requests 5 1.1-beta Mail composing

Let's say I have a message with text/plain attachment with "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1250" header. When the message is forwarded inline the charset will be lost.

This causes a wrong display of the attachment in recipient client. We should set the charset to the same value defined in original message.

#1490114 reply scrolling issue with text mode and start message below the quote Bugs 9 1.0.4 Mail composing

if you are configured to use text mode to compose/reply along with the "start message below the quote" option, when replying to a long message the text cursor will correctly be at the bottom of the message, but the viewport will still be scrolled to the top of the message.

#1490118 Behaviour is changed when pasting using right click Bugs 4 1.0.4 Mail composing

Since we updated to 1.0.3, trying to paste text in a draft with the contextual right click is not possible as it was before. There is a problem with the browser trying to access the clipboard.

In IE it is possible to allow to access the clipbord (althought you have to allow it with each new draft). In Chrome only a message is shown.

Please, see attached captures bellow.

#1490132 Replace images with attachments not only for src and poster attributes Feature Requests 5 1.1-beta Mail composing
Description should always compose full qualified URLs instead of using $RCMAIL->comm_path (./?).

It does not make sense to compose messages with internal links (./?_id=123...&_action=display-attachment&_file=...). line 1226 ff.

                $COMPOSE['attachments'][$attachment['id']] = $attachment;
                $s = rcube_utils::https_check() ? 's' : '';
                $url = sprintf('%s&_id=%s&_action=display-attachment&_file=rcmfile%s',
                    "http$s://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/?', $COMPOSE['id'], $attachment['id']);
                if ($part->content_id)
#1490141 Canceling switch from html editor to plain text editor changes content type to text/plain Bugs 5 1.0.4 Mail composing

Precondition: compose a new mail with roundcube html editor or reply to an existing mail with html editor.

If I choose to change the editor to plain text, but then click on cancel in the confirmation dialog the editor correctly continues to edit the mail in html mode. However if I save the mail as draft or send it I can see that the content type has been changed to text/plain. This results the html mail being displayed plain text.

#1490153 compose page not honoring show_real_foldernames setting Bugs 10 - Lowest 1.0.4 Mail composing

if show_real_foldernames is enabled, the mailbox list views will show the real foldernames, but the "Save sent message in" dropdown on the compose page does not.

#1490166 confusing icon-design "back-button" and "move to" button alec Bugs 5 1.1-rc Mail composing

Maybe its supercritical, but I suggest an improvement for the icon-design of the "backbutton" in classic and larry, and of the "move-to" button only in classic skin:

The back-button on the top left corner that appears when you open a message (arrow to the left) implies for me to go to the last/previous message. Thats the same visual that you you use on the top right corner to skip through the messages (arrow to the left). I would suggest to use instead of a simple arrow to the left an arrow directing to the top or maybe a symbolised list in the background with an arrow over it directing to the top, that better implies "go (back) to list-view of current folder" This is in larry and classic.

In classic skin you also use a (slightly different) arrow to the right to move a opened messages to another folder. This collides somehow with the arrow to the right that you use for "go to the next message. In larry-skin you have a better visual for moving messages (folder with arrow in it). Please create a similar icon in classic skin.

#1490176 Invalid compose ID Bugs 5 later Mail composing

Some users can't compose new messages - got error 500:


Webserver error log:

PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=2004620945547c40afe38af&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_extwin=1&_id=1858116000546f102c9df49&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=1210673368547da4e38db62&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=373518866547dbf638ba5f&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=2017109887547dbeca5b1f6&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=2017109887547dbeca5b1f6&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=67794746954784889b452d&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=67794746954784889b452d&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=399791889547d9a2c37a75&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=67794746954784889b452d&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=1659128320547d9910ae72a&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=1243527172547ee4609006a&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=1775800569547df4e23a7f9&_action=compose) PHP Error: Invalid compose ID in /var/www/html/roundcube/program/steps/mail/ on line 51 (GET /?_task=mail&_id=1775800569547df4e23a7f9&_action=compose)

roundcube 1.0.3 nginx 1.6.2 php-fpm 5.5.19 mysql 5.5.32 Database charset is UTF-8.

Bug looks same that #1489563, #1489802 and #1488226. Any ideas?

#1490187 Spell checking of emails prevents email from sending Bugs 5 later Mail composing

Just today, webmail users are not able to send emails when they have enabled spell checking before sending. It was working yesterday so I think something server-side. If we disable spell checking, it goes fine. If I switch to Horde it works fine. Can you help?

#1490221 Grey out DSN checkbox in compose window when DSN is disabled Bugs 5 1.1.0 Mail composing

Our SMTP server does not support Delivery Status Notification (DSN), so I have disabled it in the configuration:

$config['dsn_default'] = 0;
$config['dont_override'] = array('dsn_default');

Now DSN is not shown in the settings menu any more, but it can still be selected when composing a new Email (see attached screenshot). One would expect this checkbox to be hidden or greyed out when DSN is disabled in the main configuration file.

#1490247 Backslashes appears before parentheses in mail name while forwarding Bugs 5 later Mail composing

If one of the email's addresses shown as

Ben (Example LLC) <>

then when forwarding that email it will becomes

"Ben \(Example LLC\)" <>

in the email body.

#1490287 compose issues with Firefox Bugs 5 later Mail composing


I'm unable to compose messages with Firefox, the compose window jumps back to inbox. The problem occurs on both skins, default and larry. Issue does not occur on Chrome. Note, Windows does not show this problem, Linux only and MacOSX.

#1490331 HTML Editor sized too small whenn writing 1st email. Bugs 5 later Mail composing

When composing an email after login, the html editor has a height of only a few lines. Resizing the window fixes the problem. Switching to text editor also fixes it. The problem only occurs once after login. Only occurs with Firefox, not IE.

#1490346 Support encoded recipient in mailto: handler alec Bugs 5 1.1.2 Mail composing

Email address in mailto: url may be %-encoded, e.g. <a href="mailto:%61lec%40alec%2e%70%6c"></a>. We should handle such addresses correctly.

#1490352 Signature separator not added when signature is plain text, but editor in html mode Bugs 5 1.1.2 Mail composing

I just noticed that signature separator is not automatically added when the signature was created in plain text mode, but the compose editor is in html mode. Would be good to make this consistent - the separator is added for html signatures.

#1490385 Signature positionnée au dessus du message au lieu d'en dessous Bugs 5 later Mail composing

--- Auto-Translate : ---


This makes any day that signatures is positioned more as a result at the bottom of the message but in connection with the answer, except for a lot of money because many of us do not want this in-customizable configuration.

I remain at your avail for more info. Sincerely.

--- Original Language (French) ---


Cela fait quelle que jour, que les signatures ne se positionne plus à la suite en bas de message mais en lien avec la réponse, hors pour plein de raison nous somme nombreux à ne pas vouloir cette configuration in-personnalisable.

Je reste à votre dispo pour plus d'info. Cordialement.

#1490388 Tooltip autocompletion blocked mail address Bugs 5 later Mail composing

-- Auto Translate -- Hello,

The tooltip autocomplete proposal of mail that block when an address is unknown, it proposes "Example Contact <example@…>," is impossible to get out when you remove .


-- Original Language (FR) --


La tooltip (info-bulle) d’auto-complétion de proposition des adresse mail ce bloque lorsqu'une adresse est inconnu, elle propose " Example Contact <example@…>, " est impossible d'en sortir où de la retirer.


#1490405 Update TinyMCE to 4.1.10 Tasks 5 1.1.3 Mail composing

TinyMCE 4.1.10 is out:

#1490438 HTML signature incorrect rendering in Thunderbird Bugs 5 1.1.3 Mail composing

An unmodified RC HTML signature no longer renders correctly in Thunderbird.

Looking at email source in Thunderbird RC HTML signature code used to start like this:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit


    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
  <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000">
    <div class="moz-signature">-- <br>
      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
      <table style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
        font-size: 75%;" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"

Now it looks like this:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN">
<html><body style=3D'font-size: 10pt; font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-ser=
<div>-- <br />
<table style=3D"font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size: 75%; wi=
dth: 100%;" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"0">

The result is none of the style is being rendered correctly anymore in Thunderbird and perhaps other email readers.

The first thing I notice are the = in places where I would not expect them eg wi=dth: 100% where the original was width="100%"

I first noticed this after a recent cPanel update which may have also updated RC.

#1490452 Add an option so "-request" address are skipped when using reply-all Feature Requests 5 1.1.3 Mail composing

We'd like to be able to skip the "-request" (added by our mailing list software) when using reply-all (something similar to

Thx in advance for your advice on this.

#1490463 "Edit as new" inserts a new line at the bottom of the message Bugs 5 1.2-beta Mail composing

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Compose a plain text message and send it to yourself.
  2. Select "Edit as new" for the received message in INBOX. A new empty line is inserted at the bottom of the message, even if the message already has an empty line (or several empty lines) at the end. A new line is added each time.
#1490467 Drafts are not removed after sending messages with disabled saving in "Sent" folder Bugs 5 1.1.3 Mail composing

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start composing a message.
  2. Enter some data and save a draft.
  3. Set "Save message in:" to "- don't save -" (or completely disable Sent folder in "Special Folders" settings)
  4. Send the message. The composed draft still stays in Drafts mailbox.
#1490480 Adding an HTML signature adds <p>&nbsp;</p> Bugs 7 later Mail composing

This one is puzzling me. One of our users was complaining of newlines on top of all his e-mails. When looking into his account I notice that all his mails have an empty <p>&nbsp;</p> line at the top. This does not happen when I disable his signature.

It seems to be related to this:

#1490497 Improve response subject prefix cleanup alec Feature Requests 5 1.2-beta Mail composing

Some mail clients use "Re[2]:" or "Re-2:" (with different numbers). There can be also many prefixes in one subject e.g. "Re: Re[2]: Subject". We should remove them all and add one "Re: " on reply.

#1488768 Lists are displayed incorrectly Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail view

When I create list with bullets with a nested list, it is displayed correctly in TinyMCE, but when I sent it, it is broken. The HTML code is well-formed thought.

The same bug occured when I receive e-mail with the same list from other e-mail client (I tested it with Gmail).

I attach screenshots.

#1489029 Embed Images bug Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

steps -> mail -> :: line 117

... checks for ...


Hasn't it to be ...


I have a message which contains (already parsed by Roundcube):

<img src="./?_task=mail&amp;_uid=54569&amp;_mbox=INBOX&amp;_action=get&amp;_part=2.2&amp;_embed=1" height="231" width="200" border="0">

This request returns the suspicious attachment warning.

WARNING! This attachment is suspicious because its type doesn't match the type declared in the message. If you do not trust the sender, you shouldn't open it in the browser because it may contain malicious contents.

Expected: image/gif(.dat); found: image/gif(.gif)

Result: Image display is broken because Roundcube returns html.

If Roundcube decides to embed an image (_embed=1 is set), then their should not be a mimetype check.


steps -> mail -> :: line 117 has to be ...

if (empty($_REQUEST['_embed']) && empty($_REQUEST['_nocheck'])) {

I'm using Roundcube 0.9-rc (latest release after vulnerability patch).

#1489060 Wrong regexp in rcube_string_replacer Bug Patches 5 0.9.1 Mail view

There is a bug in program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_string_replacer.php - $utf_domain regexp is wrong, so link highlighting is broken in some cases.

How to reproduce: Try to compose message:

Save it and then view, you'll see this:[0]##

Changing $utf_domain regexp fixes this issue (this new regexp is simplified, but matched every unicode/punycode domain I tested):

//        $utf_domain = '[^?&@"\'\\/()<>\s\r\t\n]+\\.?([^\\x00-\\x2f\\x3b-\\x40\\x5b-\\x60\\x7b-\\x7f]{2,}|xn--[a-zA-Z0-9]{2,})';
	$utf_domain_part = '[^\\s\\r\\t\\n\\x00-\\x2f\\x3b-\\x40\\x5b-\\x60\\x7b-\\x7f]';
        $utf_domain = "($utf_domain_part(-*$utf_domain_part)*)(\\.$utf_domain_part(-*$utf_domain_part)*)*";
#1489072 IE: when clicking on an element in a list cause the list to move at top Bugs 5 0.9.1 Mail view

as tested with IE 8 to IE 10, with and without compatibility mode set, when I click on a message (preview pane opened), the right message shows but the list return to the top.

The bug appear only if you scrolled down before clicking on an email.

  • bug not present in folders tree in mail view,
  • bug present in address book, if you're not no top of the list, clicking on a contact will cause the list to return to the top,
  • bug also present when managing folders in preferences pane.
#1489110 Inifinite loop in rcube_washtml->dumpHtml() Bugs 5 0.9.2 Mail view

On some messages in a user mailbox, the following error appears when opening them:

( ! ) Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in ./program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_washtml.php on line 289
Call Stack
#	Time	Memory	Function	Location
1	0.0001	645480	{main}( )	../index.php:0
2	0.0299	2913480	include_once( './program/steps/mail/' )	../index.php:285
3	0.0551	3334312	rcmail_output_html->send( )	../
4	0.0551	3334392	rcmail_output_html->parse( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:364
5	0.0565	3341976	rcmail_output_html->parse_xml( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:504
6	0.0565	3342936	preg_replace_callback ( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:804
7	0.0817	3430016	rcmail_output_html->xml_command( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:804
8	0.0818	3431672	call_user_func ( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:924
9	0.0818	3431728	rcmail_message_body( )	../rcmail_output_html.php:924
10	0.1094	3523536	rcmail_print_body( )	../
11	0.1094	3524992	rcmail_wash_html( )	../
12	0.1112	3677080	rcube_washtml->wash( )	../
13	0.1242	3854200	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:362
14	0.1243	3855608	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:314
15	0.1243	3856488	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
16	0.1247	3858928	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
17	0.1247	3859904	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
18	0.1247	3861216	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
19	0.1270	3865872	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
20	0.1270	3866912	rcube_washtml->dumpHtml( )	../rcube_washtml.php:305
[the last line is then repeated another 80 times]

I have a sample message here, but since it contains private information, I don't want to put it on a public bug tracker. I can provide it on request, though

#1489135 Check referer issue in multiple versions especially 0.8.4, and 0.9.1 Bugs 4 later Mail view

Hello, i am facing a problem with the config check_referer which i think it is a bug (i have tried multiple ways to fix it but unfortunately failed), when this option is enabled i am getting an error. when the user opens a pdf attachment i get this error:


Access to this service was denied due to failing security checks! Please contact your server-administrator. "

but the request is coming from the roundcube Web page, it does not make any sense.

so please any advise how i can fix this issue or if it is a bug is there any workaround.

Thanks in advance. BR, Jamil Isayyed

#1489137 Washtml doesn't fix incorrect textarea tags Bugs 5 0.9.2 Mail view

Empty textarea tags should, according to the XHTML standard, always be closed with a separate closing tag, i.e. they should look like <textarea></textarea> and not like <textarea />.

The problem is that the washtml class in roundcube doesn't fix this, so when a user recieves an HTML e-mail that contains an incorrectly formatted textarea-tag, it gets sent to the browser unmodified.

Most (probalby all?) browsers will then view the textarea as unclosed and will display the entire rest of the HTML markup inside the textarea. This also prevents the script tag at the end from being executed, so that some of the Javascript things in roundcubes interface won't work.

Fortunately, it seems to be very easy to fix this problem: just add 'textarea' to the $block_elements array in the rcube_washtml class and everything works as expected.

#1489175 Add default font-size, too Bugs 5 later Mail view


In the new version, a default font is already defined. This works well, thanks you!

Could be to define a default font size? In some programs, the font is displayed in very huge. In Roundcube always 12px with approx. 12px is in my view a good measure, as it appears in Roundcube. 12px = 10pt maybe?

Thanks you!

#1489176 Long links break when shortened by Roundcube Bugs 5 later Mail view

When viewing a received email message that contains a long link, if the email is in text instead of HTML, the link is shortened. The link is cut from somewhere in the middle and the removed part is replaced by "...".

Roundcube will create a clickable link from this, but it will only include the shortened URL instead of the full URL in the link, which breaks the link. One example of such a link is a password reset or email confirmation link, where there may be a long random hash at the end of the URL.

Roundcube inserts this link correctly at the end of the message. However it would be good to have the first link work as well (in the a href part), it can be shortened as it is in the link description though (that is the clickable part of the link).

The same link works correctly if the email is sent as HTML or is viewed in Thunderbird, so this issue seems to come from somewhere in the code that prepares the text-format email for viewing in Roundcube.

#1489192 Links not correctly parsed thomasb Bugs 5 0.9.3 Mail view



is parsed as

If you klick the link, it does not work.

#1489195 Inline images not displayed Bugs 5 0.9.3 Mail view

Inline images on messages are displayed as a pink box.

#1489260 Horizontal scroll bar not showing at bottom of viewing pane Bugs 5 1.1.3 Mail view

When viewing "wide" messages (e.g. with html tables) the horizontal scroll bar does not show properly. It shows at the bottom of the *message* rather than the pane. It is the same for the preview pane, maximized viewing pane, or the new window viewing pane.

Tested using Firefox / Chrome (latest version), IE9, IE8 will even has an extra vertical scroll bar.

#1489275 Emails with base tag and unquoted href tags break Bugs 3 0.9.3 Mail view

If you have an email with a base tag and that email also has absolute urls without quotes the base tag is used instead of the absolute url.


<base href="">
<a href=>Test URL</a>
#1489276 Wrong handling of links with '|' character alec Bugs 5 0.9.3 Mail view

Example link!download|856p1|2938527513||1482|0|0|1|referer-30EBB03C02269D930D47D27D3DD442EF
#1489297 Strange characters shown in browser Bugs 5 0.9.4 Mail view

I didn't had this issue after updating to 0.9.3 Now I see strange characters when viewing email.

But when replying, it is shown correctly.

Sending it again shows the strange characters again.

#1489301 Date display oddity Bugs 5 later Mail view

I am attaching a .eml file to this ticket which has a Date header of:

  Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:00:29 +1000

The IMAP server agrees:

  * 3 FETCH (ENVELOPE ("Sat, 24 Aug 2013 09:00:29 +1000" "[Plone-conference] Pre conference sprint?" (("Dylan Jay" NIL "dylan" "")) ((NIL NIL "plone-conference-bounces" "")) (("Dylan Jay" NIL "dylan" "")) (("" NIL "plone-conference" "")) NIL NIL NIL "<2535941084212077308@unknownmsgid>"))

Roundcube 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 display this as:

  Date	2013-08-24 00:00
                   ^^^^^ !?

Curiously other messages from the same sender display with the correct date.

#1489302 HTML sanitisation loses content? Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

The attached .eml file is an anonymized version of an actual email that one of my users received a few weeks back.

The HTML is an utter mess, but our old Webmail system (a homegrown application I had written in C, which uses libtidy to clean up HTML) correctly displays this as:

  Hi David
  Text.   First Paragraph. Second Paragraph

  Third paragraph
  Kind Regards
  Direct Dial: Number

Roundcube 0.9.3 loses everything after "Second Paragraph": this doesn't even appear in the HTML output.

I suspect that the Roundcube maintainers will view this as a case of Garbage In, Garbage Out, but I though that I ought to at least report it as a potential issue with the HTML sanitisation.

#1489307 Mail preview isn't working Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

Changeset 8809a1828477101ade03b261662df089e268ecb4 is making problems with mail preview. After reload of mail site it isn't working at all ($('#' + this.env.contentframe).is(':visible') always return false). After toggling preview window it starts to work.

Maybe the line:

if (this.env.contentframe && !$('#' + this.env.contentframe).is(':visible'))

should look like this:

if (this.env.contentframe && ($('#' + this.env.contentframe).parent().css('display') == 'none'))
#1489324 'File not found.' when clicking on email Bugs 5 later Mail view

Info httpd 2.4.4 CentOS 6.4 PHP 5.4.19

Issue After upgrading to httpd 2.4.4, roundcube is now proxied using php-fpm (i.e., ProxyPass? / fcgi://

When an email is initial clicked, a 'File not found.' error is displayed for 1/2 to 1 second.

I have attached an example screenshot.

#1489339 Sort messages by Flag and Attachments in Mail Window Feature Requests 5 later Mail view

Currently it's possible to sort messages by: Subject, From, Date, Size. But not for Flag and Attachements.

#1489340 Group by Subject - Show from more recent to old Feature Requests 5 later Mail view

Currently, function "Group by subject" show old messages with the same subject first and new messages at the end of this list. It would be nice has a option to show more recent first then old messages in this function.

#1489352 Add an option to hide the logo from print view Feature Requests 5 1.0-beta Mail view

Summary: It would be nice to have an option to hide the logo from the message print view.

Explanation: Some of our users would like to print their mails, for whatever reasons. The default roundcube logo (or any custom logo) is printed on the top right of the print view page, which seems to be annoying for some users.

Of course, we could simply remove the logo from the messageprint.html template but I think having an configurable option is the cleaner way to do that.

#1489363 RoundCube does not parse mailto URL arguments. Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

A mailto URL can be "rich" in the sense that it can capture an entire e-mail message with a subject, and quoted body. When an e-mail client processes such a mailto link, it allows you to compose a reply.

The mailing list archiver Lurker generates such mailto links, which allow you to reply to archived list messages. This feature works properly with, for instance, Outlook, but not with Roundcube.

Here is an example archive message you can reply to (using the pencil-on-clipboard icon on the far right):

I'm attaching a screenshot of what it looks like when you handle the mailto through Outlook, which represents "expected behavior".

#1489368 Larry skin date column width is too narrow to display a full date string Feature Patches 5 1.0-beta Mail view

By default the Larry skin 'Date' column is 125px (in /skins/Larry/mail.css) but this is too narrow to display a full date when it includes the year, month, day and time (as opposed to 'Today' or other shortened strings).

Increasing it to 155px allows the display of the entire date string - please can this change be merged into the next release.

#1489372 HTML/Text toggle not available with multipart/alternative inside multipart/signed Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

The HTML/Text toggle is not available if a multipart/alternative message is embedded in a multipart/signed message. Sample attached.

#1489373 HTML/Text toggle not available with multipart/alternative inside multipart/signed Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

The HTML/Text toggle is not available if a multipart/alternative message is embedded in a multipart/signed message. Sample attached.

#1489387 Add new button to permanently delete selected mails Feature Requests 5 1.0-beta Mail view

Add new button to permanently delete selected mails.

Got complain from some clients that they cannot delete emails when mailbox is full, and Roundcube doesn't mention Shift+Delete key to permanently delete selected mails. A button which permanently delete selected mails will be very helpful.

#1489391 /etc/mime.types parsing incorrect? Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

program/steps/mail/ ::

$extensions = rcube_mime::get_mime_extensions($real_mimetype);

returns an empty list for many mime types including "text/plain" on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11.

Consequently you end up with errors like:

WARNING! This attachment is suspicious because its type doesn't match the type declared in the message. If you do not trust the sender, you shouldn't open it in the browser because it may contain malicious contents.

Expected: text/plain(.txt); found: text/plain

A bit of digging revealed:

program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_mime.php ::

static function get_mime_extensions($mimetype = null) {

[...] public $regex = "/([\w\+\-\.\/]+)\t+([\w\s]+)/i";

The '\t' matches on Ubuntu:

  $ fgrep 'text/plain' /etc/mime.types
  text/plain                                      asc txt text pot brf

but not on SLES 11, where a single space follows the mimetype:

  $ fgrep 'text/plain' /etc/mime.types 
  text/plain txt asc

If I replace the "\t+" with "\s+" then things start to work as I would expect.

It isn't 100% clear to me whether Roundcube or SLES 11 is in the wrong here.

A Google search on "/etc/mime.types file format" didn't turn up much more illuminating than:

which says "each line is a space-delimited list of a MIME type, followed by zero or more extensions."

#1489428 Uncaught SecurityError when using Chrome Bugs 5 later Mail view

Hi, I get this Error when using Chrome to access Roundcube: Uncaught SecurityError?: Sandbox access violation: Blocked a frame at "hxxps://" from accessing a frame at "null". The frame being accessed is sandboxed and lacks the "allow-same-origin" flag.

the error occurs around here: app.js line 77 and results in that the mail preview does not show up and i can not access any preferences page, because the content does not load (the left tree view loads but in any case there is no content on the right)

It seems to work in Firefox. I played around with the x-frame-options in the but none of the values helped.

Chrome Version: 30.0.1599.101 m / Windows 7

#1489439 Set Content-Type correct if download files Bug Patches 5 1.0-beta Mail view

If you are trying to download a file, the Content-Type is always set to 'application/octet-stream' instead of the actual mime type. Since Content-Disposition is set correctly, the browser is 'forced' to show the save-as dialog. This behaviour is a bit annoying since the browser can't suggest a default application to open the file.

I've attached a patch that sets the determined mimetype instead of 'application/octet-stream' and the Content-Disposition is set later on anyways.

#1489446 wrong HTML syntax not washed correctly Bugs 5 1.0-beta Mail view

I noticed the following mis-render/incorrect washing with defective HTML code in mails.

Note the incorrect " href" at the closing part of the hyperlink:

Click <a href="https://server/start">here</a href>.

This is rendered as:

Click herehref>.

The "here"-part is a correct link and the "href>" comes from the rest of the </a href>.

While this HTML syntax is obviously wrong, all other mail programs I tested (Thunderbird, Outlook, Squirrelmail) just ignore the additional content of the closing tag and just render the text as "Click here."

I also tested the current git-version of rcube_wash.php, the display problem stays the same.

#1489485 Show Latest Message at Top in Thread view Feature Requests 3 later Mail view

There is potentially big usability issue with the way latest/new messages are displayed in thread view. A new arrival or sent message is displayed at the bottom of thread making it very hard to find.

Showing latest message regardless whether it is inbound or sent out, needs to be displayed at the top of each thred

#1489508 Inline image and HTML message link not showing up Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail view


I received a message sent from Apple Mail. Apparently, it contains both text and html with inline pics.

I don't use HTML view, only plain text. (When receiving HTML messages, I sometimes click on the "HTML message" link.)

In the message view, I only get to see the text. There is no "HTML message" or "h828F18BB.jpeg" link.

I don't see any workaround to display the image in Roundcube.

Relevant parts of the message below.

Version :

Thanks for any feedback.

Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="Apple-Mail=_7A7FBF82-67B9-4A58-8023-81810893896F" Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Mail 7.1 \(1827\)) X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1827)

--Apple-Mail=_7A7FBF82-67B9-4A58-8023-81810893896F Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/plain;




--Apple-Mail=_7A7FBF82-67B9-4A58-8023-81810893896F Content-Type: multipart/related;

type="text/html"; boundary="Apple-Mail=_78EB81BB-B66A-4D94-96CF-C2AD4463233D"

--Apple-Mail=_78EB81BB-B66A-4D94-96CF-C2AD4463233D Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html;





--Apple-Mail=_78EB81BB-B66A-4D94-96CF-C2AD4463233D Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Disposition: inline;


Content-Type: image/jpeg;

x-unix-mode=0644; name="h828F18BB.jpeg"

Content-Id: <22B0F453-E094-4BD2-8421-5872ACB13CD4@home>



2JImXo3IqzVL8DRkevhU+6aIPQQzLoDavb8BusXJ1A7rjAHVgbvk+PUgO02qLf2mSpUqEgLTF1nP qXif5Uvek2B3ljvwsRalgve8RoaY/cJKF53yaFefVlUqSg7ayIGd1iGefu40NJftu1oR6To0GmFU lSSS/aHBqQhyboeg9Si392viQVSf3AEYJhFKsCT37rgQZiHGGnvoQ5wE8QfZrFkjvsPhHgPvp5Ij xj2Q==



#1489532 configuration of total attachment size limit in roundcube Tasks 2 later Mail view


Is it be possible to have an attachment size limit that refers to the total size of attachments on a mail, instead of single attachment size limit?


#1489535 Message doesn't show in RC, MSOutlook show's it Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail view

Hi Alec,

The attached RAW MSG, is not shown in RC, but MS Outlook does. Maybe the MSG has some construction problem, but maybe some fine tune is need.

tested in GIT HEAD.

#1489633 Issue with pagination Bugs 1 - Highest later Mail view

Pagination is not working as expected when integrated in E-post.

#1489662 Problems opening Word files Tasks 5 later Mail view

Greetings We're using version 0.9.5 but the client can send the Word file does not open it Please Please Help

#1489697 HTML email rendering strips rgb(x,y,z) style attribute Bugs 5 1.0.0 Mail view

I have received an HTML newsletter. It would appear that rc is stripping text color attribute from the styles. The color is expressed as rgb( x,y,z ), where it is #hhhhhh, it is left alone.

The newsletter renders correctly in other mail readers.

<p style="font-size: 10px; color: rgb(241, 245, 218);"> becomes <p style="font-size: 10px;">

#1489720 Unable to delete ex-special folders Bugs 5 later Mail view

Hello there

This is weird. I am unable to delete folders that were special folders before.

What I did? I created a new folder outside of the INBOX, for example Drafts. Then under Preferences > Special Folders I assigned the Drafts Special Folder to this newly created folder.

Then I deleted the old Drafts folder under INBOX > Drafts (and also removed it's subscription).

But when I reload Roundcube, it's back! The one I deleted (INBOX > Drafts) is back. I deleted it again and it's back again after a reload. Weird. I only want to keep the other Drafts folder, not this one.

So I SSH into the server, checked the Maildir and am seeing only one Draft folder. Weird.

Can anyone explain to me why Roundcube is re-creating a deleted folder?

#1489722 Optimal Dovecot Configuration for Roundcube? Bugs 5 later Mail view

Hello guys

I think my Roundcube has some issues with my Dovecot configuration. The special folders are created at the wrong place.

This part of my Dovecot configuration:

  mailbox INBOX/Drafts {
    special_use = \Drafts
  mailbox INBOX/Junk {
    special_use = \Junk
  mailbox INBOX/Trash {
    special_use = \Trash
  mailbox INBOX/Sent {
    special_use = \Sent

I am not so sure if this Dovecot configuration is recommended? I feel Roundcube is not respecting the above config and creating the special folders at wrong places.

What do you think? A Roundcube bug? Or do you recommend a different Dovecot configuration that goes well with Roundcube?

#1489725 Date field empty in roundcube Bugs 4 later Mail view

Hello, I am using roundcube on my PC (Windows 8) to check my professional emails, and since the last few weeks the Date field is completely empty in my Inbox. I can sort by Date but I can not see any date. Anyone seen this problem before ? Thanks

#1489777 Style lost in HTML email Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail view

Example content:

<b><span =
:red'>=E4=BB=A4=E5=85=A8=E5=A0=B4=E7=88=86=E6=BB=BF<span =

Correct decoded text:

<b><span style='font-family:"新細明體","serif";color:red'>令全場爆滿<span lang=EN-US>!</span></span></b>

Result in roundcube (copied from chrome dev tools):

<b><span style="font-family: &quot;; color: red;">令全場爆滿<span lang="EN-US">!</span></span></b>

The color is not changed because of the wrong syntax. Tested v1.0-beta only. Email sent using Outlook, with Word as editor (HTML).

#1489822 issue with Roundcube Webmail 0.9.5 only displaying one item in inbox Bugs 4 later Mail view


My ISP uses Roundcube Webmail 0.9.5 (as well as Horde and SquirrelMail?) within cPanel X.

I have a very narrow problem that came up which only affects my machine when logging into Roundcube. Problem does not occur on other machines I've used today. My machine used to work just fine with Roundcube (with the same OS and browser that I'm trying to use now - so I didn't change anything).

The problem: the newest email shows in my Roundcube inbox (but no others) and the page keeps loading forever.

This problem falls across all Windows profiles on this particular machine. When I use Horde or SquirrelMail?, there is no issue and all my email shows up.

Something is cached somewhere that affects only Roundcube, and only on this one machine, but I cannot figure out where this is.

Again, it's not a Windows profile-based issue.

I'm using Windows 7 Professional and Internet Explorer 8.

Is there some certificate that needs to be deleted or some cache that needs to be cleared (apart from the normal Temporary Internet Files cache...which I've cleared many times)?

In addition to thoroughly clearing the IE8 caches, cookies and history, I uninstalled and reinstalled Java, thinking it was a JS issue...I also reset my browser settings to default several times.

Somewhere on my machine exists something that tells just the Roundcube webmail site only how to display, and what to display. I have no issues on other websites with this machine that I have been able to find.

Thank you,

Steve Sybesma Lafayette, CO

#1489828 Bad formatting of long text e-mails, e.g. the output from logwatch Bugs 5 1.0.1 Mail view

The new version of Roundcube poorly formatted long text in message view.

To illustrate the difference between version 0.9.5 and 1.0.0. I attach a screenshots.

#1489904 HTML rendering problems with HTML comments Bugs 5 1.0.2 Mail view

The following HTML code breaks the rendering by showing part of the HTML comment's content ("HIDDEN HR TAG -->" is visible in the rendered message):

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-W3CDTD XHTML 1.0 TransitionalEN"> <html><body> <center> <!-- <hr>HIDDEN HR TAG</hr> --> </center> <p>This is a simple <strong>HTML</strong> test message.</p> </body></html>

#1489917 HTML message contains unreadable text Bugs 5 1.0.2 Mail view

The display of text lines in the html part of a multi-part message in MIME format is corrupt because several lines of text are written over each other. Somehow the correct line spacing is missing there, this could be an error in a cascading style sheet. The mail is attached.

#1489957 Print message when forward Feature Requests 3 later Mail view

If you chose to forward message, there's no option to print message.

#1490001 content of some "Automatically rejected mail" not displayed Bugs 5 later Mail view

Sometimes I get an NDR which content is not being displayed in RoundCubemail?. In Outlook the content is beeing displayed. Webmail just shows an empty mail body.

Backend is hmailserver in the current release.

enclode you will find the .eml file as well as the corresponding records in the hmailserver MySQL tables.

#1490026 Problem with PDF attachment Bugs 5 later Mail view

Hi, I am not able to open PDF attachment in preview window. Instead, file is downloaded. I tried with different browser, with same behavior. My setup is:

# cat /etc/redhat-release CentOS release 6.5 (Final) (64bit)

# nginx -v nginx version: nginx/1.6.0 (RPM packag from nginx repository)

My error log says:

2014/08/07 11:00:39 [warn] 26548#0: *335709 an upstream response is buffered to a temporary file /var/cache/nginx/fastcgi_temp/1/14/0000001141 while reading upstream, client: 111.222.333.444, server: _, request: "GET /v2/?_task=mail&_framed=1&_action=get&_mbox=INBOX&_uid=1501&_part=2&_mimewarning=1&_embed=1&_extwin=1 HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/tmp/php5-fpm.sock:", host: "webmail.domain.ext"

# php -v PHP 5.3.3 (cli) (built: Aug 6 2014 05:54:27) Copyright (c) 1997-2010 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Zend Technologies

#1490038 Refreshing search listings can fail for large result sets Bugs 5 1.0.3 Mail view

Say you use either Advanced Search (the plugin) or the built-in search bar and a lot of results are returned. Now when the page updates (command "check-recent" or "refresh"), RoundCube sends a GET request back to the server with the _uids field just a comma separated list of message IDs. However, if the result set is several thousand messages long, Apache (and probably others, will reject the request) per The HTTP GET request line cannot be longer than 8190 bytes for Apache.

So you should either 1) be using POST for these commands, or 2) you should be just resending the search request again. Personally, I don't think that sending the entire list of all returned UIDs is ideal from a network performance perspective. Perhaps there could be a configurable search cache if your backend IMAP server doesn't have its own.

#1490078 Inline images not displaying - mimetype detection issue Bugs 3 later Mail view


I have created a test installation of roundcube to reproduce a problem a customer is having, where inline HTML images are not displaying (a pink rectangle is displayed instead).

I have searched the forum and the consensus seems to be to make sure that mime_magic is set to null in the config file which I have done.

This has not resolved the problem though, which can be verified using the following URL:

Thanks in advance,


#1490101 print font size error with underlines/spans Bugs 9 1.0.4 Mail view

while composing an html message with tinymce, a line with a large font size and a section in the middle that is underlined will come out like:

<p><span style="font-size: xx-large">this <span style="text-decoration: underline">whole line</span> should be a large font</span></p>

when viewing the message after sending, it displays correctly. but if you go to print the message, the print.css stylesheet overrides the font size on the underlined portion of the line.

this css rule is the culprit: body, td, th, span, div, p {

font-size: 9pt; color: #000;


the span directive overrides the font-size attribute from the containing span.

#1490103 Email displays in small window Bugs 5 1.0.4 Mail view

The email in the attached file displays in a small window with a scroll bar. It displays fine in other email clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

#1490106 Attachment viewer encoding Bugs 5 1.1-beta Mail view

Hi When viewing an attachment in an external window by clicking on the attachment name (eg a txt file) the encoding is wrong. In source code of email is charset for attachment set (Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1250, work in Thunderbird for example) but in external viewer window is set UTF-8.

#1490191 attachment: open image use an absolute link instead of a relative one thomasb Bugs 5 1.1.1 Mail view


I'm using roundcube through an http_proxy module of Apache 2. I noted a small problem when you press the link to view an attachment, it opens a new windows, inside the "iframe" there is the home page instead of the image (or PDF). If I choose to download the image or the pdf all is fine. If I use roundcube directly (via ip) all is fine as usual :).

This is the iframe:

<roundcube:object name="messagePartFrame" id="messagepartframe" frameborder="0" />

Inspecting the code and the apaches logs, for me what miss is a DOT in the URL. All others urls are relative (they start with a dot) except this one that start wita a /

If possible can you fix the url?

Thank you,

best regards.

#1490236 Preview Pane not displaying email nor preferences settings Bugs 5 later Mail view


I installed recently roundcubemail 1.0.2 with nginx 1.6.0, php-5.4.30 and php-fpm 5.4.30. Going through the installer, creating the db etc. is OK. I can login using my imap credentials, I can see all my folder tree, I can list all the emails in each folder. However, when I activate preview_pane, selecting an email will not display the content in the preview pane. Double clicking an email in the list will display the email content though.

Same problem when I click on "Settings" -> "Preferences" -> "User interface" or any other options, the display on the right pane does not load.

I can reproduce the same errors on 1.0.2, 1.0.4 and the latest -testing release..

Looking at the logs/errors, I dont have any error listed in there. Anyone could help out? Where should i look?

Thank you

#1490241 False warning when opening attached text/plain files Bugs 5 1.1.0 Mail view

How to reproduce:

  1. Start composing a message, attach a text/plain file with a .txt extension. Send it to yourself.
  2. Open the message, try to open the attachment. The warning is shown "Expected: text/plain (.txt); found: text/plain"

Sample email message showing this problem is attached.

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