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#1488447 incorrect cache ttl used in get_cache_engine() Bugs 2 0.8-beta normal
#1488443 Patch: Fix creating folders in !personal namespace Bug Patches 4 0.7.2 normal
#1488014 Optional footer links moving from HTML to plain text Feature Patches 5 git-master normal
#1488056 Fails at login when logging in from new IP Bugs 5 0.6-beta normal
#1488226 invalid compose id Bugs 5 0.7-beta major
#1488322 Editing a draft inserts the signature a second time Bugs 5 0.7.1 normal
#1488395 0.7.2 and 08b(5994) dont create folders in fist logon Bugs 5 0.7.2 normal
#1488409 Session is invalid or expired Bugs 5 0.7.2 critical
#1488424 input type button close tag Bugs 5 git-master normal
#1488435 finfo_open() fails with some PHP versions Bug Patches 5 0.7.2 normal
#1488445 Valid address formats misleadingly detected and treated as invalid in "Reply-To" and "Bcc" fields under Identities Bugs 5 0.7.2 normal
#1488449 Session invalid because of User-Agent change Bugs 5 git-master normal
#1487792 RC 0.5.1 CSRF at login issues Bugs 7 0.5.1 minor
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