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#1486988 Annoying javascript handling (shrink, unshrink). Feature Requests 5 1.0.0 Other

The unfortunate design of the javascript compilation system is hostile toward the application of patches and config management in general.

The problem is that the javascript compiling script re-uses the source file name as the name of a compiled file. So if "app.js.src" does not already exist, "app.js" is renamed to "app.js.src", and then "app.js.src" is used to generate a compiled "app.js".

This means that patches which refer to "app.js" will not apply to the compiled version.

Moreover, if you're working with version control, "app.js" suddenly appears to be a locally modified file, until you restore it with "unshrink".

I don't know how you RCU developers live with this! Before every SVN commit, or any other command like "svn diff", you have to "unshrink" the sources, right?

Can we please have two distinct names for the uncompiled and compiled javascript?

#1486990 Repeated Image Bugs 5 0.4.1 Other

Hello folks This email attached has a problem If you open it in outlook, its OK. The image is unique (as it was created). If you open it in roundcube, the image enters in repeat mode. Can you help me? Tks

#1487045 release-0.4.2 svn branch missing Bugs 3 later Other

At, the release-0.4.2 branch has no yet been created.

#1487059 Sign Up Feature Requests 3 later Other


I would just like to ask if roundcube can setup a sign up page so that clients can create their own email address and password without going into my cpanel. It could actually be very helpful so that they can privately create their own email address based on our domain name and change passwords anytime they want.

#1487068 Email addresse is not parsed. Bugs 5 0.5-beta Other

When a name is encoded and no space between name and "<", email is not parsed.

From: =?EUC-KR?B?udrFwsfP?=<>

program/include/rcube_imap.php 3818 line

$val = preg_replace("/([\"\w])</", "$1 <", $val);
$val = preg_replace("/([\"\w=])</", "$1 <", $val);
#1487098 Generated HTML (MIME) doesn't validate Bugs 5 0.5-stable Other

RoundCube should produce valid HTML in its html-mime-parts - it currently doesn't wrap the HTML in <html> or <body> tags, and it's also missing the doctype declaration. (Note that Thunderbird adds all these tags in its generated HTML.)

#1487116 General Question... Tasks 2 later Other

Hello! This is one of the accounts we use to have active with you guys: jorge@… We havent been able to login because we keep getting a "wrong password" message...We recently changed staff members and we are not aware if there is any anual fee that hast been covered or just our account got cancelled. Will you please help us with that? Thanks in advance....

#1487628 Mistype in script Bugs 10 - Lowest 0.5-stable Other

There is a mistype in the ./bin/ script:

Done. Your configuration files are now up-tp-date!

#1487659 en_GB update Feature Patches 5 0.5-stable Other

attached is a patch to bring en_GB to up 100%

#1487749 de_DE localisation inconsistencies about delivery notification Bugs 7 0.5.1 Other

From 0.4 to 0.5, the term "Lesebestätigung" has been changed to "Empfangsbestätigung" in old texts, but new texts still read "Lesebestätigung". Which is the correct term? That should be used in all texts I believe. Since that message pops up before I even had the chance to see the message, I think it's meant to be a delivery notification, not a read notification.

#1487755 Update to jQuery 1.5 Tasks 4 0.6-beta Other

jQuery 1.5 is out and has some speed improvements:

jQuery Homepage:



#1487850 Add ruleset.xml to RoundCube PHP_CodeSniffer standard Feature Patches 5 0.6-beta Other

The "RoundCube" PHP_CodeSniffer standard needs a ruleset.xml file to run with the latest PHP_CodeSniffer version.

Greetings, Tim Gerundt

#1487851 First Phing build script Feature Patches 5 later Other

This patch adds a first version from a Phing build script:

"PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a PHP project build system or build tool based on Apache Ant. You can do anything with it that you could do with a traditional build system like GNU make, and its use of simple XML build files and extensible PHP "task" classes make it an easy-to-use and highly flexible build framework. Features include running PHPUnit and SimpleTest? unit tests (including test result and coverage reports), file transformations (e.g. token replacement, XSLT transformation, Smarty template transformations), file system operations, interactive build support, SQL execution, CVS/SVN operations, tools for creating PEAR packages, and much more."

If you installed Phing, you could go to the "roundcubemail" folder and call for example "phing phpdoc". In this case Phing will call phpDocumentor and create the phpdoc manual under "doc/phpdoc". Currently are the following targets implemented:

  • phplint
  • phpdoc - phpDocumentor
  • phpcs - PHP_CodeSniffer

Greetings, Tim Gerundt

#1487879 Roundcube and SSL Gateway Bugs 5 later Other

Hi all,

I'm using Roundcube v0.5.1 on a centos Server, connected to a Dovecot 2 Imap Server.

I've absolutely no matter when I connect directly to roundcube, in http as in https.

When I want use a SonicWall? SSL Gateway, which "encapsulate" the connexion address, I have the "Server Error (Not Found!)" after been log in roundcube.

For more explanation, there is no matter for logging, I can see my folders and quota, but it's the messages themselves that I can't see. I see this error in the adress book too, when I try to connect to an LDAP Adress Book.

I've look on the firewall side,without success (All traffic has been authorized during this test).

I try many things found in forum, like timezone and sohusin tips in php.ini, without success.

When I speak about "encapsulating", it's because the address used by my browser is in the form : http://address_of_the_SSL_gateway/go/https://address_of_the_roundcube_server/

I repeat, for the form, that I have no matter when I connect directly from my LAN.

I've seen nothing in the logs which can explain this matter.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for your help.


#1487997 mail messages with attachments send improperly Bugs 5 later Other

Roundcube is working well on our x86_64 system in all ways so far tested EXCEPT that it cannot send attachments. The attachment appears to upload normally. The issue I am seeing might be the result of a protection problem associated with the attachment, but I could not figure out where they were being temporarily stored to check on that.

In any case, sending an mail with an attachment (size doesn't matter, 2kb or 0.5MB) results in the following problems:

  1. in /var/log/roundcubemail/errors

[14-Jul-2011 10:01:45] PHP Warning: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, resource given in /usr/share/pear/Net/SMTP.php on line 913

(there is a corresponding line in /var/log/roundcubemail/sendmail but it does not indicate any problems, having the exact same format [ "250 OK" ] as for mail without attachments.)

The line in question is:

            if (strlen($data) >= $this->_esmtp['SIZE']) {

  1. The message is sent but is horribly corrupted.

Subject becomes: N/A

Original message body is replaced by: Resource id #71

To: becomes: undisclosed recipients:;

(on previous line, the colon semicolon are as shown)

There is no attachment.

#1488041 Spell Check Stopped Working on Hostgator Server Bugs 2 later Other

Spell check has recently stopped working when I log in from my server - hostgator. The icon for "spell check" is faded and not clickable as is the icon for "insert signature". This is happening on all of my customer's email accounts regardless of browser (internet explorer, safari, Mozilla) My domain is

Regards, Kim Bucklew

#1488110 Allow $rcmail_config['skin_logo'] to have path outside roundcube's root. Feature Requests 5 later Other

We have our site's webmail (previously squirrelmail, now roundcube) as a sub-folder of our webserver's root (/var/www/webmail/) in order for the URL to be in the form of It is easier and tidier for us to maintain files such as custom logo under the same path we have the rest of the site's images (/var/www/images/). That way, we only need to backup & copy only & after each upgrade.

So we've tried setting 'skin_logo' in the to:

$rcmail_configskin_logo? = '../images/webmail_logo.png';

Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

#1488192 display 4-digit-release-numer for svn-releases under "about" Feature Requests 5 0.7-stable Other

I would like to have a more detailled release number under "About" For official releases the release-number is ok, but maybe you can display there the 4 digit trunk-number f.E. 5453 (only) for svn-releases. Or you can implement this additionally somewhere.

#1488193 button: collapse / expand all folders Feature Requests 5 later Other

What about an button to expand / collapse all folders. As I have lots of subfolders, I would like to collapse them sometimes all, to get a quicker overview instead of selecting and clicking on each folder.

#1488241 Can't update Signature - won't save changes Bugs 5 0.7-stable Other

When I try to change my phone number on my signature I always get this message and the changes are not saved. "An error occured while saving"

#1488287 organization listed twice in en_US/labels Bugs 5 0.7.1 Other

the text for label 'organization' is listed twice in en_US/labels with different values. line 53 and 265

#1488293 Prefix to Folder Feature Requests 5 0.8-beta Other

I just recently thought of a feature that an older webmail client had that I believe is a really cool feature. Basically alot of people including myself use Roundcube to answer support tickets. I thought it would be a good idea to have an option in roundcube to where if a subject line contains a certain STRING then it will sort it into a folder.

Example Subject Line: [2858293]08-02-11-I cannot login!

Basically it would search for the opening string in brackets and would automatically send the message to a folder for answering tickets.

#1488330 Wrong time in logs when manually set timezone or daylight saving time Bugs 5 0.8-beta Other

2 situations:

when i set a timezone -2, the log files (errors, sendmail and userlogins) record wrong time. log write system time current.

$rcmail_configtimezone? = '-2';

Occor the same error when I set the automatic timezone and my country is in daylight saving time. $rcmail_configtimezone? = 'auto';

in this case beyond the log files to get wrong time, all the webmail gets the wrong time.

#1488353 Session expired and no printed images after printing emails with in-body images Tasks 10 - Lowest 0.8-beta Other

I've found this problem on RoundCube 0.7.1, I don't know if previous version are affected.

  1. Open an email with in-body pictures. No external pictures (linked to external site) or attached images.
    1. Go to print message function, the one offered by Roundcube (not print function of the internet browser)
    2. Print the message 4a. Printed email will not have any images (are printed on or more "X" and empty boxes) 4b. When you try to open another message with Roundcube (or to do any other operation), you will be logged out with "Session invalid or expired" error.

On roundcube log appears errors like this: [07-Feb-2012 10:41:22] MDB2 Error: constraint violation (-3): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]

[Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_4276f1817343f5150143a5c74bbb5 03298eda6579 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY']

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22 +0100]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: constraint violation Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_4276f1817343f5150143a5c74bbb5 03298eda6579 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY'] in D:\web\\program\include\rcub e_mdb2.php on line 717 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=get&_uid=1552516&_mbox=Sent&_p art=2&_embed=1)

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22] MDB2 Error: constraint violation (-3): _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_426f72c5b510a3c645d3cedf31e4d 6c78b4be3c28 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY']

[07-Feb-2012 10:41:22 +0100]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: constraint violation Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_426f72c5b510a3c645d3cedf31e4d 6c78b4be3c28 USING @0, @1, @2] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry 'pvcfch944flh80ajp90qv0ct27' for key 'PRIMARY'] in D:\web\\program\include\rcub e_mdb2.php on line 717 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=get&_uid=1552516&_mbox=Sent&_p art=3&_embed=1)

My environment is:

Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition Apache 2.2.21 + PHP 5.3.8 MySQL 5.5.19 Community

#1488357 Missing quote in Rewrite (.htaccess) Bug Patches 5 0.8-beta Other


the dot should be quoted in the .htaccess RewriteRule?. I know that it matches anyway, but it's a regular expression after all. patch attached.


#1488416 /newticket Feature Requests 1 - Highest later Other

After having integrated the roundcube webmail to our CRM in order to facilitate consultation, sending and receiving emails, everything works fine except for a single point automatic attachment pdf files which can be treated by the CRM directly to the new Mail call. Is there a way (or mailto php function) to attach a file automatically in new mail without clicking the tab browsing or joining.

#1488456 Response email bounces Bugs 5 later Other

I was having a problem with reports of bounced email, so I entered the recipient in the Address Book, and sent an email to her from this account. She still received a bounce message. Help! Important new client!

All the email I send to bounces back to me. :-(


From: postmaster@localhost postmaster@… Sent: Monday, April 30, 2012 5:21 PM To: Brandon, Evette, Public Health, CAPE Subject: Delivery Final Failure Notice

Can not deliver the message you sent. Will not retry.

Sender: <Evette.Brandon@…>

The following addresses had delivery problems

<sc@…> : Reply from[]:

RCPT TO:<sc@…>

<<< 553 5.7.1 <Evette.Brandon@…>: Sender address rejected: Bad NS record

From: "Brandon, Evette, Public Health, CAPE" <Evette.Brandon@…> To: 'Sharon Cornu' <sc@…> Cc: Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 17:22:14 -0700 Subject: RE: Contact info Greetings,

Please confirm receipt of this. I keep getting bounce back …


From: Sharon Cornu sc@… Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 9:10 AM To: Brandon, Evette, Public Health, CAPE Subject: Contact info

Evette, let's use this email for our work together. I'll be looking to you for some advice on the admin and contract side as we proceed, but am immediately available for whatever you need. Thank you again for making this happen - it's very exciting! --

Sharon Cornu


(510) 207-9556

#1488462 Please update Danish translation from Launchpad Bugs 5 0.8-rc Other

I have corrected a couple of Danish translation on the launchpad site, please update trunk before 0.8-rc

#1488478 Plugin localization thomasb Bugs 5 0.8-rc Other

Several plugin's localization are present or updated, even though they are translated in launchpad.

Fx. Danish translation for "newmail_notification"

Somehow the import_gettext does not work for all plugin translations (at least the Danish ones).

#1488516 Bug of filters Bugs 5 later Other

I set up a filter to incoming message from a contact. I decide to move the message from this contact to a folder.

The filter works well, but i have the message in double : at the root of my INBOX and in the folder i decided to move the message.

Thanks a lot for your help.

#1488540 include fails silently in load_from_file Bugs 9 0.8-stable Other

Very minor issue, but was hard to track down.

If there is a syntax error when user config files are included, the 'include' fails silently rather than producing an error. load_from_file has already verified the file exists and is readable so the user's intention to supply additional config parameters is obvious. When/if 'include' fails, the config details should produce a logged error, not fail silently.

#1488616 Download archive for 0.8.1 claims it's 0.8.0 Bugs 5 0.9-beta Other

The source archive for 0.8.1 still has

program/include/iniset.php:define('RCMAIL_VERSION', '0.8.0');

therefore an upgrade using bin/ will fail:

Installation at target location is up-to-date!

#1488640 Roundcube Cookies Tasks 5 later Other

Can i get a list of cookies used in Roundcube mail and with detailed description of their purpose. I couldn't find the list on the website.

#1488826 Forwarding email from my web site Tasks 10 - Lowest later Other

I have Roundcube working beautifully in my web site (being new to this kinda thing it took a while to get it working too!). There are multiple domain based email addresses and these are likely to increase as time progresses.

We did try configuring the members email addresses to work on their own email programs - but working with the IT-challenged (including myself) was making it a nightmare and was not a success.

So I was wondering if it is at all possible to automatically forward each of the members domain based emails to their respective non-domain email addresses please?

Sorry if this is a bit non-techie - but I am a real numptie at this kind of thing.


#1488913 email problem Bugs 5 later Other

I cannot recieve or send any emails form my account: kaia@…. neither can my colleague jennifer@…

#1488917 Searching in russian Bugs 1 - Highest later Other

Why in Roundcube 0.8.0. don't work search in cyrillic? In english search work fine, but in russian do not work. How to solve this problem?

#1488937 Display of message flowed, although message not being declared as flowed Bugs 5 1.1-beta Other

For a number of good reasons, I usually do not produce messages in "format=flowed".

Roundcube (hopefully unintentional) seems to ignore this intention, as it does display EVERY message as it would be in "format=flowed" upon reading it. Specifically: Resizing the window leads to a line-rewrapping, which is continously adapted to the current window size.

This breaks the display of things such as tables, charts, ASCII-Art etc., and makes them pretty unreadable. But exactly these things are the reason why I want to avoid "format=flowed". This format may make some sense if a message contains nothing but "flowing" text (but even then I find those extremely long lines difficult to read), but you can't take it for granted that a message does not contain anything else but "flowing" text.

May I request to limit this behaviour to messages which are explicitely declared as "format=flowed", but to avoid it for messages not being declared as such?

Sample message (incl. screenshot) attached.

#1488949 how do I get links in websites to open roundcube e-mail? Bugs 5 later Other

I have Chrome. I had chrome doing this before, so I know it's possible. Unfortunately, I had to re-download Chrome, and now, my settings are not the same. When I click on a link in a website the e-mail program that opens up is Outlook. My options in Explorer's options drop-down box are limited to hotmail and outlook only. I have no clue what I originally did to Chrome to get it to open roundcube e-mail when I clicked on e-mail links. Can you help me?

#1489038 No emails anymore from Bugs 3 later Other

For some weeks already I do not receive anymore emails from GeoCaching?.com (e-mail from: "noreply@…", email server's IP address: This is the originating IP for all mail from into my roundcube inbox.

I checked my roundcube settings and spam folder but do not see the expected emails.

GeoCaching? helpdesk asked me to contact my email provider to check if's emails are filtered?

Can you please help me?

#1489101 Domain ( Points to RoundCube Webmail Tasks 1 - Highest later Other

My client has opted to use Roundcube as their email host. In the process of setting up their account, they've managed to redirect the website URL to the Webmail page. ( When I logon to view the name server settings through the hosting company (Bluehost), all of the settings are correct. All of the website files on their server are untouched and fine as well.

Any advice or thoughts on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

#1489224 Roundcube Builder thomasb Feature Requests 4 1.0-beta Other

Roundcube is by default ~15 MB. It contains many plugins I do not need by default. Or the old skin also needs not any.

Then I had an idea! :-)

Everyone can build your own Roundcube. So I can select the needed plugins, the Skin e.g. and download it. So I have only what I really need.

Very good examples: OR

Would that be a possibility?

Thanks in advance!

#1489312 Installer error Bugs 5 later Other

There is one error when execute installer.

#1489634 Wrong message used on msgexport Bugs 5 1.0.0 Other

Hi while using msgexport i found out that it always print to stdout. So the exported mbox files have only the from line, and mailbody is printed to stdout.

diff ../ 
<               fwrite($out, $IMAP->print_raw_body($headers->uid));
>               fwrite($out, $IMAP->get_raw_body($headers->uid));

The current uses print_raw_body... replacing that with get_raw_body solves the issue!


#1266359 Deprecated Methods roundcube Bugs 3 PHP backend
When reading a message I get the following warning
displayed behind the inbox.

Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been
deprecated - argument passed by value; If you would
like to pass it by reference, modify the declaration of
rcmail_str_replacement(). If you would like to enable
call-time pass-by-reference, you can set
allow_call_time_pass_reference to true in your INI
file. However, future versions may not support this any
longer. in
/var/www/yforce/cube/program/steps/mail/ :
regexp code on line 1

#1291158 Inbox mesg count displays Trash folder count roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
When a message is deleted from the Trash folder the
updated unread message count for the Trash folder is
displayed as the unread message count for the Inbox folder.
#1291806 Does no display very big folders nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend
I've got a folder with about 2000 messages and
Roundcube crashes when I click it.
This means: In Internet Explorer Roundcube shows an
empty folder and Firefox loads the page forever.
#1299319 SMTP Failure roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

Roundcube cannot send mail on my system thought SMTP. For some reason it throws a fit over the from field.

I can fix it by opening the file and finding where $from is sent to the smtp server. Apparently $from is blank. I haven't isolated the problem, but I'll let you know if I figure anything out. I just thought I'd post the problem on here.

#1307823 INBOX Unread count shows negative values roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

The INBOX unread count shows negative values if I click
on an unread item and mark it as read.

This happens if for example you have a SPAM cleaning
agent, that cleans emails at the background, one
instance of RoundCube finds new emails, and counts
them, while the folder list doesn't, making the
counting return two different values... Looks like a
race condition between the two counting processes.
#1321978 Does not Qencode when sending mail with PHP mail() function roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
In file 'program/steps/mail/' in the line

$sent = mail($mailto, $msg_subject, $msg_body,
$header_str, "-f$from");

$mailto and $msg_subject should be Qencoded
#1321996 Use of short open tags roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
The file 'program/include/' uses a short
open tag. It would be better to use <?php I think.
#1323578 Adding multiple Re: to subject roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
When replying to a message that already contains 'Re:'
in its subject, a new Re: will be added. This results
in a subject like "Re: Re: Re: Our conversation". Check
for Re: before adding one.
#1326038 PHP Warning! Nothing displays roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I have followed the install instructions to a T.

This is the error log:

[client #] PHP Warning:  main(): open_basedir
restriction in effect. File(/usr/share/pear/DB.php) is
not within the allowed path(s):
(/home/httpd/vhosts/ in
on line 23
[client #] PHP Warning:  main(DB.php): failed to open
stream: Operation not permitted in
on line 23
[client #] PHP Fatal error:  main(): Failed opening
required 'DB.php'
on line 23
#1326808 Warning: rmdir(temp/blah): Directory not empty in mail/func roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Hey guys, 

This might be a bug :

Warning : rmdir(temp/2031184212434fbb2ee5058):
Directory not empty in program/steps/mail/ on
line 1242

What I did was : 

1) create a new message
2) attach a file
3) return to inbox without sending/saving message

.. and I got this error message.

Could be fixed by prompting user to save message and/or
check if directory is nonempty before deleting ...

nice work and impressive results anyway

be well

#1326826 Automatically select correct identity when replying roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
When replying to an email, try to select the
appropriate identity based on the address in the "To"
or "Cc" fields of the original email, rather than
always using the default.

I.e., if the email was originally addressed to
"", search for an identity that has
"" as the email address and use it by
default in the reply.
#1326876 SMTP auth fails roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Using SMTP auth always gives me the error:

[14-Oct-2005 07:35:45 -0500] SMTP Error: SMTP error:
authentication failure

SMTP auth on my server works correctly for all other
mail clients.  Login methods supported on my server are
#1327068 Opening large message fails thomasb Bugs 10 - Lowest 0.1-rc1 PHP backend

When I try to open a large message (507 KB, all text, no attachments), the status bar displays "Loading..." and nothing happens, no matter how long I wait. Clicking another folder or opening another message clears the status message.

#1327141 Header info is wrong in mail view roundcube Bugs 7 PHP backend
When viewing a message, the headers along the top (i.e.
Subject, Sender, Date, etc) match the message for the
first 9 or so messages in my inbox, but after that they
seem to be wrong.  For example, when I view message #9,
the message body corresponds to message 9, but the
header info comes from message number 65 (which is 8
from the end).
Message number 10 displays the header for the message
that is 9th from the end of the list, and so on.
#1327143 Duplicate messages in mailbox index roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

When I view a message in my Inbox, then click the green back arrow to return to my Inbox, the message list contains a duplicate row for the message I just read. Clicking on either one of them only results in the second one being selected.

If I read another message, then go back, it is back to normal. However, the following message I open, when I go back it will have a duplicate also.

I'm not using the browser back button, just the green arrow provided in the header.

#1327480 strtotime error when e-mail doesn't specifiy date roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
After installing, I just happened to have a spam e-mail 
with no date specified.  This caused the strtotime 
function call on line 896 of program/include/ to 
throw an error because no value is specified.

To quickly fix it, I just added another clause to the if 

elseif(date=='') {
    $error = true;
    $date = 0;

Then at the return at the bottom of the function, I just 
changed it to:

if($error) {
    return 'Date Missing';
else {
    return $out;

Just a messy fix 'cause I'm just playing around with the 
program at the moment and just want to get it working :]


#1330134 HTML in incoming mail subjects can mess up rest of the site roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
The rest of the main mail list will disappear if the subjects 
contains something like the following, perhaps no HTML 
should be allowed in the subject to prevent messing up 
the site.
</td></tr></table><div style="display:none;">

Perhaps just adding following line after line 344 in 'func.
inc' would help?
#1332434 Select all - delete - select all roundcube Bugs 5 0.1-stable PHP backend
Once you move messages to the "Trash" folder, you can
then move to the "Trash folder and delete them again to
be removed pernamently. 
     Selecting individual messages and groups of
messages works fine, however after using the "all" link
at the bottom to select all messages that are displayed
on that page, results in correctly deleting that page
once and the current number of messages that are
currently in the trash folder get's set to the amount
displayed for "inbox" (meaning the same number of
messages appear for inbox and trash folder at the same
and will not delete anymore mail using the select all
feature until you click on "inbox" again which will
then diplay the correct number of messages in the inbox

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

I have my settings to display 50 messages at a time and
I am using version: 0.1-20051007
#1333460 Problems with opening big mails roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
When i'm opening big mails (over 2mb) then i get the
following error:
DB Error in
(124): DB Error: unknown error

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes
exhausted (tried to allocate 5784541 bytes) in
on line 210

The phpinfo memory_limit is 32MB. Roundcube is running
on a shared hosting server.
#1334989 Problem with mails of huge size roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

Using Roundcubemail 0.1-20051021 on Apache/Linux?.

I got an email with a size around 7MB and when i try to open it, the message opens but is empty and the attachment is not displayed. I get an error message: Warning: Get subpatterns list failed in /my/path/to/roundcubemail/program/lib/Mail/mimeDecode.php on line 388

Recipient, Sender, Time and Subject is displayed correctly.

#1339493 HTML in recipient list allowed - even javascript roundcube Bugs 6 0.1.1 PHP backend
Related to Bug # 1330134 :

After Bug # 1330134 has been solved now, a similar (the 
same) problem can show up if the incoming mail 
contains the following line (the text after the line will 
</td></tr></table><div style="display:none;">

The (a bit) curious thing to this problem is that it appears 
also if the Mail ist text-only and the preferences are set 
to not prefer HTML.
(I think) it hadn't been a problem as Bug # 1330134 had 
been submitted.
#1348702 Large mail folders cause crash roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Opening large mail folder causes PHP to crash, when all
allowed memory is used. I tried to increase the maximum
allowable memory for PHP from 16 Mb to 128 Mb, but It
sill crashes. 

It seems that all mails in a folder is read before
displayed, and hence the server needs large ammounts of

Without having specific knowlage about IMAP, I guess
that it would be possible to only retrieve the mails to
be displayed from the imap server, rather than all the
mails in the mail folder.

Tested on mail folder with ~30.000 mails. As a
reference, squirrelmail opens the mail folder in about
4 seconds. Using courier imap.

#1349473 500 Internal Server Error thomasb Bugs 3 0.1-rc1 PHP backend

I have tried to install roundcube on a couple of apache-servers with 
mysql och apache.

When i've configured as specified i just get a 500 Internal Server 

Does somebody know how to do!

#1353182 Foreign characters roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

When writing an e-mail with foreign characters, like "á", "é", "ã", RoundCube does a big confusion and sends the message with a lot of "????". When receiving a message with these characters, no problem.

#1367580 Database error when composing from linked e-mail address roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I get the following errors when clicking a linked
e-mail address, for example in the headers of a
received message, when it goes to the compose screen
(image attached):

DB Error in
/home/v8d/roundcube/program/include/ (129):
DB Error: syntax error
DB Error in
/home/v8d/roundcube/program/include/ (204):
DB Error: syntax error Query: SELECT name, email FROM
contacts WHERE user_id=2 AND del!='1' AND contact_id IN
#1369196 keep-alive breaks mail composition roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

RC is currently reloading some data every minute or so,
to keep the connexion alive. This has the annoying
side-effect of cleaning mail-composition information
every minute by calling rcmail_compose_cleanup(), thus
discarding any mail that took more than a minute to

I attached to this bug report a simple workaround, that
can be applied on RC-CVS20051128.

Emmanuel le Chevoir
#1370453 Blank Screen after login (not timeout) roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I installed RC from the latest CVS (though I had this
problem with 0.1-20051021 as well..) and I'm able to
bring up the login page, but submitting the login form
results in a blank page. (Not a hanging page that times
out, an instantly-returned blank page)

I set my logging level to 10, but the logs/errors file
gets no messages. Tailing my system logs, my imapd
never gets touched, and there are no errors in my
Apache error log. Nothing happens.

I'm using SQLite, and I know it's finding the database
(it complains in logs/errors if I remove it, and the
page returns an error)

I have Apache set with AllowOverrides All for the RC

I'm running PHP 4.4.0, with the sqlite module installed.

Is there some apache or RC configuration that I'm missing?
#1373077 localization issue nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend

as part of the localization, the language select which
currently is in the /program/localization/ (1)

should aslo be under the appropriate language
subdirectory ie /program/location/kh/ and in
the main file (1), should do a simple check
for the localization file to overide the main

added to the end of /program/localization/
$path = dirname(__FILE__) . '/' .
$_SESSION['user_lang'] .'/';
$exists = file_exists($path);
if ( $exists ) require_once($path);

numeral is another area of localization that would be
nice to see, but not necessary.

there are issues with utf-8 indic language one of the
'posible' fix which resolve some gibberish character
output is in the rep_specialchars_output function by
imediately returning the string ($str) when !enctype is
detected. another area of gibberish indic utf-8
character output is the mailbox list on the left
side--haven't play with the code for possible fix yet.
#1376871 carriage return in MIME headers roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
A friend of mine using RoundCube sent me an email, and
my email scanning software (qmail-scanner) rejected it
based on the fact that it had MIME header lines that
were terminated by carriage return/line feed pairs
('\r\n'). According to qmail-scanner, this is incorrect
for MIME headers. It claims that the header lines
should be terminated by only the line feed ('\n')

I have relaxed qmail-scanner on that system to allow
such emails, but you should probably look into this.

--Jeff McClure

#1379964 Mail Display roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I am getting this error when i view emails.

Warning: Compilation failed: this version of PCRE is
not compiled with PCRE_UTF8 support at offset 0 in
on line 1061

the e-mails display fine and everything but this error
shows up in the ehader.
#1399512 & not possible in signature roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
If you want to save a signature containing an & you
will get an error and the signature is not saved.
#1399714 Cannot have comma in fullname roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Putting a comma in the fullname caused the full name to get mangled in 
the outgoing email. I used "Last, First" and it showed up with some crazy 
redition with Last@localhost.localdomain. 
#1404542 Escaped apostrophe in Display Name roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I hope this hasn't already been submitted:

When I use my full name which has an apostrophe in it (surname) into 
Identities --> Display name, I get a forward slash printed before the 


#1407675 mailto links launch external app nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend
When clicking on an e-mail address in the message list
it  goes to the compose message screen (not sure if
this is really desired behavior since user might be
expecting to be merely selecting the row ala
Thunderbird/Outlook) However, when user clicks on
e-mail address in message body browser attempts to
launch external mailto application.  

Behavior in message body should emulate what currently
happens from message list.  In my opinion behavior
should be removed from message list.
#1413509 Wrong encoding when composing email roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
What is wrong?
When You have other encoding like (pl ISO-8859-2)
Your email is being wrong encoded when You write it. 
When email come good encoded everything is ok.
#2 When Composing Characterset select ISO-8895-2 ??

#1414388 Memory allocation error when opening large messages roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I'm using v0.1-20051021 on a Debian Sarge (3.1) machine
with Apache2 server (Apache/2.0.54) with PHP 4

When trying to display a message with large attachments
(> 1 Mb approx.) the script errors with a memory
allocation error. Increasing the memory limit for PHP
from 8 Mb to 20Mb did not solve the problem, and 20Mb
should be enough for all applications IMHO.

It appears the script attempts to load the attachment
into the server's (!) memory, which causes the problem.

Mark H. Kathmann,

#1418381 Safe_Mode: tmp dir thomasb Bugs 5 0.1-rc1 PHP backend

When running with safe_mode=enabled, various problems occur when you create a directory with PHP's mkdir-function and subsequently try to open/create files in this directory. This is a general problem and not specific to RoundCubeMail?. The only solution is not to create directories (owned by the apache user).

Please find a patch below which changes RC's caching mechanism to not create per-session directories.

Warning: fopen(): SAFE MODE Restriction in effect. The script whose uid is 3456 is not allowed to access /path/to/tmp/roundcube/0c2da71545bb6fa67dbba1b00a0b owned by uid 123 in /path/to/webmail/program/steps/mail/ on line 1241

diff -Nurd ./program/include/
--- ./program/include/  Fri Jan 20 01:01:53 2006
+++ ./webmail/program/include/  Sat Jan 28
13:34:15 2006
@@ -687,12 +687,10 @@
   global $CONFIG;
   $temp_dir = $CONFIG['temp_dir'].(!eregi('\/$',
$CONFIG['temp_dir']) ? '/' : '');
-  $cache_dir = $temp_dir.$sess_id;
-  if (is_dir($cache_dir))
+  if (is_dir($temp_dir))
-    clear_directory($cache_dir);
-    rmdir($cache_dir);
+    clear_directory($temp_dir, $sess_id);
diff -Nurd ./program/include/
--- ./program/include/  Fri Jan 13
18:14:35 2006
+++ ./webmail/program/include/  Sat Jan
28 13:31:39 2006
@@ -1338,14 +1338,14 @@
-// delete all files within a folder
-function clear_directory($dir_path)
+// delete all files beginning with prefix within a folder
+function clear_directory($dir_path, $prefix)
   $dir = @opendir($dir_path);
   if(!$dir) return FALSE;
   while ($file = readdir($dir))
-    if (strlen($file)>2)
+    if (ereg("^".$prefix."-", $file))
diff -Nurd ./program/steps/mail/
--- ./program/steps/mail/       Wed Jan 25
23:56:52 2006
+++ ./webmail/program/steps/mail/       Sat Jan
28 13:24:30 2006
@@ -1191,11 +1191,10 @@
     $message_id =
   $temp_dir = $CONFIG['temp_dir'].(!eregi('\/$',
$CONFIG['temp_dir']) ? '/' : '');
-  $cache_dir = $temp_dir.$_SESSION['client_id'];
-  $cache_path = $cache_dir.'/'.$message_id;
+  $cache_path =
   // message is cached in temp dir
-  if ($CONFIG['enable_caching'] && is_dir($cache_dir)
&& is_file($cache_path))
+  if ($CONFIG['enable_caching'] && is_dir($temp_dir)
&& is_file($cache_path))
     if ($fp = fopen($cache_path, 'r'))
@@ -1231,14 +1230,8 @@
-  // create dir for caching
-  if (!is_dir($cache_dir))
-    $dir = mkdir($cache_dir);
-  else
-    $dir = true;
   // attempt to write a file with the message body    
-  if ($dir && ($fp = fopen($cache_path, 'w')))
+  if (is_dir($temp_dir) && ($fp = fopen($cache_path,
     fwrite($fp, $msg_source);

#1421916 Wrong regexp for matching id's in to-field on composing mail roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
<       if (!empty($_GET['_to']) &&
preg_match('/[0-9]+,?/', $_GET['_to']))
>       if (!empty($_GET['_to']) &&
preg_match('/^[0-9]+,?/', $_GET['_to']))

Otherwise all emailaddresses containing numbers are
matched as ids.
#1423621 Attachment not appearing with two periods in filename roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
If an attachment have two consecutive periods e.g.
"File A.B..doc" because the extension the attachment
does not appear in roundcube. 

This is replicable in version with CHANGELOG 2005/08/11.
#1425663 php-cgi/fcgi install_path PATCH roundcube Bugs 5 0.1-beta2 PHP backend
--- roundcubemail-cvs-20060205/index.php#47

change to

switch (php_sapi_name()){
   case "apache":
      $INSTALL_PATH = dirname($_SERVER
   case "cgi":
   case "cgi-fcgi":
      $INSTALL_PATH = dirname($_SERVER

and will work with php-cgi/fcgi

#1426783 Sender shown as '(apache)' roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Apache 2.0.55, PHP(mod_php) 4.4.0 on Gentoo x86.

Roundcube version: CVS-20060205

Using the PHP to send mail, the sender is shown as
'(apache)' in the received mail. This did not happen in

If I change to using SMTP to localhost:25 the sender is
shown correctly.
#1428855 Failed delivery on send nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend
When I send email to some accounts from RC, it sometimes (depending 
on who I'm sending to) never makes it, and sometimes I get an error:[xx.xx.xx.xx] said: 550 Requested action not taken:
    Nonstandard SMTP line terminator. (in reply to end of DATA command)

I suspect the ones who never get it aren't because of this error, their 
mailers just never send something back.

I've tried sending to the same person from other web mail clients, and 
they work correctly all the time to all accounts.

So, is RC not using CR LF for termination?

#1429510 Saving unmodified identity throws incorrect error roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I was using a cvs checkout (2/10/06) of roundcube and
found that when I tried to save an unmodified existing
identity, it would throw an unexpected error.  Digging
into the code, the offending lines are found at:


$updated = $DB->affected_rows();

I'm using mysql 4.1.16 and when you try to update a row
without changing any data, rows_matched = 1, but
affected_rows is 0, which is making the code think
there was an error. It's probably more correct to do:

$update = $DB->query("UPDATE ...");

if (!$DB::isError)($update)) ...
#1429851 fixed any bugs. nobody Bugs 5 0.1-beta2 PHP backend
I fixed any bugs:

* The language code is incorrect-recognized.

typo logic in program/include/

* A multi-byte folder name cannot be handled.

UTF-7 of IMAP are not normal UTF-7.
A reason is because UTF-7 include a dot character.
This character encoding may be called UTF7-IMAP.
I processed by the mbstring extension module.

* The problem of wordwrap

wordwrap does not support a multi-byte.
I removed wordwrap only Japanese.
Probably a cure is required of other languages.

* Processing of a MIME header is defective.

I processed by the mbstring extension module.

* The problem of character encoding at the time of e-
mail creation

Moreover, a Japanese email standard is ISO-2022-JP.

* Processing of a htmlentities is defective(in 

Character encoding is not specified.
Therefore, a multibyte character string is broken.

* 'text_encoding' was specified appropriately(in 

It is being now fixed to 8 bits.
This should be classified by language and character 
'head_encoding' is also the same.

Japanese UTF-8=>8bit, base64

#1432154 Unknown Email Dates - Warning: date(): roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I just received 3 emails into my Inbox today, 2 of 
which appeared to have no date.

I assume because of this, the below error was shown 
overlayed over the top of my WebMail pages, and 
repeated itself from top to bottom;

Warning: date(): Windows does not support dates prior 
to midnight (00:00:00), January 1, 1970 in 
D:\hshome\emotives\webmail.emotive-\program\include\ on line 1359

Once I had deleted the 2 emails with no date, the 
error disappeared.

Could you take a look at this bug please?


Oli Mortimer
#1432159 Email Links Open In Same Window roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Just a small thing I've found, where links are present 
in emails - they don't open in a new window, and 
instead they load in the WebMail window.
#1432161 Apostrophe in eMails are escaped roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I could not find this one yet in the list, but I can
imagine it is somewhere already.
When I write an eMail in french for instance "C'est un
problème d'apostrophe" the receipient get:

"C\'est un problème d\'apostrophe". This appends even
with the last CVS version.
#1434778 roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
I just sent an email to myself, using my contact card 
in the address book, and when sent, the email shows up 
as from "" in my Inbox.
#1435979 DBError when Sending mail roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
When trying to send an email I get the following error:

[21-Feb-2006 15:09:48 +0000] DB Error: DB Error: 
invalid number Query: 
SELECT *, email AS mailto FROM identities 
WHERE  identity_id='' AND    
user_id=3 AND  del<>1 [nativecode=245 - Syntax error 
converting the varchar 
value '' to a column of data 
type int.] in C:\Program 
Files\RoundCubeBeta\program\include\ on 
line 459
[21-Feb-2006 15:09:48 +0000] SMTP Error: SMTP error: 
No From address has been provided
 in C:\Program 
Files\RoundCubeBeta\program\steps\mail\ on 
line 231

It would appear that the code is passing the string 
entry in the From field of the form to the identity_id 
in the select statement. The identity filed is an int 
on the database.

Is this a bug or symptomatic of an other issue.

#1435989 User Preference Language defaults to English (US) roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
In the User Preference form the Language drop down 
ignores the current setting in the database and always 
displays English (US).

Changing to a different language correctly saves the 
selected value to the database.
#1436448 Attachments does not work roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend

When send mail with roundcube attachments does not reach the destination. It seems allright when uploading and all, no errors at all.

I am using IIS6.

#1437298 unable to retieve large attachments. nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend

Somehow when receiving large attachments +2Mb I'm unable to download them using the roundcube client. Downloading starts slow and finishes after +/-200K

Using the latest firefox on Mac and Windows NT.


#1438476 Extra Linefeeds in Message Body nobody Bugs 5 0.1-rc1 PHP backend

I was very glad to see that the post-v0.1-beta patches fixed the "extra linefeeds in the headers" problem. However, the v0.1-beta seems to have introduced a new problem with extra linefeeds in the message body.

I've seen some discussion of this in the dev mailing lists related to receiving mail in Outlook 2003, but I'm seeing the same issue with GMail (which isn't a big surprise since that's where I was experiencing the header problems to).

If you're using PHP's mail(), in any message sent to GMail accounts, an extra linefeed is inserted wherever the sender has put a hard return.

So this:

abcde abcde abcde

Becomes this:




#1441805 Missing FROM header when Sending mail via PHP issues roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
 I've been encountering some recipients getting a missing FROM 
header on emails sent via the latest Roundcube beta (with the updated file). I'm guessing it's something to do with certain 
mailservers as I don't encounter it myself when sending to my own 
accounts on at least 3 different servers. However, if I send to my GMail 
account it arrives minus a FROM header, I have another person using 
another server who gets the same thing happening.

Here's a couple of sample mail header info:

Please note I've removed my email actual domain name from these 

A Successful complete email:
Received: (qmail 32513 invoked by uid 48); 2 Mar 2006 15:22:15 
To: My Name < ME@>
Subject: Test to myself
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 15:22:15 +0000
From: My Name < ME@>
Organization: My Company Name
Reply-To: ME@
Message-ID: <5cb7c54dada45c0d201f77126bf97a93@>
X-Sender: ME@
User-Agent: RoundCube Webmail/0.1b
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

A Failed incomplete email:
X-Gmail-Received: 8a84b71c748e5e4587196f9027393fa492d82961
Received: by with SMTP id k10cs19836nfe;
        Thu, 2 Mar 2006 07:13:17 -0800 (PST)
Received: by with SMTP id h5mr547509ugf;
        Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:13:11 -0800 (PST)
Return-Path: <>
Received: from 
        by with ESMTP id m1si1623005ugc.
        Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:13:11 -0800 (PST)
Received-SPF: pass ( best guess record for domain of 
anonymous@ designates as permitted sender)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 07:13:11 -0800 (PST)
Message-Id: <44070b87.4e63508f.>
Received: (qmail 2081 invoked by uid 48); 2 Mar 2006 15:12:47 +0000
Subject: Test to gmail
MIME-Version: 1.0

Interestingly the failed one seems to show an address 'anonymous@ 
name of the Virtual Private Server my stuff runs on.

This appears to be a bug as far as I can see. The simple solution is just 
to use SMTP for outgoing which is what I plan to do, but I thought I 
should post this.
#1441821 Attachments - Don't add / upload nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend


I have an issue with attachments where I can't add / upload them. I select

a file and it seems to be processing and uploading but it doesn't appear as attached, sending the email results in no attachment in the received email. I've tried this in both Safari 2.0.3 (OSX 10.4.5) and Firefox


#1442467 field from: www-data roundcube Bugs 5 PHP backend
Firstable sorry for my english, i'm spanish!
When i send messages using roundcube, in field "from"
appears the user "www-data" instead the real user when
de message is received.
How this bug can be fixed?

Thanks a lot!
#1446857 Email truncated at foreign character when displayed nobody Bugs 5 PHP backend

I've noticed some mailing list digest emails I receive are being truncated abruptly when either viewed or printed.

By using the "view source" icon in roundcubemail, the entire email is then shown, and I can see the view/print options are stopping at a foreign character for some reason.

This is the line that affects it - the email stops at the É in Émeric:

"On Sun, 2006-03-05 at 13:24 +0100, Émeric Maschino wrote:"

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