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#1488095 Can't download plugin on trac adam Bugs 5 Trac 0.5.4

When I try to get markasjunk plugin through svn, it returns:

svn: The OPTIONS response did not include the requested activity-collection-set; this often means that the URL is not WebDAV-enabled

The command line was simply:

$ svn co

Thanks for the attention.

#1489436 Can't log intoWebmail/Control Panel Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.3


My name is Randall and I can't log into my Roundcube Webmail or my CP for my webiste at For some reason I keep getting an error message on FF stating that the browser is unable to connect.

This problem appears to occur even with cookies allowed along with any firewire program I have. Please advise.

#1485520 Can't login wih email instead of login Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.2-beta

I've installed roundcube v 0.2-beta, but when i'm enering the correct username and the passwords i've got the error "Session TimeOut?".

Maybe this is because we have a mail server that needs the whole email message (name@…) instead of just login (name).

The thunderbird and squirellmail is working perfectly, but roundcude don'n even move from the login scrren.

In mail.log on server I can see that the login was successfull.

I've the other installation of the roundcube (on the other server) that works perfectly, so it is not the client or browser problem.

Thank you in advance for any ideas that will help to sove this prblem.

#1485041 Can't see message details (PMDF on VMS over IMAP) Bugs 5 IMAP connection 0.1.1

I am using Roundcube to connect via IMAP to PMDF mail server running on VMS. I can send and receive email, but 99% of my messages are not shown in Roundcube preview areas. If I go to view the source of the message, it shows up fine. To demonstrate, I created some screen captures (please see attached). First, the message is composed in Roundcube and everything appears fine. Then, the message is received and it appears fine in the recipient's Outlook. However, that same message is displayed with missing information in the "Sent" folder when viewed in Roundcube, but the message source is displayed in entirety. The same behaviour is experienced for received messages. If I use Outlook to connect to this mailbox (also via IMAP), all messages are displayed correctly. I disabled message caching on Roundcube, but it made no difference. Test account is available if needed.

#1488194 Can't send attachments on round cube for hostgator. Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.6

I have a hostgator acct., but i can not add attachments onto round cube to send, files are denied, can i increase the limit, if so how?

#1485740 Can't send email from any RoundCube Account Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.2-stable

Hello! I can't send email from any RoundCube Account...Help! Thanks Jaci

#1484978 Can't send mail Bugs 5 Client Scripts 0.1.1

I can receive emails in my inbox but cannot send when I reply or start a new message. "FAILED TO SEND MESSAGE" in a big red box appears in the top of the screen.

I've also has bounce backs from responding to emails that has just been sent. Please help!!

#1489030 Cannot Receive Emails But Can Send Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.7.1

I am unable to receive emails from anyone but i am able to send them without a problem.

I am using a Linux Virtual Private Server, on Cent OS 6 64bit

I am using nginx webserver and the IMAP server is Dovecot, it may be a dovecot configuration failure i do not know, ive checked the logs but not too sure exactly what i am looking for.

I need professional help, im rather new to this kind of stuff so simple terms please

#1486991 Cannot Save Changes to Identities Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.4-stable

Go to settings, then identities, any changes cannot be saved with the following error: /var/www/html/roundcubemail-0.4/program/include/rcube_mdb2.php (644): MDB2 Error: no such field Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: UPDATE identities SET changed = now(), name = 'name', email = 'email@…', organization = , reply-to = , bcc = , standard = '1', signature = , html_signature = 0 WHERE identity_id = '15' AND user_id = '15' AND del <> 1] [Native code: 1054] [Native message: Unknown column 'changed' in 'field list']

I had to add the changed column to the identities table as it is in contacts.

#1488072 Cannot authenticate with Exim Bugs 5 SMTP connection 0.6-beta

I've tried everything I can think of. Mail sends fine via Thunderbird. Authentication fails with Roundcube. Best I've been able to track down is this:

2011-09-06 17:02:19 EDT LOG: statement: SELECT password FROM mail.exim_auth WHERE email = 2011-09-06 17:02:47 EDT LOG: statement: SELECT password FROM mail.exim_auth WHERE email = 'robert@…'

This is the PostgreSQL log when trying to send mail. The first line is from Roundcube, the second from Thunderbird.

I've even set the username and password explicitly in the Roundcube configuration.

Roundcube is either not sending the authentication data or sending it incorrectly.

#1486396 Cannot create identities when tablenames changed Bugs 5 Database 0.3.1


As I'm having only one database on my hosting service, I had to rename the MySQL tables..

So I changes the as following :

$rcmail_config['db_table_users'] = 'roundcube_users';
$rcmail_config['db_table_identities'] = 'roundcube_identities';
$rcmail_config['db_table_contacts'] = 'roundcube_contacts';
$rcmail_config['db_table_session'] = 'roundcube_session';
$rcmail_config['db_table_cache'] = 'roundcube_cache';
$rcmail_config['db_table_messages'] = 'roundcube_messages';

I also changed the mysql.initial.sql accordingly...

Once this done, I cannot create any identity anymore. The error file shows the following:

[29-Dec-2009 23:19:06 +0100]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: constraint violation Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: EXECUTE mdb2_statement_mysql_37dc9d4ef89600af929306eb2f7aec69aabf0f4eb USING @0, @1, @2, @3, @4, @5, @6, @7, @8] [Native code: 1452] [Native message: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`xxxxx/roundcube_identities`, CONSTRAINT `user_id_fk_identities` FOREIGN KEY (`user_id`) REFERENCES `'''users'''` (`user_id`))]  in /home/xxxxx/webmail/program/include/rcube_mdb2.php on line 627 (POST /webmail/?_task=settings&_action=save-identity)

It looks like the tablename is hardcoded somewhere...

Any help here is welcome.


#1489483 Cant acces the ADmon Panel, forgot Password Bugs 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.9.3

Good afternoon,

I´d like to ask for your help upon our UCS webmail Panel thus , I´m the New WebSite? Administrator of the WebSite? << UNIONCHURCHOF SANSALVADOR.ORG>> . Last month, on one our laptops which it the one we used to log in automately to our Ucs ROUNDCube Admon panel(wherein I was able to create new e-mail account, delete some, as re-configuted our current ones) got infected with a trojan Virus that we needed to format the HardDrive?, therefore we lost every Password as record for everything however we step by step trying to recover as much information is possible for our UCS website, then Today we can access our other E-amil accounts even our WEbmaster one, but NOt the Admon Panel for being able to change or reset pasword if necessary, but most important to be able to administrate our account in general.

Can you help us? , please.

UCS WEBMaster . of San SAlvador.

#1485850 Cant get into email Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.2.1

Hello! I am only getting my email sent to my phone. When I try to log in on the computer I get this message: Access Denied The server was configured to not permit you access to the specified resource. If you believe this is in error or inadvertent, please contact the system administrator and ask them to update the host access files. webmaild/11.24 Server at

Please help!!!

#1488587 Cant receive mails to my account Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.8-rc

Hi!! People call me to tell me that they sent me an email to my round cube account and i don't receive anything. All the mails are bouncing back.

Please help!!!

#1486960 Can´t log in, goes back to loggin page Bugs 5 Other 0.4-stable

Hi, I m running roundcube with apache 2.2.14, PHP 5.2.6, hmailsever 5.3.2 on a win XP.

I have installed everything as the wiki tells, got every OK on the installer, but when i trie to log in, i got back to login page with no result.

The log file is empty.

Some idea or issue to this?

Thanks for your time.

I installed atmail to dischage a problem on the imap server, and i got it running.

#1490010 Change Password?????? Bugs 5 Core functionality 1.0.1

I have been trying and trying to change my password but it keeps telling me that my old password is incorrect. Any ideas?

#1489834 Change password plugin installation Tasks 5 Plugins 0.3.1


I have installed roundcube on my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and trying to install change password pluginn on my setup. I have searched many times but unable to find out how to download that plugin. Please help on this. My version of roundcube is: 0.3.1-20091031

#1489889 Change user password Feature Requests 5 Plugins 1.0.1


There is no plugin that allow users to change their passwords, the old plugins won't works with the 1.0.x version.

Is there a way to port plugins to the new plugin system? Or the feature will be integrated to RC later?

#1488129 Changing default email domain Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.6


I have an issue on the OS-X Lion server I admin. Apple suggested I contact the project directly.

Our mail domain under webmail shows as user@…, so messages we send display as coming from user@… instead of just user@….

Can you please tell me what I need to do change this to user@…?

Thank you for your help!

#1485949 Chinese(Traditional) filename encode error Bugs 1 - Highest MIME parsing git-master

When I attach chinese file by RoundCube WebMail? , the file name will be ATT00413.txt in Outlook Express.

But my orig file name is : 測試.txt

Mail Header :

Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8";


Content-Disposition: attachment;


#1489478 Configuration of personal and global addreebook Tasks 4 Core functionality 0.9.3

How to configure a personal addressbook as well as global addressbook in roundcube?Users must also be able create a personal group so that they can add entries from personal and global addressbook.How to configure this?


#1488318 Connection no longer secured when viewing emails Bugs 5 Core functionality git-master

This could be with my config, and maybe a poorly installed certificate, but when in the mail view, with no emails in my Inbox, it shows that I have a secure connection. As soon as a new email arrives, or if I switch to a folder with emails in it, I 'lose' the encryption. I get the, this page is only partially encrypted message.

#1487731 Connection to IMAP server failed. Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.5

My email has worked flawlessly until now. I get this message when I log in: Connection to IMAP server failed.

I'm on a Mac G4 OS 10.4.11 Firefox 3.6.13 (latest) I'm somewhat computer challenged sorry. How do I remedy the log in situation? Thanks, K

#1489794 Connection to storage server failed Tasks 5 Installer 1.0.0


I decided to install ROUNDCUBE as webmail on my already running mail server. I decided to go with the 0.9.5 release for roundcube and did exactly what was indicated in this article:

As a result I can access my /roundcubemail folder via web, but when i try to sign in i get "Connection to storage server failed"

I tried to check every possible article on the internet talking about this same error but I cannot understand WHY this is happening.

Please help


#1489743 Conta E-mail Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.3

Como criar outra conta de e-mail

#1489103 Contacts Import Bugs 3 Addressbook 0.9.0

What format should be CSV so it can be imported in roundcube?

#1488044 Contacts not removed from contacts table Bugs 5 Addressbook git-master


When a contact is removed, the record isn't removed from the contact table. In my case I'm on MySQL.

#1485563 Content-Type header missing in sent mail, saved in IMAP folder Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.1-stable

When sending mail using RC 1.0, it is saved in the Sent IMAP folder afterwards. I discovered that the Content-Type header is missing there, while it is included in the copy that is in fact sent to the recipient.

This disrupts umlauts and other special characters when viewing sent mail.

#1487639 Copy and move of contacts as for emails Feature Requests 5 Addressbook 0.5-beta

It would be nice, if contacts could be copied/moved between groups like emails can today:

  • drag&drop with move as default
  • asking menu if shift-droped

this could be a feature for the addressbook release (0.6?) Andreas

#1485169 Corrupted Attachments Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.2-alpha

This is directly related to:

As I don't have permission to re-open the bug, I've opened this one here.

What happens basically is: What happens: If I try to open the e-mail in Outlook all attachments are corrupted except JPG and PDF ones. If I try to open the e-mail from RC Webmail, the attachments preview is garbled but I can download the healthy file. This issue does not affect Outlook Express. [...] Documents are fine now, but they appear as: "ATT00928.txt" in Outlook. If you rename them to .doc or the original extension, they will open.

It's still a naming problem.

I've tested it with the latest version.

#1489416 Could not Save New Password Bugs 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.9.5

Hi team;

I am very new to Roundcube and Linux.

I have configured a Postfix mail server with the reference link

and I have enabled password plugin by changing the configuration file by adding

$rcmail_configplugins? = array('password'); in /etc/roundcubemail/ and I have modified the line in /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugin/password/

to $rcmail_configpassword_query? = 'UPDATE mail_user SET password = %c WHERE email = %u'; and I am not using cpanel in my server. But still it showing Could not save New Password.

#1488397 Cracked official forum Bugs 1 - Highest Website

I was redirected from an official forum ( on other site (parking)

#1489318 Create tasklist without reminder Bugs 4 Plugins 0.9.2

In my roundcube installation, version 0.9.2, I've found following bug.

1) Create a new tasklist (window will open) 2) Uncheck the reminder checkbox 3) Save

Result: Tasklist can't be saved. Following error is thrown within log file:

[04-Sep-2013 09:14:09 +0200]: DB Error: [1048] Column 'color' cannot be null (SQL Query: INSERT INTO tasklists
             (user_id, name, color, showalarms)
             VALUES ('2', 'fasdfasdf', NULL, '1')) in C:\project\xampp\htdocs\roundcube\webmail\program\lib\Roundcube\rcube_db.php on line 416 (POST /roundcube/webmail/?_task=tasks&_action=tasklist?_task=&_action=)

Regards ihkawiss

#1483906 Customization of Feature Requests 5 User Interface 0.1-beta

I would like to see a config option to re-order columns in the message list, remove columns and add new (size, attachment, recvd. date, sent date etc)

#1487005 DB Error at Change Password Module Bugs 5 Plugins 0.4-stable

I Updated my roundcube through 0.3 to 0.4 and now getting the following Errors in my roundcube-error-log:

[20-Sep-2010 21:43:16 +0200]: DB Error: MDB2 Error: not found Query: _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: SELECT update_passwd('...., '...')] [Native code: 1305] [Native message: FUNCTION roundcube.update_passwd does not exist] in .../roundcube-0.4/program/include/rcube_mdb2.php on line 644 (POST /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.password-save?_task=&_action=)

Maybe one should update the update-script?

#1488513 DBLog security Bugs 5 Database git-master


How far DBLog is secure? I found today, that all logs that I'm doing with DBLog, are missing, they were deleted from the table.

Is it possible to be some bug here?

#1488630 DSN (write): NOT OK(MDB2 Error: connect failed) Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.8.1


I have installed roundcubemail on CentOS 5.8 with Mysql with following fonfiguration :

set $rcmail_configenable_installer? = true; Created Database using as below : # mysql –u root CREATE DATABASE roundcubedb /*!40101 CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci */; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcubedb.* TO roundcubeuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'secret';

## did below in webmail directory location in my case its /var/www/html/roundcutemail mysql -u root -psecretdbpassword roundcubedb < SQL/mysql.initial.sql

edit the config/ file and set value for the following variables.

$rcmail_configdb_dsnw? = 'mysql://roundcubeuser:secret@localhost/roundcubedb';

edit the config/ and adjust the following variables:-

$rcmail_configdefault_host? = '';

It starts OK with default installation web based but at certain stage i am getting database error as below :

Check config files OK OK Missing config options

The following config options are not present in the current configuration. Please check the default config files and add the missing properties to your local config files.

  • support_url

OK, lazy people can download the updated config files here: Check if directories are writable

Roundcube may need to write/save files into these directories temp/: OK logs/: OK Check DB config DSN (write): NOT OK(MDB2 Error: connect failed)

Make sure that the configured database exists and that the user has write privileges DSN: mysql://

Please help or suggest for the same.

#1488663 Date field in message view and message list has no value Bugs 5 User Interface 0.8.1

In 0.8-beta, this field was perfectly functional, displaying the date of the e-mail. In 0.8.1, this field is blank, and it's not a styling issue.

Screenshots attached to show what I mean.

Backend is Courier IMAP. There are no errors logged in the php error log.

#1489930 Date not showing in mail list Bugs 3 Core functionality 1.0.1

I am not able to view date in mail list. but same code is working on my local system.

I have set below lines

Added in .htaccess php_value date.timezone "America/Los_Angeles"

Added in $configtimezone? = 'America/Los_Angeles';

Thanks Ajay Bairagi

#1489482 Cant sign on stating same address. Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.3

I'm trying to open new account. I'm getting an error message.

The email address specified is already in use. Please specify a different one

My number is 502-876-9659 email championprops@…

#1490198 Default Folders Aren't being created Bugs 5 Core functionality 1.0.4

I've enabled this in the config file but folders do not appear. They do get created when user does an action the requires the folder. EX. Send an email, Sent box gets created. Save a draft, Draft box gets created.

#1486380 Deleted items never appear in the Trash folder Bugs 3 Core functionality 0.3.1


This week I was finally able to upgrade to v0.3.1 from v0.2-ish or v0.1.5. Sys: Apache-1.3; mysql 5.1.32; freebsd 6.4; dovecot (not the latest 1.2.8)

Since then, I've just noticed that my Trash folder hasn't change since the upgrade. Every mail I've delete while viewing or from from the list display has disappeared.

I've done a couple test creating a new Trash file; with no success; the error_log file contains no hints

Sorry if this is an existing issue; I wasn't able to find any trace of a similar issue.

#1489394 Deleting folder deleted all messages inside Bugs 5 Client Scripts 0.9.3


Within settings > folders I accidentally deleted a folder which had hundreds of emails filed in it, many of which were important.

It seems that deleting the folder also deleted every single email message within the folder, and they do not seem to have gone to the trash folder.

Is there any way I can recover these deleted email messages or are they gone forever?


#1490119 Demo Link is not in homepage thomasb Bugs 7 Website 1.0.1

I was looking for online demo of roundcube but was unable to find a link in your website. I got the result from google as

Thank you.

#1488805 Deprecated hook name errors in RC error log Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.8.3

Since upgrade to 0.8.3 we have lots of error messages in logfile. They are of two types:

1) Deprecated hook name. imap_init

[13-Nov-2012 17:12:29 +0200]: PHP Error: Deprecated hook name. imap_init -> storage_init in /usr/share/roundcube/program/include/rcube_plugin_api.php on line 221 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=preview&_uid=18898&_mbox=INBOX&_framed=1)

2) Deprecated hook name. mailboxes_list

[13-Nov-2012 17:18:29 +0200]: PHP Error: Deprecated hook name. mailboxes_list -> storage_folders in /usr/share/roundcube/program/include/rcube_plugin_api.php on line 221 (GET /?_task=mail&_action=check-recent&_mbox=Sent&_list=1&_remote=1&_unlock=0&_=1352819910401)

#1486575 Disappearing Contacts & Signature Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.3.1

I have entered and saved contacts in my roundcube account twice and they have disappeared again. I have also entered and saved my signature multiple times and it also disappeared. I am pretty computer savvy and cannot figure out how this is randomly happening.

#1488132 Does not work roundcube + imap ssl Bugs 3 IMAP connection 0.6

When trying to connect an error (/var/mail/mail.log):

Oct 23 12:46:22 dovecot: imap-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts): rip=, lip=, TLS handshaking: SSL_accept() failed: error:140760FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol

Config IMAP section

$rcmail_configdefault_host? = 'tls://'; $rcmail_configdefault_port? = 993; $rcmail_configimap_auth_type? = PLAIN;

OS: Linux Debian squeeze i686

#1485101 DomDocument Function has problems with malformed HTML Bugs 5 Client Scripts git-master

The new DomDocument? loadHtml function has problems with malformed HTML (eg. HTML, HEAD, and BODY tags inside another set of HTML>BODY tags). I don't think it is viable to handle all malformed HTML emails (there will always be something it cannot handle).

I propose an option to allow switching between plain text and HTML formats (only visible when the email contains HTML). While I can go into the source to view the content, this is not user friendly, and not something I would recommend to a non technical user. A radio button similar to the one in the Compose screen (when TinyMCE is enabled) would be ideal.

#1489101 Domain ( Points to RoundCube Webmail Tasks 1 - Highest Other 0.9.0

My client has opted to use Roundcube as their email host. In the process of setting up their account, they've managed to redirect the website URL to the Webmail page. ( When I logon to view the name server settings through the hosting company (Bluehost), all of the settings are correct. All of the website files on their server are untouched and fine as well.

Any advice or thoughts on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

#1489342 Doubt: send email without domain Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.3

Are you real? then Email me now ===== sweetsmi69@…

#1486926 ERROR ( 353 ) Authentication FAILED ?? Bugs 1 - Highest SMTP connection 0.4-stable

I have my own website courtesy of Freesitesignup and with my website I have roundcube to recieve mail to my new website but for some reason it will not let me SEND any mail OUT . Every time I try to answere an email it says ERROR 353 AUTHENTICATION FAILED ! Please won't someone HELP me to sort this problem out as I am loosing customers as I can't REPLY to them.

Expectantly yours, D Gisby

#1489338 Email Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.3

I need to make another Email threw Round cube Johnathan@… don't know who to contact

#1490089 Email Forwarding Tasks 1 - Highest Core functionality 1.0.1

How do I forward all mail to Gmail? I don't seem to have the 'filter' tab people keep referring to on the forums.

#1490186 Email won't go when sending to certain address Bugs 3 Core functionality 1.0.1


I received an email from this domain . When trying to reply and send (multiple times over few days), the email won't go at all.

I've tried to send an email to the same domain from a different webmail server ( and it's working.

Pb seems to happen only with roundcube.

What's the problem and the solution ?

Thanks, jjT


#1488431 Emails read on Phone (android) not showing up as read on webmail Feature Requests 5 Core functionality 0.7.2

Is there anyway to do that? I'm trying to get away from gmail but that's a pretty big advantage gmail has that I haven't found away to do with roundcube.

#1486747 Enable to change password! in password plugin Feature Requests 9 Plugins 0.4-beta

I enabled the password plugin cpanel method

I configured all the connection setting perfectly and it also showing password chanced successfully

But when i log out it i cant able to login with old password it only logged correctly when i entered old password.

What might be the problem

Please help me thanks

#1489849 Encryption required on Login Page Tasks 5 User Interface 1.0.0


My internal security team suggesting me to encrypt the communication between the client and roundcube login page. Will installing an SSL certificate and make the page on https solve this issue? Please suggest.

Find below my details: OS: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Apache: httpd-2.4.9 PHP: php-5.5.11

#1489967 Error Roundcube Bugs 2 Core functionality 1.0.1

Buen día,

Comento que estamos intentando enviar correos electrónicos desde nuestra consola de roudcube, sin embargo desde redes externas no podemos enviar, pero de red interna sí, posiblemente se nuestro firewall perimetral el que esta bloqueando, por lo cual me gustaría saber que puertos se deben tener abiertos para el correcto funcionamiento de la aplicación

#1488433 Error can't find "rcube" for globaladdressbook plugin rcube::get_instance(); Bugs 5 Plugins 0.7.2

I'm getting the following error in roundcube 0.7.2:

Class 'rcube' not found in ~/plugins/globaladdressbook/globaladdressbook.php on line 24


 * GlobalAddressbook
 * Plugin to add a global address book
 * @version @package_version@
 * @author Philip Weir
class globaladdressbook extends rcube_plugin
	public $task = 'mail|addressbook|dummy';
	private $abook_id = 'global';
	private $readonly;
	private $groups;
	private $name;
	private $user_id;
	private $user_name;
	private $host = 'localhost';

	public function init()
		$rcmail = rcube::get_instance();

		$this->user_name = $rcmail->config->get('globaladdressbook_user');
		$this->user_name = str_replace('%d', $rcmail->user->get_username('domain'), $this->user_name);
		$this->user_name = str_replace('%h', $_SESSION['storage_host'], $this->user_name);
		$this->readonly = $this->_is_readonly();
		$this->groups = $rcmail->config->get('globaladdressbook_groups', false);
		$this->name = $this->gettext('globaladdressbook');

		// check if the global address book user exists
		if (!($user = rcube_user::query($this->user_name, $this->host))) {
			// this action overrides the current user information so make a copy and then restore it
			$cur_user = $rcmail->user;
			$user = rcube_user::create($this->user_name, $this->host);
			$rcmail->user = $cur_user;

			// prevent new_user_dialog plugin from triggering
			$_SESSION['plugin.newuserdialog'] = false;

		$this->user_id = $user->ID;

		// use this address book for autocompletion queries
		if ($rcmail->config->get('globaladdressbook_autocomplete')) {
			$sources = $rcmail->config->get('autocomplete_addressbooks', array('sql'));
			if (!in_array($this->abook_id, $sources)) {
				$sources[] = $this->abook_id;
				$rcmail->config->set('autocomplete_addressbooks', $sources);

		$this->add_hook('addressbooks_list', array($this, 'address_sources'));
		$this->add_hook('addressbook_get', array($this, 'get_address_book'));

	public function address_sources($args)
		$args['sources'][$this->abook_id] = array('id' => $this->abook_id, 'name' => $this->name, 'readonly' => $this->readonly, 'groups' => $this->groups);
		return $args;

	public function get_address_book($args)
		if ($args['id'] === $this->abook_id) {
			$args['instance'] = new rcube_contacts(rcube::get_instance()->db, $this->user_id);
			$args['instance']->readonly = $this->readonly;
			$args['instance']->groups = $this->groups;
			$args['instance']->name = $this->name;

		return $args;

	private function _is_readonly()
		$rcmail = rcube::get_instance();

		if (!$rcmail->config->get('globaladdressbook_readonly'))
			return false;

		if ($admin = $rcmail->config->get('globaladdressbook_admin')) {
			if (!is_array($admin)) $admin = array($admin);

			foreach ($admin as $user) {
				if (strpos($user, '/') == 0 && substr($user, -1) == '/') {
					if (preg_match($user, $_SESSION['username']))
						return false;
				elseif ($user == $_SESSION['username'])
					return false;

		return true;

#1488198 Error code 500. Bugs 1 - Highest Addressbook 0.6

I keep getting service not available error code 500 and unable to login. Please advise cure

#1488671 Error messages Bugs 1 - Highest IMAP connection 0.8.0

All staff at ACT are having email problems.

Our email is linked to Outlook in the office, but accessed via the website when we work at home.

We are getting the following error messages and find the system is slow or stopping completely for long periods.

In the office the error message says: 'Your IMAP server has closed the connection. This may occur if you have left the connection idle for too long'

At home when accessing mail via the website the error says: 'storage unavailable'

Please can you advise?


#1485572 Error when double-clicking an email within Inbox Bugs 2 PHP backend 0.2-beta

Recieve error when double-clicking an email within my Inbox: PHP Warning: domdocument::domdocument() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in C:\www\fresh\webmail\program\lib\washtml.php on line 235

All nessecary php modules are installed. Script is running on latest apache2 and php using mysql5 and hmail as mailserver (W2k3 x64 machine)

#1488830 Error when we try toaccess to Bugs 10 - Lowest Core functionality 0.8.0

ERROR: Wrong 'suhosin.session.encrypt' option value. Read REQUIREMENTS section in INSTALL file or use Roundcube Installer, please!

The people who is in charge in IT is no longer working with us and we do not how to fix this problem. Could you help us? Thanks

#1484797 Exchange 5.5 backend IMAP Feature Requests 5 IMAP connection git-master

How can edit 'access to the login page to access roundcube exchange 5.5. I tried to log in by placing username Domain / userdomain / aliasexchange is working.

I also tried this new but I can not.

#1485221 Facilitate merged sessions Feature Requests 5 PHP backend 0.2-alpha

I'm integrating Rouncube in a web system I'm developing, and I need to log in automatically. To get session data from the other system I needed to merge the sessions. This required editing in several files: Modifying rcmail::startup, iniset.php, login part of index.php, and commenting out

It would be nice if this sort of thing could be easier.

#1485119 Fatal error: Undefined class name 'rcube_install' in /installer/index.php on line 55 Bugs 5 Client Scripts 0.2-alpha

Nach upgrade von 0.1

Fatal error: Undefined class name 'rcube_install' in /home/ on line 55

#1485142 Fatal error: Undefined class name 'rcube_install' in on line 55 Bugs 5 Installer 0.2-alpha

I get this error when trying to install.

Using PHP 5.26

Any ideas

#1488573 Filter box in Larry skin with problem Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.8-rc

In Larry skin, the filter box for [un]read/[un]answered/etc, is with problem. When change for default (old) skin, isn't the problem.

Screenshots in attach.

#1486620 Filters not working Feature Requests 5 Plugins 0.3.1

Hello sir,

I'm using Exim 4.x server and the managesieve is not working for me. Please help me regarding this.

#1488826 Forwarding email from my web site Tasks 10 - Lowest Other 0.8.0

I have Roundcube working beautifully in my web site (being new to this kinda thing it took a while to get it working too!). There are multiple domain based email addresses and these are likely to increase as time progresses.

We did try configuring the members email addresses to work on their own email programs - but working with the IT-challenged (including myself) was making it a nightmare and was not a success.

So I was wondering if it is at all possible to automatically forward each of the members domain based emails to their respective non-domain email addresses please?

Sorry if this is a bit non-techie - but I am a real numptie at this kind of thing.


#1485209 Fresh IMAP Accounts without Trash Sent Draft Feature Requests 5 Core functionality git-master

On fresh Imap Accounts there should be a possibility to create Default folders like Trash Sent Draft. Else there will be problems like deleting mails

#1486559 Galery Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.3.1

all photos

#1487116 General Question... Tasks 2 Other 0.4.2

Hello! This is one of the accounts we use to have active with you guys: jorge@… We havent been able to login because we keep getting a "wrong password" message...We recently changed staff members and we are not aware if there is any anual fee that hast been covered or just our account got cancelled. Will you please help us with that? Thanks in advance....

#1489502 Getting error when developing mobile skin with jquery mobile 1.1.2 Feature Requests 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.8.0

Hello All,

I am developing a mobile skin and using roundcube 0.8 version with jquery mobile. My wamp server version is 2.4 and php version is 5.4.16. So I ma using jquery mobile-1.1.2. I am getting error "Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #[object Object]". I have tried to figure that out but not getting the exact solution. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

#1486255 Global (or host) configuration and user preferences merge Bugs 7 Core functionality 0.3-stable

Using latest 0.3-stable version, which I find great, I have some trouble with mbox names set in config/ . As roundcube account auto creation is enabled, when a new user login, he have some empty values in his preferences, e.g. trash_mbox = . The trouble is that when those preferences are merged with global configuration, these empty values overide proper value from global configuration, and so for exemple such auto created account cannot find its removed messages in the trash, as trash folder is (same thing for sent folder).

I've codec a quick patch, which is not meant to be the best as I'm not an expert of roundcube code. This patch remove empty values from user preferences before merge with global configuration, so problem describe before was avoided. Maybe a it should only do it for some config/pref value (such as folder name), maybe it's account auto-creation code that should avoid adding such empty preferences.

#1486714 Global Address Book Groups Feature Requests 3 Addressbook 0.3.1

Hi there,

Is it possible to make groups inside of global address book ?

For example:

Global AddressBook?


> Group1 of example


> Group2 of example

That inside of every group it could be possible from admin to make management of the users.

I 've tried but i couldn't find.

Is it possible ?

#1485855 HELP Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.2.1

I submitted a ticket last week about not being able to get into my email and it has not been fixed. This is my business email and causing major problems. Is it too much to ask for a live human being to call and help me fix this problem????? If so, then please help me in laymans terms via email at my gmail account - jacieffron@…. Thank you. Jaci 404-319-1777

#1489496 HTML Signature not working Tasks 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.9.3

Hello sir,

I want to add signature to my Email ID. Its not working properly. Please help me. I got stucked to proceed my business without signature. Please reply as soon as you can.

#1486518 Hello Polish men thomasb Tasks 5 Localization 0.3.1

Walka krece :)

#1486141 Hello i am really stuck in plugin problem Bugs 1 - Highest Plugins 0.3-stable

HI , i have uploaded roundcube from simple script and now want to add change password plugin i am using hostmonster server.. and need help regarding it

i have activate the plugin by adding in config file now wht i have to its says the password cannot be setup .. please helpo me i get blank page sometime..

#1485755 Hi, have a question Feature Requests 1 - Highest User Interface 0.2-stable

Hi. Roundcube is the best project. I use this project on my mail servers.

Do you show me way how can i add to user interface change user password function? have any plugins or documentation for it?


#1489344 Hostgator webmail - Roundcube multiple identities Feature Requests 7 Core functionality 0.8.5

I have a domain hosted with Hostgator, and we use Roundcube as default webmail to which we access and manage through the cPanel. I have configured more than 300 email accounts and we want to remove the option of creating multiple identities in Roundcube. Is this something that should do Hostgator? or it's something that I can do with your help? Please, advice. Thanks

#1489218 How do I access my webmail Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.2

Hello, I have logged in but I cannot see where I access my email on thewebmail page. Do I need to download a deparate programme as well so that I can see my mail? I already have OUTLOOK installed but messages sent through the contact page on my website do not reach it. Emails sent direct to info@… do reach my ms outlook box. Please advise. Thanks

#1487727 How do I mass import my vcard contacts into Roundcube? Bugs 3 Addressbook 0.5

I could not find an answer in your database. How do I mass import my contacts into Roundcube?

#1489227 How do I set up spell check on email Bugs 5 Core functionality 0.9.2

Hi Love your email but surely you should have simple option to tick a box to add spell check ? How is it added ?

#1486871 How do limit daily sent per account. Feature Requests 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.3-stable

I'm using unlimited outgoing server as my host. problem is some users sent thousands of email per day. i need a solution for limit their sent mail ability per account basis their account like gmail. (email 400 per day). how do i do this. Please help.

#1488215 How is this working? Tasks 5 Addressbook 0.6

can u please tell me how is this working? is this site give "free" solution to the coding problem? thanks

#1489690 How to auto login into roundcube email account using my session variable data Feature Requests 5 Core functionality 0.9.3

I have embedded the roundcube into my project and able to see the login page where I need to login using email and password

But what I want is to auto login using the data available in the my session or using a url format like…&password=123

#1489678 How to avoid or hide php imap login error message Bugs 5 IMAP connection 0.9.3

Hi All,

First of all roundcube is one of the best webmail solution, thanks to all developers and supporters.

My problem is about when user entered wrong username or password system says wrong login information and display this message at top of the page "IMAP Error in /share/MD0_DATA/Web/wm/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_imap.php (188): Login failed for soner.cakir@… from Authentication failed" also when this happens all Turkish characters turning to ascii characters as well. Without this error everything working just fine, i couldn't find how to disable or hide this php warning.

Here is the screen shot of the problem;

Thanks in advance.

#1490329 How to disable/hide BCC Tasks 5 Core functionality 1.0.5

Dear Roundcube,

Currently, we're using hMail server and roundcube for webmail service. mirroring email is enable with external email account. Our problem is, when user added BCC email account, we're not able to track the BCC'd email from external email account.

Is there any workaround to track BCC'd email?

Thanks and Regards


#1490088 How to forward all emails to gmail Feature Requests 1 - Highest Core functionality 1.0.1

Can you please tell me step by step how to forward all emails to gmail. I don't seem to have the 'filter' settings people keep talking about in the forums.

#1486576 How to forward multiple mails in 1 shot Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.3.1

Hi all,

currently i can able to forward single message at a time by selecting it, How to select multiple emails and forward it in one time ?

Thanks, Shrinivas.

#1489924 How to install plugin Hooks ? Tasks 3 Core functionality 1.0.1


I am interested in using login_after within the plugin Hooks. However, I would like to know the process to install plugin Hooks. Where can I download it ? because I have found nothing on your website. Could you help me as quick as possible please.

Best regards,


#1489913 How to integrate auto login Bugs 5 Core functionality 1.0.1


I want to integrate auto login with my external page. below link provide solution but how to connect autologon.php because in this file there are many function no any include library

please provide solution.

Also I want to set and get custom session in roundcube page. I want to set custom username and password and get in roundcube page. Is it possible??

#1489902 How to login Tasks 2 Core functionality 1.0.1


I am PHP developer. I have Put roundcubemail folder through FTP and Create Database manually. also I have configured successfully also tables are created in database.( but I have checked Users Table is empty ) After installation I open below url.

but what is my username and password

#1486508 I can not send email. Only receive it. Bugs 5 Addressbook 0.3.1

I can only send, not receive email. It keeps loading saying it is "sending message."

This is for eharris@…

Thanks so much.


#1485635 I can't get roundcube working on my webserver Bugs 1 - Highest IMAP connection 0.2-beta

I have it fully installed but when I try to login it says, "connection to IMAP server failed". Please tell me what to do.

#1489232 I can't log in to my email Bugs 1 - Highest Core functionality 0.9.2

Internal Server Error

500 User 'barkleys' is over quota.

cpsrvd/ Server at

#1490018 I cannot sent emails Tasks 1 - Highest Core functionality 1.0.1

Recently I have has some sort of virus on the email where dodgy emails were being sent from my email address and then being blocked.

It certainly was not me and no one else has this email address access but they were being sent automatically by some sort of virus. I deleted all teh emails, but now I cannot send any as I have been blacklisted by yourselves. Please can you remove this restriction so I can send emails, this is a business email and I have urgent emails I cannot respond to.

Kindest Regards,


#1489823 I cant find how to create the emails Bugs 5 Core functionality 1.0.0

I cant find how to create the emails. PLZ Could you help me ?

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